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The Double Standard

Labour party client-blog the Stranded is whipping itself up over the issue of the regular rationalisation of pinniped populations in Canada, displaying histrionics not seen since the last time someone mentioned cetation research.

Obviously these are liberals of the bleeding heart variety but they would have more credibility if their sympathy extended beyond their fellow wild animals. This is the Labour sponsored blog that continues to apologise for the regime in Iran, apologise for Saddam Hussein’s tyranny and applaud countries who cut and run from efforts to develop a fledging democracy.

Cullen thinks "Indigenous Peoples" has no meaning

New Zealand Parliament – 11. Terrorism Suppression Act?Government Conduct

Cullen answered a question in parliament today and said;

“…what one might call, indigenous peoples?a term, of course, that has no meaning…”

I can’t believe that he actually said it, but there it is in the transcripts of parliament, in black and white. It is undeniable that he said it. What is worse is that he said it on behalf of the Prime Minister. When another minister answers on behalf that is exactly the same the actual minister uttering the words.

Now we know why Clark refused to front at Waitangi. She simply thinks that indigenous peoples has no meaning. There goes her attempts at reconciliation with Maori, and the Maori party in particular.

She via Cullen has shown the contempt Labour shows Maori as the indigenous people of Aoteroa-New Zealand.

Labour should be looking quickly to replace Clark and Cullen before all respectability evaporates. With racist attitudes like that they have no right to govern

More Double Standards from the Stranded

Over the last couple of days, the Stranded took a patently false potshot at popular local Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson.

Now, the Stranded, caught out in its lies (again!), decides to focus on comments of Bob Clarkson such as the infamous "Burqa" comment.

Herein lies the problem for the Stranded – if they are opposed to ignorant statements about race or comments which reflect a crude sexuality, why are they supporting Winston?

Winston turned xenophobia from an art form to a science in the mid 1990s, and has referred to gays as "fartblossoms" and similar.

"There is a significant percentage of Asians in Auckland. That's my view. If you don't like it, vote for another party and let race relations go into chaos." – Peters, in 2005.

"We have now reached the point where you can wander down Queen Street in Auckland and wonder if you are still in New Zealand or some other country." – Peters announcing "flying squads" to search for potentially risky immigrants.

"Atrocities are carried out on the dogs by these sadists in order to release more adrenaline in the dogs' bodies, thereby creating a more potent and flavoured meat. This abused flesh is highly valued as an aphrodisiac by these ghouls." – Peters warning about the export of dogs to some Asian countries in 2000.

But Rodney Hide's association with Jim Peron is a long one, and he wrote to the Minister asking him to speed up that fartblossom's application. (page 9 of 17 on that PDF)

A Very double standard, hmm? Perhaps they should just STFU.

The truth about where the Standard came from

Tane has repeatedly been found to be a liar. Once again Tane has been a little economical with the truth about the history of the Standard.

Tane claims that "The Standard" blog is not a Labour party blog, but represents "the labour movement", just like the original "Standard" newspaper was (according to the blog masthead)
[quote]"The New Zealand labour movement used to have its own newspaper. A group of us thought that now might be a good time for it to be digitally reborn: The Standard v2.0"[/quote]

But actually, the Labour Party were behind the original Standard as well:

para 3: "During the present century attempts to start new papers have generally failed. There were 79 new papers up to 1920; few have lasted. The Wellington Dominion is an outstanding example of success. It was begun as a morning paper in 1907 with the aim of filling a need for a newspaper to support Conservative political interests. But the Labour Party was not so successful in its attempt to set up newspapers. The Maoriland Worker was begun as a monthly in 1910 in Wellington; it finished its life as the Standard, a weekly, in 1960. "

So the Labour Party was not so successful in its attempt to set up newspapers – the more things change, the more things stay the same!

And once again Tane's lies are exposed for the world to see, I don't know why anyone believes anything they say anymore.

Bullshit alert at the Stranded

About at

The Standard has rather belatedly posted some info on their About Page and like everything else the Stranded posts it a bunch of lies, obfuscations and innuendo.

It’s a rather cute attempt at working around the requirements of the Electoral Act by spinning a whole lot of lies in your About page about who you are, guys. Unfortunately, I doubt that the Electoral Commission will fall for that bullshit. You get a D- for that piece of Labour funded and inspired propaganda. Perhaps your reward should be a dictionary. You describe yourselves as a “collective”. Well, lads, by definition, a “collective” cannot express an “individual opinion”.

I give you about a week before the Electoral Commission orders you shut down.

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Game on in Tauranga, The Stranded tells more lies

Clarkson and Peters set for election face-off – Political News – The Dominion Post

Bob and Winnie are going head to head in Tauranga again.

I would have thought that Winston had learned from last time.

Meanwhile at the Strandedthey try their Labour sponsored smears against Bob Clarkson yet again and yet again they miss the mark. I would have thought that the hapless fools at the Stranded had had enough political embarrassment for the week without carrying it into the weekend.

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The Very Double Standard

The lyrics are Double Standard by Face to Face

So what if I’m just a little apprehensive
So what if I’m not exactly what I’ve led you to believe
It doesn’t mean a thing

It’s a total lie that we’re expected to believe
There’s no such thing as a level playing field
And I’ve never been one much for dependency
It’s a fraud, your view of equality

So what if you don’t believe the double standard
So what about everybody who comes after, are they the same?
Do they deserve a thing?

It doesn’t matter how hard I have tried
Still I’ve given everything away
With nothing in return
I waited as I watched the world go by
Still I’ve given everything away with no return


TVNZ – Labour-hosted website a double standard

National: Labour-hosted website a double standard | POLITICS | NEWS |

So much for the “nothing to see here, move along” defence used by Tane at the Double-Standard.

They have today because of their continued hollow hiding from the bleeding obvious have had the ignominy of being outed by Mike Williams as Labour activists.

Mike Williams statement again shows what a complete liar Tane is, especially when repeatedly asked he said the following;
[quote]I?ve told you, I?m not a member of the Labour Party, I?ve never worked for them and I?ve never even voted for the guys. They obviously liked what we did (providing a counterbalance on the web I guess) and offered to help us out in a time of need.[/quote]

Mike Williams has a different recollection of who the people behind the Standard are, according to him they are “Labour Activists” and the costs for the Double-Standard are going to have to be included in Labour’s campaign return.

Mike Williams also proves Tanes lies and leads to more questions over the hosting arrangements. Mike Williams says that “it received some web space in a donation last year and made this available to The Standard and some other groups including Young Labour, Rainbow Labour – the party’s gay wing – and a number of its own MPs.”

Very, very cozy arrangement isn’t it. There can be only one conclusion now.

Hollow bloggers, paid by a hollow party to blog hollow articles on a hollow blog.

The Standard are Labour stooges.

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Now the Standard Scandal is outside the blogosphere

Scoop: Who is behind 'The Standard'?

Bill English has issued a press release asking some very important questions about Labour's links with the Standard.
[quote]"At the very least, Labour knows who these people are. In the interests of openness and transparency, Labour should make its support public."

Mr English says the public should be allowed to know how close the relationship is between the 'independent' website and the Government.

"The website appears to be a covert third-party campaign, run on the internet with Labour's full knowledge and participation.

"Given Labour has passed its anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act, to stop this sort of activity they may have some explaining to do.

"If Labour is hosting this website, it could be that the site's expenses qualify as election advertising. That may be in breach of the law, given the absence of a proper authorisation statement.

"If Labour knows who is behind 'The Standard', and if there's nothing to hide, it should be more open about the nature of the relationship." [/quote]

Come clean boyo's. come clean, the evidence mounts daily and we will drip feed it daily.

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The Standard Scandal -Part two

The scandal as to how the Standard is funded just keeps on getting more interesting.

Somone drew my attention to a post by all_your_base.

[quote]From all_your_base

Happy New Year

Cyber-Santa came a little late to The Standard this year but we're certainly not complaining – evidently we've got a New Year's present instead.

He and the techno-elves have moved us to a brand spanking new server cluster that should give us plenty of breathing room and make those pesky traffic congestion problems we were having a thing of the past.

Seriously though, it wasn't really Santa. Just like James Bond apparently we have our very own M and it's him we have to thank instead.[/quote]

Very interesting, so now Lynn Prentice is shown to be very Hollow in his explanations, Tane we know is a proven liar.?

So what is it folks, New, second hand, just resting there, temporary, free, donated? The answers don't seem to be very forthcoming, time I think for some official investigations to begin.?

If I was all_your_base I would find some other floor to work on other than the ninth when Helen finds out about your little gloat and bloat that is helping sink the Standard.?

In the interests of transparency would the folk at the Labour Sponsored Standard please clear up this mess.?