Catriona MacLennan

Men and rape culture. No matter what you do, you’re guilty of it

Rape culture is when female students tell us that sexual harassment and assault are everyday occurrences for them – and we do nothing about it.

Courageous and articulate young women from Wellington schools have over the past 10 days exposed the threats, insults and misogyny which are an integral part of their lives.

Sadly, we already knew this.

Courageous and articulate young women from Auckland schools told us exactly the same things in 2013, when the actions of the boys responsible for Roastbusters were publicised.

Unfortunately, we didn’t care enough to put an end to this behaviour by boys.

If we really cared about sexual violence we would:

Bob Jones on rape

If you’re ever short of an opinion, ask Bob. ?He’s got one.

The offender, a knife-wielding cowardly piece of garbage called Troy Clement, was found guilty on the robbery charge but acquitted by the jury for indecent assault.

Clement now resides at our expense in prison for three years where hopefully some awful fate will befall him. And the hullabaloo? Well, at sentencing three months after the jury’s verdicts, Justice John Priestley expressed his surprise at the indecent assault acquittals, “given the clear evidence”.

He then speculated that “perhaps the jury felt the foolishness of the girls venturing out alone at night into a park in a strange city, dressed as they were, plus the absence of DNA evidence, led to a reasonable doubt on their part”.

Why would any sensible woman person, especially visiting a foreign country, think it sensible to walk through a poorly lit park at night?

By far the silliest criticism of Justice Priestley came from barrister and feminist television series presenter Catriona MacLennan, whose comments devalued her credibility on other fronts, notably her excellent work for animal welfare.

Writing in the Herald, she asked why shouldn’t women be able to walk safely through an unlit park at night? Grow up, girl. The answer is because you might be raped, or, alternatively, assaulted, robbed or murdered. It’s nothing to do with being women, the same danger faces men who in fact, rape excepted, are by far the greatest victims of unprovoked assaults.

Stupidity is the real problem here. ?But then I’m preaching to the choir… ? Read more »