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Let’s misuse Maori so we can sound cool and inclusive

I have no idea why bureaucrats feel the need to throw random Maori words into English text, especially when there is a perfectly good English word for the context and more especially when the Maori word is not a good fit.

A ‘personal’ email just arrived from the exceedingly annoying Neighbourly program with an important message for ‘my’ area. I caved in and opened it. quote. Read more »

Aucklanders are doomed


Not because of Len Brown, although that can’t have helped. ?But apparently, Aucklanders are so disconnected from reality that they want Civil Defence to restore their “WiFi” before water.

In emergency situations, Aucklanders want WiFi internet restored before water, a survey revealed.

Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) found 48 per cent of people prioritised WiFi as an essential part of everyday life. Read more »

Get ready for cyclone Pam



Cyclone Pam has been upgraded to the strongest storm category possible as it batters New Zealand’s neighbours and heads south.

Northeastern parts of New Zealand were advised to brace for destructive weather in days ahead as a result of Pam.

Pam has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm this morning.

People in and around Gisborne, the East Cape and Hawke’s Bay should keep an especially close eye on weather forecasts as Pam approached.

It is expected to lose some of its bite by the time it gets to us, but this would be a good time to secure all garden furniture, pop the BBQ in the garage and tidy up all the loose bits and pieces around the home. ? Read more »

I get the joke, but was it funny?

via ODT

via ODT

I woke up this morning thinking that the last month has been a bad dream. ?First, briefly, we won the America’s Cup 9-1. ?That was cool.

Also, Davis Shearer’s snapper stunt worked so well, it drove a wedge into National and they are now completely on the backfoot.

There was no 3 week Labour Leadership ‘democratic’ contest.

And yesterday, they didn’t announce Clare Curran as the spokesperson for?Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

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Crowd-sourcing Quake assistance #eqnz

In the wake of the latest Christchurch earthquake there are many outside of the area trying to assist in so many ways.

Crowd-sourcing is playing a major part.

Google has a Crisis Response Page that provides a lot of information including a live Twitter feed.

There is the Google Person Finder service that was set up. I updated the news on one person I was aware of had been located and was ok.

Now an Accomodation Finder has been set up:

In the wake of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, many people and families have been left without a place to stay.

Compassionate Kiwis are helping out. Spread the word and let others know they can offer or request accommodation here.

If you can help locate people or provide emergency?accommodation?for people then please use these tools to offer help.