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The Conservative Party. No… no… bear with me

Rachel MacGregor quitting days before the 2014 election all but ensured that the Conservative Party did not get its coveted 5%. ?It certainly looked possible up to that point. ?Of course, in hindsight, Ms MacGregor did New Zealand a huge favour by exposing what Colin Craig was like.

Mr Craig was hoping to clear his name in time for the 2017 election so he could lead what has been ostensibly his party to the election win he feels he deserved. ?But a number of public court case results and a number of still active cases have not put him in a position to be a viable political candidate for the 2017 election.

Whaleoil has kept an eye on the Conservative Party because until recently it was fair to say that Colin and the Conservative Party were one and the same thing. ? They shared the same offices, computer systems and some staff.

At some point, those with some ambition for the party, had to cut Colin loose. ?They left it too late, but it appears the genesis of the split started late last year, around the time Colin Craig lost to Jordan Williams in the very public defamation case.

In truth, Whaleoil didn’t believe the split was real. ?After all, money talks, and Colin was holding all the purse strings, with the exception of some spare change that Laurence Day would chuck into the kitty. ? So when new leader Leighton Baker was announced, he very much felt like a seat warmer because at the time, everything else still seemed to point at Colin owning the party infrastructure.

This week has seen the first public sign of a genuine breakup between the party and Mr Craig. ?They mentioned their party web site in a public press release. ?Instead of, it is now

Also, authorisation statements now point at Kevin Stitt’s home address in South Auckland instead of the Castle in Triton Drive on Auckland’s North Shore. ? Read more »

The Conservative Party answers some hard questions

Last week I asked Kevin Stitt the Party Secretary some hard questions about the Conservative Party. Below are my questions and his answers in full and un-edited.


Are you able to confirm for our readers that Leighton Baker is the new leader of the Conservative party and is not keeping the seat warm for ex-leader Colin Craig who still claims to be the leader on his facebook page?


Absolutely. Actually, I think you will find that it is his twitter account that still claims that, not his facebook account. He does not know how to sign into or use his twitter account as that was controlled by his previous Press?Secretary. It appears the account has been hacked. We are?working on having it removed from Twitter. Thanks for making us aware of this.

Colin Craig’s “hacked” twitter account

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Another Political Party with a penchant for poetry

Ex-leader of the Conservative Party Colin Craig has a penchant for writing poetry and it turns out that so do some within the Labour Party. Their poem brings new meaning to the phrase a Labour of love.


Awwww isn’t that sweet? Perhaps we should have a Whaleoil poetry competition for conservative and libertarian voters?

Here is my attempt…

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Dopey Colin Craig decides to appeal his District Court shellacking

Colin Craig has decided to appeal the shellacking he received?in the District Court.

Kelly Dunnett from Fairfax has the details:

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has served notice of his intent to appeal?a judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit he took against a blogger for publishing a poem he wrote to his former secretary.

At a December hearing at the Auckland District Court Judge Mary Beth Sharp threw out Craig’s efforts to seek damages for “unauthorised infringement” of alleged copyright interests in a poem he wrote entitled Two of Me.

It was said to be part of an 11-page letter he wrote to ex-secretary Rachel MacGregor, containing several poems.

Judge Sharp made an oral judgment at the December hearing and?has now released a formal decision, canvassing her reasons for the dismissal. That included her ruling that Craig’s proceeding was?”vexatious” and that he had an “ulterior purpose”.

Craig?sought $5000 in damages plus $3000 for every month Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater had a copy of the poem on his blog, and also sought damages from Taxpayers Union director Jordan Williams for giving a copy of the poem to Slater in the first place.

Craig also asked for an injunction?preventing further publication of the ode. He represented himself in the proceeding.

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A new leader, but are there 500 members?

The Conservative Party have announced a new leader to replace Colin “poet” Craig.

The Conservative Party has a new leader, Leighton Baker, 18 months after Colin Craig resigned amid a scandal involving his former press secretary.

Mr Baker is a former farmer who now runs his own building company in Christchurch.

The party’s board announced the appointment on Tuesday.

Mr Craig, who founded the party, resigned in June 2015 following a spate of allegations about his relationship with Rachel MacGregor.

In October last year the Human Rights Tribunal ordered Mr Craig to pay Ms MacGregor nearly $129,000 for the “severe humiliation” he had caused her.

Mr Craig had previously lost a defamation action brought by Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams, and was ordered to pay $1.27 million.

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The judgement arrives: Colin Craig cops another one in the chook

Colin Craig contemplating yet another loss

Regular readers will remember that we attended court on December the 6th last year to strike out Colin Craig’s vexatious claim of copyright?against us and Jordan Williams. The judgement has finally arrived and Judge Sharp has recorded all of her comments that were made at the time which we reported.

The judge summarises the history in the first nine pages before getting into the arguments. The judge found Craig’s argument that his poem was worth a lot of money to be “specious.” This can be found at the top highlighted in red on page ten. This was the start of what became a march against Colin Craig.

At paragraph 43 the Judge states ” There is no evidence before me of any sort that there is any value in this work or that either of the defendants derived any income at all from it, from publishing it.” She also stated that it was obvious to her ” that the plaintiff would fail at substantive trial in establishing that in fact, either of the defendants had monetarily profited from their publications of this work. ”

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Colin Craig included on two 2016 lists: literature and court cases

craigbard-e1448412444684 – The Spinoff

Since Cameron Slater comprehensively defeated Colin Craig’s attempt to extort thousands of dollars in copyright fees for the publication of his single verse poem ( one that he initially denied even being the author of, ) other media outlets have felt emboldened to publish it. Now that the threat of litigation by a vexatious millionaire has been eliminated by one Cameron Slater, ( you are welcome ) they feel safe to share Colin’s poem with the world.

This month Sarah Jane Barnett published a piece titled.”Coyotes, Swan Jackets, and Rabbit Holes: Ten Moments in Aotearoa NZ Literature in 2016″?In it, she?recalls ten 2016 moments of New Zealand Literature but not all of them with pleasure.

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Who is really paying for SLAPP court cases against New Media?

It takes a lot of money to pursue a court case against someone; in fact, very deep pockets are required. You have to ask how is it that a person with little wealth can spend years pursuing a New Media journalist through the court system like has been done to Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant? SLAPP?lawsuits like the one against Ezra are a front for the real intentions and motivations of those who fund them.

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech.

The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. In some cases, repeated frivolous litigation against a defendant may raise the cost of directors and officers liability insurance for that party, interfering with an organization’s ability to operate.A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat.

There is a difficulty in that plaintiffs do not present themselves to the Court admitting that their intent is to censor, intimidate or silence their critics…


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The three strikes rule should be applied to this serial litigant

Colin Craig has had three serious legal losses, one after the other this year and he?has three more ahead of him that he refuses to settle or withdraw from. In the past, he has instigated five legal cases. He has made legal history with the record amounts that have been awarded against him yet he refuses to accept defeat even though it not only is staring him in the face it has chopped off his arms and his legs.

The Dark Knight AKA Colin Craig-Pinterest

The Dark Knight AKA Colin Craig-Pinterest

Loss One:

Colin Craig was ordered by the Human Rights Review Tribunal to pay his ex-press secretary more than $128,000 after portraying her as a “mistress, trouble maker, mentally unwell, a liar, and a blackmailer”.

He paid her $128,780 in damages plus costs- the highest sum the Human Rights Review Tribunal has ever awarded for emotional harm.

The dark Knight loses an arm.

The dark Knight loses an arm.

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The Black Knight Colin Craig calls it a draw

After Cameron soundly defeated Colin Craig in court this week comparisons were made between Colin Craig and the Black Knight. Colin’s loss was his third serious legal defeat in a row but like the Black Knight he does not want to face reality.