Clare Curran

$100k for the job that wasn?t

Credit Mark Mitchell

I thought it was a little strange when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cancelled two scheduled interviews for this weekend citing a diary mix-up.? I would have thought she had plenty of PR people who could keep those things straight for her, but apparently not. I shrugged and carried on with my day.

Then a few hours later, the latest botch-up hit the news and it made sense. She’s avoiding the media in case they want to ask nasty little questions. Questions like why are we having to pay $107,500 to someone for a job that was, and now isn’t?

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Clare Curran joins 11,000 other idiots that want a Geonet staffer to die of boredom

Clare Curran must be working on behalf of the PSA in trying this one on.

The Government must listen to New Zealanders and provide the funding necessary to staff Geonet 24 hours a day, says Labour?s Civil Defence and Emergency Management spokesperson Clare Curren.

“Today I have presented a petition to Parliament signed by 11,551 New Zealanders calling for Geonet to be staffed around the clock,” she says.

“As recent experience proves, New Zealand is rightfully known as the ?Shaky Isles?, so it?s absolutely essential we have an earthquake and tsunami monitoring service that is staffed 24/7. ? Read more »

Phil Quin on the cringeworthy whining of the left over Castro’s death

We’ve seen Clare Curran’s stupid “legend” statement and Steffan Browning almost shedding a tear over Castro’s death.

Phil Quin is disgusted by it all…and contrary to what Andrew Little says, he’s not a right-winger.

While it is often attributed to him, Mark Twain may not have ever actually said “history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes”. Whether he uttered the words or not, it certainly needed saying.

Jarring echoes of the far left’s shameful past reverberated around the Twittersphere yesterday in the wake of Fidel Castro’s passing. Current Labour MP Clare Curran and former Alliance Minister Laila Harr? were just two of many who took to social media to express grief over the Cuban tyrant’s death. Castro, Curran gushed to her followers as if mourning a beloved guitarist, was a “legend”; Harr? went further, asking, “who in our Parliament will be able to move a motion capturing the grief and gratitude of millions for the life of #FidelCasto (sic.)?”. The answer, one hopes, is nobody.

But “grief and gratitude” for what exactly?

The banning of trade unions? Threatening nuclear war against his neighbours? Imprisoning and murdering thousands of journalists, dissenters and unionists? Countless, well document human rights abuses, including the systematic persecution of gays and lesbians?

Or is it the 79,000 extrajudicial killings?

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Labour MPs lose their shit over Fidel Castro

Twitter seems to bring out the full retard from Labour MPs.

Here is Clare Curran inconsolable about the death of a dictator, who ironically killed thousands and banned and?destroyed trade unions and made strikes illegal.

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Clare Curran busted meddling in court processes

Clare Curran has spent her lifetime meddling but this time she has been caught red-handed and ticked off by a judge for her actions.

Dunedin South MP Clare Curran has been accused of attempting to interfere with judicial process over an Environment Court decision on the future of quarrying on Saddle Hill.

Saddle Views Estate Ltd director and quarry owner Calvin Fisher said a letter a local MP – later confirmed to be Ms Curran – sent to the court amounted to her attempting to “influence a judge prior to a hearing” and was “reprehensible”.

“I am shocked at the way people have tried to manipulate the process,” Mr Fisher said.

University of Otago parliamentary law specialist Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere said Ms Curran’s letter was unusual and not the most appropriate way for her to represent her constituents’ concerns.

Ms Curran defended the letter yesterday, saying she was merely acting as a local MP representing the concerns of her constituency. ? Read more »

Labour and unions behind Dunedin Hospital food debacle

Anonymous masks? ?Unions banners? ?Labour MPs? ?This has nothing to do with food.

It is just rent a crowd?led by the unions and Labour.

About 300 people carrying signs with slogans including ‘Stop the slop’ staged a protest today about the quality of Dunedin Hospital food.

The protest, organised by the Real Meals Coalition, called on the Southern District Health Board to cancel its food service contract with the Compass Group.

The coalition was led by the Labour Party, Green Party and New Zealand First and included Unions Otago, Unions Southland and Grey Power Southland.

Police attended the protest. ? Read more »

Clare Curran shows how not to hold ministers to account

Clare Curran thinks she is?something special. The reality is she is something dreadful.

Look at the question above and wonder no more at her utter stupidity.

She went down to the house thinking she had a gotcha for the minister regarding the appointment of Bill Francis to Radio NZ’s board. ? Read more »

Rules for some, rules for Labour party members

It is illegal to broadcast your voting intention, but that matters not to Clare Curran.

Labour MP Clare Curran has posted a picture of her invalid flag referendum vote online.

The MP for Dunedin South wrote “terrible process” on her vote, with each flag choice marked with a zero.

A picture of that vote was uploaded to her Facebook page on Tuesday night.

Curran was unrepentant about the move and expected her vote to be marked as invalid.

Voting was an important democratic right and she was not trying to influence how people voted, she said.

“I don’t like any of the flag options and I hate the process.” ?? Read more »

“Dirty tricks and dirty politics in Dunedin South” – Clare Curran

Oh this is delicious. ?Labour MP Clare Curran is accusing The Standard author Tat Loo of playing “dirty politics”.

Richard Harman reports

The Anderson?s bay branch of the [Labour] party has said it is going into recess.

Its organiser, Tat Loo, who writes under the pseudonym ?Colonel Viper? on the left wing blog site, ?The Standard?. Said ?Labour as an organization is failing ordinary Kiwis both locally in Dunedin and centrally in Wellington on many different levels and it shows every sign of continuing on that track.

?We want no part of propping up the Thorndon Bubble careerist ?pretend and extend? set any further and will be moving on to new political projects.?

But party president, Nigel Haworth, said the move was ?really quite inconsequential?.

He said it was a minor perturbation.

?It?s certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all.?

There are major sections of the left, a lot of them frequent lefty blogs, that believe a Corbyn-like shift to the left is the only way for Labour to regain its integrity and to take back the treasury benches.

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Phil Quin on the feral opposition to dissent in Labour

Phil Quin writes about the feral opposition to dissent within Labour.

In my plagiarism posts, I presented several examples of Curran lifting entire sections from magazine articles and inserting them without attribution in a Labour Party policy paper. Neither Curran nor anyone else in Labour disputed my account. By contrast, when calling my column ?fiction? and me ?very bitter”, Curran failed to produce a scintilla of evidence to support either claim.? Just another baseless ad hominem attack. Ho hum..

This happens every time without fail. ?Some outlet or other publishes something from me that contains criticism of the Labour Party because I am genuinely exasperated by its unrelenting incompetence, and fearful that New Zealand is on the cusp of becoming a one-party state. ?The response from Labour is never to dispute the facts as I lay them out, or even to question my interpretation. I am simply attacked for being ?bitter?.

For those who don?t know the provenance of this line of attack, it is this: I was shunned from Labour after my role in a doomed coup attempt against Helen Clark in 1996, and I?ve apparently yet to recover from the resulting sense of emotional and professional injury. ?In this account, I have spent the past 20 years in a state of broiling resentment at no longer having a job in the Labour Research Unit.

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