Greens gearing up for a leadership primary circus

Ever wanted to lead a party? ?Join the Greens today and throw your hat in the ring.

MPs Kevin Hague and Gareth Hughes have put themselves forward, as has Green Party executive member Vernon Tava.

First term MP James Shaw hasn’t made a decision about whether to stand yet.

“So I’ve been speaking to a number of people in the party throughout the country as well as friends and family, so I’m just processing that at the moment.”

Kennedy Graham is another to emerge from the caucus with an interest in the job – his decision is imminent.

“Well sooner rather than later, I promise you.”

It’s a great sign of a party at war with itself when it has almost half of the MPs and others all vying for the co-leadership position. ?And it would be more if it wasn’t for the fact that they are only allowing people with a penis to apply for that job this time. ? Read more »

Who is Vernon Tava?

Exactly. ? And that’s why he’s wasting his time.

Vernon Tava, the Green Party co-convenor seeking the male co-leadership of the party, is talking about positioning the Greens as able to work with anyone in politics.

Incumbent male co-leader Russel Norman is stepping down from the job at the party’s annual conference in May, which is when a new co-leader will be elected.

Mr Tava emerged as a hopeful yesterday, and MPs Gareth Hughes and Kevin Hague are already in the race.

He says Green politics is about transcending the traditional political boundaries of left and right.

“It’s the classification of the party as left that I think needs to be refocused and re-examined,” Mr Tava said.

It is an interesting move, but I don’t think the party itself is ready for it. ? Read more »

Sour grapes

The Fox and the Grapes

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei complained that she was overlooked by Angry Andrew for a position on the Intelligence and Security committee because of her sex. She had no proof of this claim apart from the fact that he gave the job to someone else.

He said that he didn’t choose her because he wanted someone with ? ?skills, understanding and experience?? which in her mind implied that she did not have these qualities. Certainly no one would raise an eye brow at his decision to appoint David Shearer given his background in international relations and aid. After all he did spend nearly 20 years working for the UN, managing the provision of aid to countries including Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.No one could say that Andrew Little gave the position to some one less able and experienced than her. In fact the opposite is true as she has no international experience at all. Nothing, nada, nil, zero, nought.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Kevin Hague, the new co-leader of the Green Party.
I did a little research and judging by this image he is going to be as focused on Cameron as his predecessor, Russell, ‘ Who are you texting? ‘ Norman.

Feral and proud.

THE ONGOING MO’: Green Party MP Kevin Hague enlisted in Movember to help change the face of men’s health. Hague has said he’s keeping the mo for another month as he also grows a Decembeard to raise awareness of bowel cancer. – Stuff

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Face of the day

Steffan Browning

Steffan Browning

Looks like the Co-leaders of the Greens have decided to take a leaf out of John Key’s book and have punished one of their MPs for having an opinion different to that of the party. Granted the opinion was Batshit CRAZY but isn’t that an entry requirement for the Greens?

It could have been worse. Imagine if he had been long time friends with someone like Martyn Martin Bradbury? Imagine if Martyn Martin Bradbury had his private e-mails and facebook chats stolen by a hacker. Imagine if the hacker thought that Bradbury was a nasty leftie weasel and handed the stolen e-mails over to Nicky Hager to publish in a book called ‘Ranty Spittle Politics.’ Imagine that in one of the e-mails Martyn Martin said to someone else that his dear close mate Steffan Browning was gunning for the Minister of Health because he was unhappy about the fact that the Minister had celebrated with his employees using stolen bottles of wine taken off a de -registered doctor.

Now THAT would cost him ALL his portfolios and would get him stripped of his position as a Cabinet minister wouldn’t it? ( hypothetically )

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Face of the day

Russel Norman

Russel Norman

Norman pledges to keep on at PM

New Zealanders expect their Prime Minister to be open, Green Party co-leader Russel Norman says as he pledges to keep asking John Key questions about blogger Cameron Slater.

“The Prime Minister has had a very close relationship with Cameron Slater, who has been engaged in some very unsavoury things.

“I think the people of New Zealand have got a right to know what he’s been up to.”


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Positive discrimination in the Green Party

Yesterday, the Green Taliban’s proposed list rankings came out. ?I noticed at the time that Metiria was “number one”


When you have co-leaders, I would expect the list to be like

1 ?Norman, Russel and Turei, Metiria
3 ?Tofu, Carrotjuice

But I admit that the MMP system doesn’t allow for politically artificial constructs like co-leaders. ? In the end, what the Green Party is saying, is that if it came down to it, they’d rather have Metiria in parliament rather than Russel.

Does that reflect reality?

Today’s Herald-Digipoll doesn’t confirm the party’s internal sentiments. ?Voters prefer Russel over Metiria by a resounding 750% (or less dramatically: 7.5 times more)


It will be interesting to see if the Green Taliban hierarchy are going to simply confirm the suggested list rankings or they are going to stop pandering to artificial niceties and put Norman at the top where the voters expect to see him?


new zealand green taliban logo

Face of the Day

via ODT

via ODT


The Maori Party has elected MP Te Ururoa Flavell as its new co-leader alongside Tariana Turia.

Mr Flavell replaces Pita Sharples, who announced his resignation following the party’s poor result at the recent Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.

The former teacher entered parliament in 2005 when he claimed the Waiariki seat off Labour’s Mita Ririnui and has held it through two elections since – making it the safest of the Maori Party’s seats heading into 2014.

He will lead the party with Mrs Turia until the next election, when she will step down from her leadership role to make way for another female co-leader.


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