Only in America

This is quite unbelievable…drinking, dak smoking workers getting their jobs back after getting busted by a tv channel:

In 2010, more than a dozen Chrysler workers were?caught on camera?drinking and possibly smoking some sweet, sweet Mary Jane during a lunch break.

Naturally, they were fired, because that’s the sort of thing that you can’t really do at work outside of Amsterdam these days. Now those party boys are back on the job.

Once they were fired for the negligent behavior, they filed a grievance and entered arbitration. For some reason, the arbitrator?gave them their jobs back.

Watch the video on the link.


The benefit of life without unions

Unions suck the life blood out of companies and industry. They add little and eventually suck the life out of their own members:

In 1914, Henry Ford doubled his employees’ wages to $5 a day and cut their workday to eight hours. He then hired more people. He didn’t do this out of benevolence. As Adam Smith wrote in “The Wealth of Nations,” “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” It was in Ford’s interest to increase his company’s profits, and to do that he needed to attract the best workers he could find. When companies compete for workers, they get higher wages and better working conditions. Ford shortened the workday to better compete. Then GM and Chrysler matched Ford’s deal to keep up. Workers won.

All without a union. It wasn’t until 30 years later that the UAW appeared and unionized the workers. Union membership gave them good benefits for a while, but then growth slowed and stopped. That sure didn’t help workers. Consider what happened at GM. Over the past 20 years, much-less-unionized Toyota created 15,000 jobs — in America, not in Japan. Over that same period, GM?lost 400,000 American jobs.?One reason GM shrank was union rules. How’s that good for workers?

Unions cause class war against the bosses, without realising along the way it is the profit of those bosses that allow workers to benefit. When the profits cease then the workers suffer.

Of course workers have a right to unionize — it’s part of freedom of association. But to be effective, that right needs a free-market environment. That means no compulsory membership — free association, not forced association. Second, enterprise must be truly free and competitive, which means no privilege or favoritism from government — no bailouts and crony capitalism.

When enterprise is competitive, workers acquire more bargaining power because multiple employers bid for their services. Also, self-employment is a real option because no government barriers to entry prevent it (like licensing, zoning or complicated taxes and rules). As the great economics writer Henry Hazlitt pointed out, free unions can play a constructive role when they have to attract members by offering valuable services, such as information on the latest market conditions. But the market must be free in all respects.

Today, workers should know the downside of unionizing. It’s not just the cost of their union dues. It’s the opportunities lost in union shops because the rules limit entrepreneurs’ ability to change, adapt and grow. It’s that freedom — free enterprise — that gives America and workers the power to prosper.

Ain’t that the truth

? Sydney Morning Herald

Everything you wanted to know about which cars conservative drive and why:

Here are some extracts, with typos and literals included. And, no, this is not a parody. There’s plenty more at?

Don’t delay, visit today.

”Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company founded in 1935 ? Toyota sells more Hybrid electric vehicles than any other automobile manufacturer ? [these have] lower fuel efficiency than advertised, and having questionable battery life and cheap quality at for the vehicles expensive prices. They also are unsafe with danger of electrocution after an accident and they produce harmful electromagnetic radiation which can give you cancer.”

General Motors, we are told, ”was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant, and rose to become the world’s leading auto manufacturers from the 1920s to 2008 ? In 2006, over 9 million GM cars and trucks were sold. Since then a series of massive losses have brought GM into bankruptcy ? GM is currently trying to find better ways to market to the homosexual community.”

Conservapedia’s obsession with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own godless, Marxist-Leninist dens of iniquity comes up again and again.

In the Hybrid Car entry we are told ”Hybrids are very popular with Hollywood celebrities, homosexuals and liberals”.

Conservapedia is surprisingly upbeat – if not quite objective – in the Ford entry, saying the company ”did not request government aid in 2009 [and] now has to compete with the unfairly advantaged, mostly government-owned, GM and Fiat-owned Chrysler, both of which have had their past debts resolved ? Despite this disadvantage, Ford continues to lead the world automotive market producing outstanding cars which destroy their European and Japanese competition.”

The entry for Hummer points out it was first a military vehicle but ”civilian interest grew after televised use in Desert Storm showed how well the vehicles could handle off road terrain and how safe they were. The large size and poor fuel economy drew anger from liberals who want to dictate what people drive.”

Jacqui Dean in Wikipedia for all the wrong reasons

Wet behind the ears? – Opinion – The Southland Times

Heh, Well done ACT on Campus for nailing, metaphorically a dozy MP and her staff. I still can’t believe she fell for it. She can join Sue Kedgley in the DHMO Hall of Shame on Wikipedia.

Wouldn't ya know it

Govt calls rural leaders to Beehive drought summit – 12 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Sure as eggs are eggs when a politician calls for something urgent and sets up meetings it all of a sudden becomes not so urgent.

Today in Auckland is is fair bucketing down.

From the live webcams in Hamilton it looks like dirty weather there as well and the Raglan webcam shows it bucketing down there as well.

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Friday Night Smackdown

Aaron Bhatnagar for Hobson 2007: City Vision’s hypocrisy on water and rates

City Vision Campaign Blog 2007: Water Hypocrisy

Aaron and CityVision are having a Friday night smackdown. I think Aaron is winning over the secretive and furtive leftists as they fight a rear guard action against the findings of the Local Government Inquiry and the damning report of their action in siphoning off millions in additional rates.

Yes that’s right despite their volte-face, it was a CityVision controlled council that raised Water rates in the first place by gouging “charitable payments from Metrowater.

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Brian Rudman: Dying in a ditch over doomed stormwater tax

Brian Rudman: Dying in a ditch over doomed stormwater taxPlans by Auckland City to pad retail water bills to pay for stormwater improvements have already cost veteran City Vision team leader Dr Bruce Hucker the deputy mayor's job and his place on the left-leaning ticket. Now, thanks to… [Auckland News]

Brian Rudman gets into Hubbard over the report from parliament over his councils mis-leading of the public over its water policy.

[quote]But not even Dr Hucker's ugly fate was warning enough for Mr Hubbard. Obdurate to the bitter end, he is now left to take the local government select committee's medicine alone. The policy, say the parliamentarians, is "not acceptable" and they "strongly advise" Auckland City Council to reconsider it.

As I've already pointed out, Mr Hubbard excepted, the committee is preaching to the converted. The two main tickets, City Vision and Citizen and Ratepayers, both now see the errors of their earlier ways. Mr Hubbard's main rival for the mayoralty, former mayor John Banks, is also opposed.

Which leaves poor old Mr Hubbard, caught alone in the headlights like a trapped possum. If ever there was a time to scurry off, it would be now. After all, win or lose the upcoming election, he's never going to get enough votes to resurrect the scheme. But, suicidally, he's decided to come out fighting anyway, muttering darkly about political motivation behind the inquiry, as though that was the point.[/quote]

Hubbard is about to join the long list of one term mayors and his council and legacy will be one of ignominy. All Banksie has to do now to win is to say and do nothing. Hubbards one remaining supporter (Perky Pinky) no doubt will be commenting here later about howterrible it is that everyone is picking on such an inept fool.

Hubbard defiant on Metrowater

Hubbard defiant on MetrowaterA damning report accusing the Auckland City Council of misleading the public over its water policy has drawn denials from Mayor Dick Hubbard and chief executive David Rankin.
The council's description of price rises from its water…
[Auckland News]

The Dick has just committed political suicide. He is metaphorically standing there flipping the bird at the highest court in the land who has found that his Council mislead the public over its water policy. I think deceive is a much better word.

[quote]The report drew an angry response from Mr Hubbard, who said it was full
of errors and believed its release on the eve of local body voting
papers going out was politically motivated.[/quote]

Yeah, you are probaly right, even Labour and the Greens who backed you initially seem to have decided you are a right plonker when it comes to mis-managing running a city.?


Hubbard stands accused of deceiving the public

Public misled over water price rises – Parliament – 20 Sep 2007 – Local government news – NZ Herald

Fresh from his warning from the Police over his illegal signs, Mayor Dick Hubbard now stands accused along with deputy mayor Dr Bruce Hucker, chief executive David Rankin and finance general manager Andrew McKenzie of deceiving the public in the most egregious way over water charges.

The verdict was delivered by the local government and environment select committee who described the council’s description of price rises from its water company, Metrowater, as “modest” and “small” during public consultation as “misleading”.

The report, tabled in Parliament today, also said the council “abused” its ability to take charitable payments from Metrowater.

Hubbard has always defended his raiding of the Metrowater funds but now can no longer hide from the glare of public humiliation at being found so deceitful.

Hubbard will not be missed when he is soundly trounced in the coming elections.

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Government officials tick off city over water bill plan

Government officials tick off city over water bill planAuckland City's policy of raising water bills so there is money for stormwater infrastructure has found no supporters among Government officials, Cabinet papers show. The council last year ordered its water company, Metrowater,… [Auckland News]

Bad news for Hubbard;

[quote]Cabinet papers, obtained by the Herald under the Official Information Act, show Government officials believe making water and wastewater consumers pay for stormwater investment does not meet "funding transparency principles".

"If territorial authorities wish to raise revenue for stormwater from their ratepayers, they should do so explicitly and transparently through a targeted rate earmarked for that purpose," the papers said.[/quote]

Mayor Dick Hubbard is promising voters at the elections to keep raising water bills to fund stormwater.

His main mayoral opponents, including John Banks and Alex Swney, and the City Vision ticket (despite having voted for them) have promised to stop using Metrowater as a "cash cow" for stormwater.