Hey Helen, how’s that “benign strategic environment” looking now?

Remember this?

Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday dismissed former United States Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun as a pecan farmer from Alabama.

The terse remark was reminiscent of the sneering reference in 1977 by former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, who described US President Jimmy Carter as just a peanut farmer from Georgia.

And it was a far cry from the fond farewell between the women at a farewell party for the ex-ambassador this year.

Jimmy Carter’s apparent crime was that he was a Democrat.

Carol Moseley Braun’s was that she has been challenging Helen Clark’s assessment that New Zealand exists in a “benign strategic environment”.

That was the line the PM used to justify scrapping the combat wing of the Air Force – in May this year.

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Is there a difference between forcing a woman to have an abortion and preventing her from having one?

This is a photo of a dad with his hands in a heart shape holding his 3 week old infants feet.

When people talk about the right to choose and say that they are Pro-choice they are only talking about one choice. The choice of stopping a beating heart, or the politically correct term, abortion or termination. When we talk about euthanasia or suicide we are talking about only one choice. The choice to end a life. No one walks around enjoying their life and says I made the choice to live today because in day to day life we don’t make a choice every day to not kill ourselves. We take life for granted. Being alive is situation normal for us. Death is abnormal. To take active steps to cause death is a choice but surely the right to choose includes the right to choose life?

Should the government, have the right to take away a woman’s right to choose life? In China, the right to choose life was taken away from Chinese mothers who were told they could only have one child. Those who ignored the law were forced to have abortions no matter how many months pregnant they were.

If we disagree with the government taking away a woman’s right to choose life should we disagree with the government taking away a woman’s right to choose death abortion?

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Trump: “One China” just fine with him

US President Donald Trump agreed to honour the United States’ “One China” policy during a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the White House says.

Trump on Friday (NZT) used the phone call to take steps to improve ties after angering Beijing by talking to Taiwan’s leader.

A White House statement said the two leaders had a lengthy phone conversation on Thursday night Washington time.

Lengthy. ?Not 15 minutes. And they didn’t talk about golf. ? Read more »


Shocking Human Rights abusers elected by the UN to 2017 Human Rights council

If the United Nations was a legitimate organisation then you would expect it to elect countries with the best Human Rights records to the 2017 Human Rights Council. You wouldn’t expect countries with systematic suppression of free speech, arbitrary detentions, death sentences for apostasy and extrajudicial killings to be elected. Shockingly the United Nations has selected countries with exactly those human rights abuses to serve on its 2017 Human Rights Council.

The Human Rights Council, mind you, is supposed to ?uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,? according to its mandate…

Let’s take a closer look at the new members of the 2017 Human Rights Council.

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The Future of Energy: Man-made Global Warming and the Great Policy Error


Today’s guest post by Whaleoil reader Bruce Alan Forbes is the final part of an article he wrote called The Future of Energy with predictions for 2040. As it was an in-depth analysis I divided it into six posts so that we could discuss each part separately.

Man-made Global Warming and the Great Policy Error

The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) ? or dangerous man-made global warming/climate change – movement is the main reason why governments have implemented policies that every year cost consumers and taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Although they are having little or no effect on CO2 emissions, these policies have in the meantime reduced millions of people in the developed world to fuel poverty, and are preventing hundreds of millions of people in developing countries from gaining access to cheap, reliable electricity from gas or coal-burning generators. This constitutes one of the greatest and most pervasive government policy errors in history.

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China wets their pants over a phone call

For 40 years the United States has had a dopey “One China” policy. The one where they ignore the continued existence of The Republic of China?otherwise known as Taiwan.

Politicians knees knock together if anyone dares mention Taiwan. Well, like so many other things, that is?now a thing of the past now under Donald Trump.

The Chinese are really upset.

China has lodged a diplomatic protest?after US?President-elect Donald Trump spoke by phone with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, but blamed the self-ruled island Beijing claims as its own for the “petty” move. ? Read more »

So, the NZ Herald spent six months on an “investigation” into hair extensions

The NZ Herald states that they spent six months investigating?hair extensions and where they come from.

Here is a tweet from one of their journalists bragging about it:

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-9-45-10-pmSounds impressive. Then another of their journalists gets snippy on Facebook because someone criticised their 6 months worth of work. Read more »

Kim Fatty the Second has to be KDC, surely?

China has banned the search term “Kim Fatty the Third” or ?”Jin San Pang”.

China has blocked internet searches for “Kim Fatty the Third”, a popular term that is used in China for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The term “Jin San Pang” failed to produce any results on Baidu, China’s main search engine, or the country’s hugely popular social networking platform, Sina Weibo.

China’s army of internet censors have previously blocked searches for insulting names of the North Korean leader, including “Kim Pig the Third”.

The Apple Daily, a pro-democracy newspaper based in Hong Kong and Taiwan, said the recent ban was enforced after officials from Kim’s rogue regime asked Chinese officials to act.

The phrase Jin San Pang uses characters which roughly translates to ‘Kim’, ‘three’, and ‘fat’ – in reference to both his weight and his lineage as the third in the Kim dynasty. ?? Read more »

Abduction and forced Late term abortion in China

Bill Liu arrested in China


Bill Liu has been arrested in China.

A controversial Chinese businessman who has been living in New Zealand for more than a decade has been arrested upon his return to China.

William Yan, also known as Bill Liu?and Yang Liu, was detained after arriving at Capital International Airport in Beijing on Saturday, according to the Government-run press agency Xinhua. ? Read more »