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The hypocrisy and sanctimony of the left over Dirty Politics

The Green party has released another press release, this time with just 10 mentions by name:

John Key must assure New Zealand that he has closed down the Black Ops attack unit in his office, and promise to sever all contact with blogger Cameron Slater, the Green Party said today.

“John Key has today gone on the defensive making all sorts of excuses for misleading reporters, and Parliament, about his texts to notorious blogger Cameron Slater.” Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman said.

“John Key is trying to confuse New Zealanders but in the process is digging himself deeper into the mess his relationship with Cameron Slater has caused.

“It is not normal for the Prime Minister?s office to leak SIS information to an attack blogger like Cameron Slater.

Until John Key promises to have nothing more to do with Cameron Slater, New Zealanders will never be certain that the power of the Prime Minister?s office is not being used for some kind of dodgy purpose.

“It is genuinely mystifying why John Key won?t cut Cameron Slater loose. If John Key won?t sever all contact with Cameron Slater he should explain why he is so beholden to the man.

“John Key didn?t tell the truth last week when he was asked if he had received a text from Cameron Slater about the Inspector General of Security Intelligence?s report. He replied ?no? despite the fact he?d been texting Slater the night before. It?s no more or less complicated than that.

“The really concerning thing is, if John Key was so quick to mislead reporters and Parliament that time, how many other times has he misled the public?

“John Key has only made this scandal worse in the last few days by saying Slater had his new phone number because all reporters were given it. You?ve got to wonder how he thought he?d get away with that when many of the reporters he was talking to didn?t have the number themselves!” Dr Norman said.

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A reader comments

Reader Barnicles2 comments on last night’s poll results

Hey Clint, Hey Matt, Hey Grant, Hey Trev, have you got it yet that good and decent New Zealander’s, the one’s whose votes you need, do not like smear politics and do not want to see decent aspirational people be brought down.

What most people want to see is positive policies and reinforcement that NZ is a good place to live.

If you keep slagging NZ off with no positive alternatives you will continue to suffer, as you should.

Hey Corrin, Hey Paddy, Hey Duncan, remember that 70% or NZ do not want Labour and 89% do not want the Greens, you guys are alienating a large part of the country just to create a story and boost your ratings.

How about reporting the positive, regardless of the source for a change?

Instead of trying to destroy the good that is NZ.

Explaining is losing

Not long after I posted last evening’s article on the Greens being slapped in the face by Labour once more, the War Room called for damage control


Let’s recap

– Greens say: ?”Hey Labour, want to co-brand this election?”

– Labour say: ? “Naff off! ?We haven’t wanted nor needed you stinky hippies in the past, we certainly don’t need you now”. ? Read more »

Hey Clint! Will you start bashing the Greens now you work for Cunners?

Clint Smith aka James Henderson aka Steve Pierson, a blogger at The Standard and former green staffer has cut and run, poached by David Cunliffe to work for Labour.

Labour has had its own ”Hey Clint!” moment.

Leader David Cunliffe’s chief of staff Matt McCarten has confirmed the party has recruited the Green Party’s political and media adviser, Clint Smith, to beef up selling its economic message.

Smith, who had earlier worked for Labour before going across to the Greens, shot to prominence when, during a television interview, MP Gareth Hughes turned to him with a ”Hey Clint!” to check if the party was happy its power policy had put a dent in the Mighty River Power sale.? Read more »

Hey, C###t! Don’t make #### up!

One of our readers reports a tussle with Clint from #heyclint fame.

(Clint, are we happy?)

Is seems there is room for improvement.

Had this exchange with #heyclint, was happy to call me out for no facts, then wouldn’t prove anything himself in the next screen shot. Dick. Wasn’t going to send it in till I read your post the other day about contributions.
Regards Karl.



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#HeyClint – What we have to look forward to with NZ Power

When the Green/Labour bloc launched their re-nationalisation of our power industry one of the models they suggested that we should look to was that of KEPCO in South Korea.

I blogged about it at the time.

Gutless Green party staffer and blogger at The Standard, Clinton Smith aka James Henderson aka Steve Pierson had this to say at the time.

Which sounds great doesn’t it? But what is reality? ? Read more »

#HeyClint Greens Conscious? – Doubt it

Here’s a link to the letter Metiria Turei sent to the speaker calling for a ‘conscious vote’ on the convention centre. ?Let’s hope the Greens are more conscious than they were last night when they accidentally voted for legal aid changes they opposed.

In the past, most gambling related legislation has been dealt with by way of a conscious vote. The research (attached) from the Parliamentary Library shows that most gambling legislation has been treated as a conscious issue. In particular casino gambling law has been treated as a conscious issue.

One thing that we do know about the Greens is that they are clearly making a play to replace Labour as the nasty party…here is Clinton Smith attacking my mental health. ? Read more »

Who could it be? Which blogger has been sucking off the public teat?

David Farrar raises a few interesting questions:

Which prominent blogger has been on the parliamentary payroll for the last 18 months to two years as a parliamentary communications advisor to a political party?

Would not a failure to publicly disclose this be a shocking breach of ethics?

Will the media ask party leaders the names of all their communications advisors, and see which one fesses up?? Read more »

#HeyClint is this how we mow our lawns once the Greens take our petrol away?

via Imgur

via Imgur

#HeyClint – The Full Video

Gareth Hughes has been shown up as a glove puppet. Patrick Gower has really done a number on him and also on Clinton Smith.

Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes had to ask his spin doctor Clint Smith for some advice while the cameras were rolling.

Political reporter Tova O’Brien asked Hughes whether the party was “pleased” about their power policy damaging the Government’s asset sales program.

He started answering, stopped, and then looked behind the camera: ‘Hey Clint! Are we pleased?’

Clint responded: ‘Well, it’s not why we did the policy… we don’t want the assets sold”? Read more »