Christine Ammunson

Why is the Human Rights Commission shilling the Islamic Women’s Council to Radio New Zealand?

Yesterday the Islamic Women’s Council issued a press release against Donald Trump’s executive order and also blamed the attack in Canada on the Trump administration:


The Islamic Women?s Council sends its sincere condolences to the families of victims of the terror attack in Quebec, Canada. We know this senseless act is the culmination of a series of hate-fuelled incidents targeted at that particular mosque. ?The killing in Canada today is no co-incidence, and we believe is linked to what is happening in their neighbouring country? said Chairperson, Dr Maysoon Salamah.

The Council condemns the policies of the Trump Administration in banning entry of Muslims, many of whom are fleeing horrific war and violence in their own countries, others who have been settled in the United States for many years and have valid residence permits.

?Not only is this policy in breach of human rights and international conventions, but it is also against all moral and ethical standards? Dr Maysoon Salamah said. ? Read more »