Chris Kahui

A whole new generation to beat to death

Chris Kahui is a grandfather…at age 30.

Chris Kahui has become a grandfather – on the 10th anniversary of the death of his baby twin sons who were murdered in 2006.

Following the birth Child Youth and Family has revealed it is working with the 30-year-old and his family. The Herald has learned that Mr Kahui’s teenage stepdaughter gave birth to a child at the weekend – making him a step-grandfather to the child.

A source said the baby was born on Saturday, 10 years to the day that Chris and Cru Kahui died from non accidental head injuries.

The baby’s mother is the 16-year-old daughter of Mr Kahui’s wife Marcia.

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Ta Moko cartoon: Whaleoil reader is offended [guest post]


I’m seriously offended, and as offence can only be taken, not given, I decided to sit and think about it.

I’m offended over the reaction from the Ta Moko cartoons depicting a little Maori boy beaten with visible bruising. Not the cartoon itself, it?s quite factual, and I maintain if it was depicting a little Pakeha boy, or an Asian boy, or even a Jewish boy, it would be okay, or those communities would accept it and move on even though statistically, they are 4 times less to be the subject of family violence than a Maori, or 3 times less than a PI child.

Naida Glavish is a prominent Maori woman, and holds a lot of Mana within Maori, she COULD be an effective change agent, if she stood up and championed change instead of taking offence. Or, could she be offended mainly as she has been the subject of things in Whaleoil previously? My belief is she really needs to sit down and look at the real problem, that the main group of people or communities committing these violent offences are still in DENIAL, and instead of accepting there is an issue and doing something about it, she and many like her run out and decide to take a fence. Surround themselves with a shield, ignore, bury their heads and claim there is nothing wrong, and don?t you dare single out my community/culture, that?s racist. I wonder how many of the abused children, the ones who were killed, do they think its racist, was their abuse and murder racist? ??

I?m also offended by the Human Rights (Wrongs) commission, they are simply adding fuel to the fire, instead of coming out with the truth the rest of NZers already know and understand, and what is a massive thorn in NZ?s side on the international stage, they often side with the offended, and give them another reason to ignore the stats, the violence and the abuse of children. By siding with the perpetually offended, they are enabling the very abuse and violence that is so deeply rooted in those communities and cultures. ???

When you break it down, the role of the Human Rights Commission is to set and to keep standards for ALL Kiwis, all means ALL, not just the leaders or the offended from certain communities or cultures, so I ask the Human Rights Commission, who stood up for the following children?s human rights, and who will stand up for the other kids who are being violently abused, murdered, deprived, and so on, who will stand up for their human rights, as currently, their parents and caregivers and collective communities are not, they seem to have adopted a silence on domestic violence, and especially of violence against children: Read more »

Kahui ranting on Facebook against John Key: “Take him out!”

Photo/ Facebook

Chris Kahui (left) Photo/ Facebook

AN IRATE Chris Kahui has taken to Facebook to support?Maori nationalists seeking to undermine the John Key-led National Government.

The usually reserved Kahui, who was acquitted back in 2008 of murdering his three-month-old twin sons Chris and Cru, has fallen in behind extremists wanting Key?s Government to legislate for the return of confiscated Maori land.

?He (Key) only helps the rich and not the poor,? Kahui wrote on his Facebook page.

Kahui has been promoting Maori nationalist thinking on social media by posting commentary from separatist groups like ?Maori Life? who devote much of their rhetoric to criticising Key.

Recently Kahui ?shared? this post from Maori Life on his Facebook page: ?What a pathetic leader you are John Key and your best mate Paula (Bennett) who likes to tell people they can’t have the support like she did many years ago. These two should be run out of the country for good. Two low life scum of the earth people,? ? Read more »


If its good enough for Helen Clark…

The left wing are all aghast because Maurice Williamson did his job as an MP, doing precisely the the same things that their own MPs have and still are doing.

Privately they are hoping that the media doesn’t extend their OIA request too widely in case they get caught up in this as well. Perhaps that is the reason why David Cunliffe is strangely reticent about speaking about this issue.

Grant Robertson is climbing in however…but he would do well to remember the actions of his own boss in meddling in judicial processes.

The Prime Minister is being accused of political interference in the justice system by commenting yesterday on the deaths of the Kahui twins.

Yesterday morning Prime Minister Helen Clark made comments on the case before police announced Detective Superintendent Malcolm Burgess had been tasked to look at the investigation and prosecution.

The chief coroner is considering whether to launch a formal inquest into the deaths.

On Thursday, a High Court jury in Auckland found Chris Kahui not guilty of murdering his baby twins Cru and Chris two years ago. ? Read more »

I don’t think so


Macsyna King wants an apology from?the?public after the coroner found that Chris Kahui killed her children.

Macsyna King, the mother of the murdered Kahui twins, wants an apology from you and me. She is claiming exoneration in the light of this week’s release of the coronial inquiry into the murder of her boys.

The 31-year-old mother-of-six – and her lawyer Marie Dyhrberg – says she’s suffered the most appalling suspicion and vilification for a murder she didn’t commit, and for which coroner Garry Evans says she was in no way responsible.

She can…and excuse my language here…get fucked. She deserves no apology and here is why…the most well written reason why, as well;

Macsyna is a proven bad mum. Of the six children she has bought into this world, she appears currently responsible for none. Admittedly two were murdered. But when Child, Youth and Family took the last child into its care, it was quoted as saying the child was “malnourished” and “neglected”.

Second, she is a self-confessed doper and drunk and just happened to be one during the care of both the Kahui twins and her youngest 12-month-old child. Everything about her care, according to testimony at the Kahui trial, ran counter to the most basic concept of mothering.

That included the seeming indifference to the plight of the prematurely born twins when first brought into this world at at Starship hospital. Red flags were apparent even then.

And let’s never forget the pathologist report. That the children had suffered broken bones days and weeks before their fatal bashing.

Then there was her immediate post-murder reaction. The police described all involved – including herself and her half-brother – as obstructive. The impression that we received was of someone selfish and self-absorbed, satiated only by substances. I still have that impression and the whininess of this week only acts as further evidence. But mostly Macysna – the reason that you won’t be getting a sorry – is that you are the embodiment of all that is wrong with our welfare indulgence. You are exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t be having kids because you can’t really care. The nurturing gene is absent.

We have seen. We have observed. And whether you were in that bedroom that night or not – we know that there is a stain you can’t wash out no matter how many reports, how many lawyers, and how many tears you may wish to shed.

Because the truth is: if you had been a half-decent mum, the Kahui twins would be alive today.


And the Kahui’s are?

? 3News

Creepy Colin Craig is fast becoming New Zealand’s Rick Santorum. His latest explanation that “gay Parents are not good role models” is simply outrageous.

Mr Craig rubbishes the argument that parenting is about loving the child rather than the sexuality of their parents. ?I disagree with that point of view. Love is not all that matters.?

I wonder of Colin Craig thinks the parenting of Chris Kahui and Macsyna King was the pin model he is seeking…I mean gay parents are really examples when compared with them.

Using his logic Colin Craig will come shortly and declare that Maori parents are not good role models either and should be prevented from marrying or having children.

McClay shows his mettle

The tipline brought be a heads up of this video yesterday.

It’s from Todd McClay’s speech on the anti-child abuse law that Simon Power put through the house.

Boris isn’t an MP that shies away from saying what he thinks. He makes an interesting observation on the Kahui Twins case.

Here’s the video.

And from Hansard:

We had another high-profile case of the K?hui twins, who were murdered. There were many adults in that home, and nobody knows what happened. There has been a high-profile court case, but nobody stepped up to say they knew what happened, they knew the person responsible, or that this is what we should do. Nobody has even said they wished they had acted to stop that from happening. Personally, I believe Chris K?hui killed those children.

It’s little wonder why he’s known in Rotorua for being tough on crime. Screaming banshees like Mr Steve Chadwick will moan about what Boris has said about the Kahui case, but this will prove popular with voters because he’s got the balls to say what everyone has been thinking.

The sooks in the MSM who were too scared to publish anything about Chris Kahui can now do so with the protection of qualified privilege.

Government steps in over power struggle

Government steps in over power struggleThe Government is taking urgent steps to prevent further rises in electricity prices. Controversy has raged since Genesis Energy announced plans to raise prices in parts of Auckland by about 9 per cent, citing a range of issues… [NZ Herald Politics]

While there is talk about Genesis Energy putting up their prices I think the problem could be sorted out with a couple of boris-ings.

Yes indeed we find yet another SOE board stacked with Labour lackeys from Brian Corban to….oh look, Mike “Fat Tony” Williams and there is Sara Lunam again. She surely must be a political appointee, she is on the NZ Post board with the traitor Bolger, ACC board and all their troubles and now we find out Genesis Energy.

I think the blame for these in-opportune price rises could easily be sheeted home to a board more interested in politics than in effective management.

Oh and this just in from a loyal reader;

The last time I saw Brian Corban was in the Koru Lounge at Wellington airport wandering around with a metre of toilet paper emerging from his trouser leg. ( I kid you not!)

I think it is high time to start rooting out the evil of Labour lackeys from our boards.

Why am I not surprised?

*Nsync singer Lance Bass has admitted he is gay and in a relationship. He says he didn't reveal it earlier because he didn't want to ruin their careers.

I guess the career is over huh!, hence the honesty.