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Bill Liu arrested, wonder how long before Jones is?

Shane Jones must be a very nervous MP right about now. His benefactor Bill Liu aka Yang Liu aka William Yan aka Yong Ming Yan has been arrested.

Police have charged a multi-millionaire businessman, who was granted New Zealand citizenship in controversial circumstances, with making false declarations on immigration papers and using fake identities to obtain a passport.

Yong Ming Yan – also known as Bill Liu, Yang Liu and William Yan – was supported in his citizenship bid last year by Labour MPs Dover Samuels and Chris Carter, and National MP Pansy Wong.

Police arrested him last Saturday as he was about to board a plane to leave the country.

He appeared in Manukau District Court, and is facing 12 charges in relation to false declarations on his immigration papers, having false passports and using deception to gain citizenship.

My understading of the case is that Pansy just wrote a letter. Dover Samuels and Chris Carter will be a little nervous but Shane Jones will probably be in a conference with his lawyers today and praying that Bill Liu doesn’t squeal like a piggy.

Schools call in the heavies

Cash-strapped schools call in heavies to collect donations – New Zealand news on

Despite blithe and pithy statements from the Minister who can’t spell schools are increasingly resorting to call ing in the heavies to get their “donations” out of parents.
[quote]Debt collectors are chasing parents for unpaid “voluntary” school donations, alarming Education Minister Chris Carter who says the move is illegal.

Baycorp says it has contacted parents from “a handful” of state schools to recoup the donations, and community law advisory group YouthLaw says it has received calls from parents who have chosen not to pay the donation and have been chased by debt collectors.

Carter, speaking from Madrid on Friday, said coercing parents to pay donations was illegal and “I would not tolerate any New Zealand school breaking the law. I would certainly intervene if parents approached me and I would urge them to do so… Parents are to email or telephone my office if a school has done that”.[/quote]

He’d know all about illegal, being one of the government ministers with first hand experience in illegal activities. Baycorp says it is collecting on behalf of over 100 schools some of which are State schools.

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An email from Chris Carter

Simeon Brown has received another email from Chris Carter. He handed it to me at the march today. It should be noted that Chris Carter is our Education Minister.

Rorting the Housing Corp

National MP Phil Heatley nailed Housing Minister Chris Carter yesterday (appalling image, I know) with some serious questions about Housing NZ practices. Listening live, Chris Carter was seriously caught on the back foot and was back peddling as fast as he could.

[quote]8. PHIL HEATLEY (National?Whangarei) to the Minister of Housing: Does he have confidence in Housing New Zealand Corporation; if so, why?

Hon CHRIS CARTER (Minister of Housing): Yes; but there is always room for improvement.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person can be allocated a State house in M?ngere, and, at the same time, own a holiday home in Russell?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I would welcome further information about that case.

Phil Heatley: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I ask you to judge whether that is a fair answer, given that the Minister gave me that information yesterday with a cover letter.

Madam SPEAKER: As the member knows, that is not a point of order.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person not only can get away with owning a holiday home in Russell while having a State house but also can get away with not living in the State house, instead renting it out for a tidy profit to an unwitting family?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I am astonished to learn that that member claims he received a letter from me about this subject yesterday. I would like to sit down with him after question time, be shown this letter, and find out a bit more information about this case. It is really astonishing.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the letter

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the Official Information Act request explaining these details.

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: What action has the Minister taken to investigate Housing New Zealand Corporation over this scam, given that one of the neighbours has formally testified to the corporation that the tenant ?gloated he knew someone in Housing; that is how he got the place.??

Hon CHRIS CARTER: Such alleged behaviour by a tenant would be totally inappropriate. I will be investigating it very carefully after question time.

Phil Heatley: Was the State house tenant ever prosecuted, and was an official investigation ever made into allegations that to pull off this scam the tenant had insider help from a Housing New Zealand Corporation mate?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: All sorts of allegations can be made by all sorts of people. I can assure this House that I will be looking into this case very carefully, very quickly.[/quote]

As you can see Carter knew absolutely nothing about this, so we are now being asked to beilieve his spin that something was being done all along….I think not Minister.

The couple living in the house, who paid the man $210 a week in rent, only found out they were tied up in the rort when they applied for a state house – to be told they were already living in one.

The man, who also owned a holiday home in the Bay of Islands, was paying $133 a week for the state house – and pocketing the $70 difference.

Not only that the documents show that the man tried to sell the house at one stage despite, not even owning it.

This is clearly another case of a Minister not knowing what is going on in his own portfolio.

I wonder if the little Arab boys were invited

Chris Carter and his long term "partner" have decided to….well what is the right verb here????

It isn’t marry, because, well, they aren’t getting married are they?

So maybe it is Civil Unioned.

Whatever, I still am wondering if the little Arab Boys got invited. The Bilious Bitch and "Peggy" Wilson were invited.

Herald calls for Carter's Head

The Herald has called on Chris Carter to resign over his applaling handing of the Whangamata marina issue and his flagrant breaching of the very laws he is paid to up hold.

[quote]Mr Carter’s embarrassment should be a cautionary tale for ministers tempted to meddle in the judicial process. The fear that courts will arrive at unpopular verdicts has led Parliament to enshrine the right of ministerial intervention in many areas. But that will never make such intrusions any more just.

Mr Carter interfered in a manner that has been ruled out of order by the High Court and wrong by a fellow minister. This episode was the product of individual failing, not the culmination of a chain of errors in a department. There is no question mark over who bears the responsibility. Mr Carter should resign from the Conservation portfolio.[/quote]

just add him to the long and growing list of incompetent and useless Ministers who maintain their jobs because Helen has lost her touch.

More law breaking by Carter

Labour Minister Chris Carter just keeps lowering those standards already set so low by his fearless Leader.

This time the Auditor General has found that his department had failed to meet its legal obligations when it came to conservation management strategies and national park management plans.

Hmmm…."failed to meet its legal obligations" is bullshit speak for "broke the law".?

And the Minister says that it was his fault and it was worth it and he was "proud" to have done so.

What is it with this government that so encourages it to break the laws of the land…..I know they have a Police force that thinks that nothing is in the public interest to prosecute.?


Privileges complaint laid on Carter

National has lodged a privileges complaint? against Conservation Minister Chris Carter, alleging he misled Parliament over when he made the Whangamata Marina decision and whether he solicited support for his move.
Fat lot of good it will do with the current Speaker, but I suppose you have to try.?

Is this the undoing of a Minister?

Chris Carter is looking more and more exposed as emails sent to and by Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey seem to show Chris Carter at least misled parliament and further show he had already made up his mind despite public assurances to the contrary.

The embarrasments just keep on flowing as the arrogance of the government becomes more and more exposed.?


Perhaps Minister Samuels and Minister Carter should read the Cabinet Manual

And while they are at it have Helen Clark take a remedial course in the reposnibilities outlined in the Cabinet Manual .

For the benefit of those too lazy to click the link and read for themselves, Section 3 of the Cabinet manual relates to Decision Makiong: Principles and Procedures.

From my reading Conservation Minister Chris Carter has clearly breached Section 3.14 on Items for consideration for Cabinet in at least two places (bold)

3.14: The following matters must be submitted to Cabinet (through the appropriate committee):

* significant policy issues;
* proposals that will affect the government's financial position, or Important financial commitments;

* matters concerning the machinery of government;

* proposals involving new legislation or regulations;

* government responses to select committee recommendations;

* matters concerning the portfolio interests of a number of Ministers (particularly where agreement cannot be reached);

* controversial matters;

* all but the most minor public appointments;

* international treaties and agreements (see paragraphs 3.36 – 3.37);

* the release of public discussion documents, or reports of a substantive nature affecting government policy or government agencies.

He has also breached Section 3.27;

3.27 Ministers must use their judgement in deciding which matters concerning the exercise of their individual statutory powers would affect the collective interest of the government and should therefore be brought to Cabinet:
Matters that should, as a general rule, be brought to Cabinet include: all but the most minor appointments; matters of general public interest, importance or concern; or decisions with a public policy element (see also paragraphs 3.13 – 3.14).

Further, in criticising Mr Carter, Dover Samuels has breached Section 3.21;

3.21 Acceptance of ministerial office requires acceptance of collective responsibility. Issues are often debated vigorously within the confidential setting of Cabinet meetings, although consensus is usually reached and votes are rarely taken. Once Cabinet makes a decision, then (except as provided in paragraph 3.23) Ministers must support it, regardless of their personal views and whether or not they were at the meeting concerned.

Clearly then we have two ministers who have blatantly disregarded the Cabinet Manual. If in fact Chris Carter did take the issue to Cabinet then not has he lied to Parliament then so has the Prime Minister in saying that he (the minister) and he alone made the decision.