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Pete George, your help is not wanted


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via Facebook

Pete George isn’t at all keen about the Government’s latest GCSB ideas and wants to “Help stop the GSCB bill”. ?Hey, it’s a free country.

Isn’t it?

When the ?Stop the GCSB Bill? campaign started I was interested in being involved. It was promoted on The Daily Blog by Mana Party adviser Martyn Bradbury and I asked him ?What groups make up the ?coalition??? I was interested to know who was involved. That comment wasn?t passed by moderation.

Come on Pete. ?Are you still not dry behind your ears?

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#HeyClint Greens Conscious? – Doubt it

Here’s a link to the letter Metiria Turei sent to the speaker calling for a ‘conscious vote’ on the convention centre. ?Let’s hope the Greens are more conscious than they were last night when they accidentally voted for legal aid changes they opposed.

In the past, most gambling related legislation has been dealt with by way of a conscious vote. The research (attached) from the Parliamentary Library shows that most gambling legislation has been treated as a conscious issue. In particular casino gambling law has been treated as a conscious issue.

One thing that we do know about the Greens is that they are clearly making a play to replace Labour as the nasty party…here is Clinton Smith attacking my mental health. ? Read more »

Gower – #HeyClint was the right thing to do

Patrick Gower explains why the 3News political team threw Gareth Hughes and Clinton Smith aka James Henderson aka Steve Pierson under the bus this week:

The “Hey Clint!” moment – where Gareth Hughes stops mid-interview and asks a spin doctor what to say – has generated a bit of chatter here and there.

Some people – including even colleagues here in the Press Gallery – have suggested it was wrong to run it, that it was a big call, or even that there were journalistic ethics at stake.

To be perfectly frank, I don’t think this was the ethical issue of the century, or the year, or the week.

Because screening it was the right thing to do. In fact, it was the only thing to do.

I cannot believe there are journalists out there who would think otherwise.? Read more »

Shhh…don’t appear too pleased with your economic sabotage

After sabotaging millions of dollars worth of Kiwis’ savings, the Greens don’t want to appear too pleased…

Watch as Pedro Gower does a number on Clinton Smith aka James Henderson of The Standard, a Green party staffer and acolyte of Gareth Hughes:

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Comment of the Day

Cactus Kate ventured into The Standard where they are wondering how I manage to run New Zealand’s top blog, and go hunting…she comments:

She raises some valid points at the change of stance…most likely because a new person is now running the account for Eddie.?Of course there are a few less people now in the research unit so changes had to be made. With Clinton Smith moving to the Greens he had to give up the login credentials for Eddie…he will of course now pop up as another author but will give the game away with a mad tirade about peak oil.

Anyway, back to hunting…cleaned the Beretta…now cleaning the Tikka…time to change weapons.

Thanks Phil

One of the legacies of Phil Goff is that some of his staff in what was formerly known as the Goffice are being axed. I blogged that this would be one of the consequences and now it is starting to bite. Labour only have Phil Goff to thanks for their suffering. I hope he gives each staff member who got given the cardboard box a nice hug for solidarity…except Clinton Smith.

As they file out they can say “Thanks Phil”:

Labour is slashing its parliamentary staff numbers, after its poor election result sliced an estimated $700,000 off its funding.

As part of the cost-cutting the number of press secretaries working for the 34 MPs has been cut from five to three; one fewer than the press team that works exclusively for Prime Minister John Key.

There will also be likely job losses in other areas, but these are yet to be finalised, as Labour looks for savings to cover what is understood to be a 20 per cent fall in funding from $3.5m before the election to about $2.8m now.

Chief press secretary Fran Mold will take on a broader role as head of media and communications, including correspondence.

She said leader David Shearer, who is well-known for hating long meetings, would instigate other changes too, including limiting caucus meetings to 90 minutes.

MPs would also be seated differently changing from the current rows of seats to a roundtable format and cellphones and laptops would be left outside in an effort to keep the meetings shorter and more businesslike.

Trevor Mallard is going to choke at not being able to tweet up a storm instead of listening to boring old caucus meetings.

Labour's dirty tricks underway

via the tipline

The attached was bought for $2 at a school fair. Where precisely? I don’t know, nor do I know where the proceeds are going.

John Key is Awesome

To cut a long story short – it’s a cheap and infantile?20 page booklet that attacks John Key.?It’s pretty disgraceful, has a none too subtle stab at the PM’s upbringing, his wealth, his popularity etc etc etc.

You get the idea.

It also includes a?piece quoting ficitcious politics student and?’intern’ Mary-Sue Cartland who apparently ‘felt a moistening in my panties’ at the sight of John Key, who?spies on the PM in the shower, and?tries to convince him to have an affair with her.

This ‘comic’?would be offensive if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Anyway – this piece of propaganda is claimed?by?Clive Townsend (his name’s?on the second page as the ‘supposed’ author).? He describes?Mr Key as ‘our best prime minister since Bill Rowling and maybe our best Jewish Prime Minister since Julius Vogel.’

A quick Google search reveals that in Comic-geek-land.? Clive Townsend collaborates with a guy called Brent Willis, who helpfully confirms for us that he works at the Parliamentary Library.??As those links show, Clive Townsend and Brent Willis even share the same Post Office box and phone contacts.

Who else do we know who used to work in the Parliamentary Library as a neutral public servant?? One Clinton Smith aka Steve Pierson who now works for Phil Goff – who has multiple psuedonyms on the Standard – and was found in breach of electoral laws at the last election for this sort of anti-John Key propaganda.

History repeating?? Labour’s dirty tricks are underway.

UPDATE: A?reader?has found some images of Brent Willis.

Brent Willis

And here’s the Organisational Chart for the NZ Parliamentary Library from Feb this year, complete with a Brent Willis and Clint Smith.

I wonder how National could rely on anything produced by this cabal of fifth columnists in the parliamentary library.

Labour's got nuthin

Labour's got nothingLabour are now complaining about the PM’s official residence being painted. They are really plumbing the depths of irrelevance.

With Trevor Mallard running the nasty lines and with the others running the stupid they are proving daily that they are out of idea, have no policy, and are paying for second place. Chris Hipkins is a Clark taught spin weasel so not?surprising?he is in on the act.

It also shows just why Clinton Smith was brought into the Goffice. So that Labour could go feral.

Unfortunately everything they run turns to shit. The signs were illegal, the billboards got mocked, the DPS sting backfired, and now the house painting is going to as well.

You see, Labour is beating up about a house painting but they forget that they?authorized?the spend up of $46.6 million in order to makeover the country’s most expensive state house, Government House in Wellington.

Yet another fail from Labour.

No wonder he quit

A couple of weeks ago Marty G quit is a great huff from The Standard. The VRWC has long suspected that Marty G was Clinton Smith after he quit previously as Steve Pierson when he scored a job in the Parliamentary Library. The writing style was similar as was the content.

Then what do we find out today via the tipline.

Clinton Smith is now?working as an advisor in Phil Goff’s office. Any doubt that The Standard is closely linked to the Goffice is now removed completely.

No wonder Marty G signed off from the Standard.

John Key: Politician of the year

John Key: Politician of the yearTo borrow the immortal words of Australian politician Bill Hayden, some might argue National could have put up the proverbial drover’s dog as leader and still won last month’s election such was its huge lead in the polls over preceding… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong makes the case for John Key to be politician of the year. It is hard to argue otherwise, though I am sure the paupers at the lap-blog will give it a go.

I think the most telling part of John Armstrongs column is one that few bloggers and commentators have yet picked up and that is the huge sea change in New Zealand politics. Certainly the Labour Party is yet to pick up that sea change after picking yet another old timer to be their temporary leader.

What also matters is that Key speaks for a new generation which entered Parliament in force at last month’s election – a generation which is less hidebound by ideology or consumed with refighting the battles of the 1980s or the 1990s.

This is a generational shift in politics. The baby-boomers are on their way out. Winston Peters has gone. Clark and Michael Cullen are poised to check out.

The new generation has never experienced a wage-price freeze, fixed exchange rates, Think Big or farmers being subsidised according to the number of sheep they had on their farms.

The new generation has only a hazy memory of the Labour Government which swept all that away in a revolution of reform before imploding. Seeing him in Parliament, those younger MPs must view Sir Roger Douglas as a relic from another age.

Key’s advantage is that his age and political freshness places him at the vanguard of the new generation – something that cannot be said for the new Labour leadership.

Labour painted JohnKey a a bumblng fool and fell into the trap of believing thei own spin. It was ultimately fatal and the bumbling fool was Helen Clark who bmbled once too many and fell on her sword. One area where John Key absolutely ran rings around Clark was Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode, here John Key absolutely painted Clark into a corner and even better used her own paint and her own brush, he then threw down the brush and as the ad says “He walked away”.

And what about Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode?

What we can be sure about is that Peters, having used the media to boost his career early on, grew to despise it. His version always had to be the correct one. That he could never concede to being wrong was what destroyed him – not the bunkum that he was the target of some kind of big business-establishment-media collusion.

NZ First, a party built solely around a personality cult, will not be back.

Peters will be missed. The charming, generous, understanding Peters, that is. Not the cantankerous, argumentative, frustrating and difficult creature with whom other parties were forced to do business, smiling benignly as they did so but at the same time looking about as comfortable as someone lying on a bed of sharpened nails.

WRP, 63, UONFA is one of the few people I genuinely loathe. The man is liar fair and square, a disingenuous prick and a sot who should not be remembered fondly, rather he should be kicked into the gutter and forgotten. He never did get round to suing me for calling him a liar. Fucking loser.