Chadwick Moore

The interview that turned a Gay man conservative


It took one interview with Breitbart?s provocative Milo Yiannopoulos to convince a gay liberal journalist that he was playing on the wrong team.

It wasn’t just the interview that convinced him it was also the intense backlash against him personally and the magazine ” Out “for doing their job. It happens here in New Zealand too. The left-wing puddle keeps shrinking as it adds more and more restrictions on who is allowed to belong. Willie Jackson has been rejected because he is not allowed to have a different view on Partnership schools and because they will not accept his apology for the roast busters comments.

The Left-wing and the Liberal’s in America are hurting their cause by demanding that everyone share the exact same view on everything. To reject and attack a reporter for simply interviewing someone whose views they disagree with is simply nuts. Milo Yiannopoulos himself was targeted because he wrote about the Alt-right in an attempt to explain their views. As a reporter, he was doing his job but instead he was smeared as Alt-right himself just because he wrote about them. Now Chadwick Moore has been demonised by Liberals for interviewing a Gay man that they have labelled as a racist, bigoted monster.

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