Chris Bunny

First known case of antenatal SFNS

I have been alerted to what may be a world first, the first known case of antenatal Silly First Name Syndrome.

When Taihuka Blaze Tahata decided to enter the world, he moved with the speed of wildfire- so it was fitting that firefighters were on hand to help out.

One minute his mother, Tammy Rosewarne, was at home; just 20 minutes later she was a few kilometres down the road, parked on the Karori Fire Station forecourt, with tiny Taihuka refusing to wait until his parents got to hospital……..

……As Ms Rosewarne was being transferred to a stretcher and the ambulance, Taihuka was born two weeks, six days early weighing 5lb 14oz (2.66kg). “He wanted to get out, stay out,” joked Mr Haywood, citing a fire safety message……

…..Names suggested for Taihuka included Bernie, Flick and Jose, but Blaze was chosen. It follows in a fine tradition Victoria was born in Mt Victoria tunnel in January, Michelle Currin in a Shell service station in Papamoa last August, and a woman who gave birth in her car named her son Micah (my car).

This woman must have already picked the Silly First Name and been using it on the unborn child, thus already dooming this child to an emergency delivery, she has now further doomed the kid by adding Blaze. This very well may be the forst case of antenatal Silly First Name Syndrome