Conservative party

Leighton Baker, the new leader of the Conservative party

The Conservative party registered 0.5% support (up from 0.0%) in the most recent Roy Morgan. ?At this stage there is no sign that this will grow to 5% or more. ?There are no strong candidates, and due to Colin Craig’s presidential style of campaigning, Conservative party stalwart Leighton Baker has zero profile outside of Christchurch.

In 2011, he was 12th on the party list.

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Conservative party nearly breaks 5% in poll

Whaleoil follows political parties, other media and people of interest as part of staying on top of what is happening. ?One of those is Ian Wishart’s website for Investigate Magazine. ?He normally only publishes two or three articles a month. ?Often these are to push his own work. ?Fair enough.

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The Conservative Party. No… no… bear with me

Rachel MacGregor quitting days before the 2014 election all but ensured that the Conservative Party did not get its coveted 5%. ?It certainly looked possible up to that point. ?Of course, in hindsight, Ms MacGregor did New Zealand a huge favour by exposing what Colin Craig was like.

Mr Craig was hoping to clear his name in time for the 2017 election so he could lead what has been ostensibly his party to the election win he feels he deserved. ?But a number of public court case results and a number of still active cases have not put him in a position to be a viable political candidate for the 2017 election.

Whaleoil has kept an eye on the Conservative Party because until recently it was fair to say that Colin and the Conservative Party were one and the same thing. ? They shared the same offices, computer systems and some staff.

At some point, those with some ambition for the party, had to cut Colin loose. ?They left it too late, but it appears the genesis of the split started late last year, around the time Colin Craig lost to Jordan Williams in the very public defamation case.

In truth, Whaleoil didn’t believe the split was real. ?After all, money talks, and Colin was holding all the purse strings, with the exception of some spare change that Laurence Day would chuck into the kitty. ? So when new leader Leighton Baker was announced, he very much felt like a seat warmer because at the time, everything else still seemed to point at Colin owning the party infrastructure.

This week has seen the first public sign of a genuine breakup between the party and Mr Craig. ?They mentioned their party web site in a public press release. ?Instead of, it is now

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New Conservative Party leader follows in Colin Craig’s footsteps

We all know how Colin Craig ‘came a cropper: ?A poem and some silly photographs. ? Last night, the new leader of the Conservative Party published some information on the Internet and invited questions. ? The first eyebrow-raising?thing was the photo:

Clearly going for the Village People vote there. ? Took the time to write?clearly also.

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Auckland Debating Society tells Conservative Party it’s not welcome

Conservative Party candidate Elliot Ikilei has been told he is no longer welcome at an Auckland University debate where other political parties have been accepted.

I think the Universities in general and the Auckland Debating Society have forgotten that they used to be the source of free speech, unpopular ideas and open debate. ? But as we’ve seen, universities the world over have become about being ‘correct’.

But now they have “disinvited” the Conservative Party from a political party debate where other marginal and fringe parties are welcome. Read more »

The Conservative Party answers some hard questions

Last week I asked Kevin Stitt the Party Secretary some hard questions about the Conservative Party. Below are my questions and his answers in full and un-edited.


Are you able to confirm for our readers that Leighton Baker is the new leader of the Conservative party and is not keeping the seat warm for ex-leader Colin Craig who still claims to be the leader on his facebook page?


Absolutely. Actually, I think you will find that it is his twitter account that still claims that, not his facebook account. He does not know how to sign into or use his twitter account as that was controlled by his previous Press?Secretary. It appears the account has been hacked. We are?working on having it removed from Twitter. Thanks for making us aware of this.

Colin Craig’s “hacked” twitter account

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A new leader, but are there 500 members?

The Conservative Party have announced a new leader to replace Colin “poet” Craig.

The Conservative Party has a new leader, Leighton Baker, 18 months after Colin Craig resigned amid a scandal involving his former press secretary.

Mr Baker is a former farmer who now runs his own building company in Christchurch.

The party’s board announced the appointment on Tuesday.

Mr Craig, who founded the party, resigned in June 2015 following a spate of allegations about his relationship with Rachel MacGregor.

In October last year the Human Rights Tribunal ordered Mr Craig to pay Ms MacGregor nearly $129,000 for the “severe humiliation” he had caused her.

Mr Craig had previously lost a defamation action brought by Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams, and was ordered to pay $1.27 million.

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Bob McCroskrie positioning himself as leader of the Conservative Party

The ‘Family First’ group has put an interesting idea into debate for this election year. It wants the state to pay a parent to stay at home and look after their child rather than go back to work and put the child in daycare. The proposal is a direct challenge to some of today’s prevailing political principles, two of them held most dearly by the National Party, another two by Labour. Read more »

Why won’t anyone step up to lead the Conservative party?

The Conservative party have approached a number of people to lead it since Colin Craig’s leadership fell under a rain cloud.

Here’s a list, which may not even be complete.


Bob McCoskrie

The moral crusader considered the position for a while, but in the end declined. ?Just like in court, where he said he had not been part of the production of Colin Craig’s “Dirty Politics” booklet, and then had to be recalled to be given a second chance to explain why he had email correspondence with Colin Craig that proved … his memory was faulty. Quite?how a moral crusader justifies?giving evidence in support of Colin Craig after the sordid revelations in court and in the Human Rights Tribunal is beyond me.?A conservative party with McCoskrie at the helm would be constantly tested against Family First policy and inevitably would be found to be supporting more than one position depending on which organisation he was fronting. Read more »

Reader calls Whaleoil out over Colin Craig’s 2000 postal ballots

Yesterday we covered the Conservative party’s drama with respect to picking a leader. ?I suggested that the party may not at all have given up on Colin Craig yet. ?As reported in the NZ Herald, Colin claims he sent out a postal ballot to all Conservative party members, and the response was about 75% in favour. ?My point was that Colin Craig is clearly still an option for the party to consider.

Whaleoil reader ‘dab’ thinks I draw a long bow

…the original article in which Mr Craig disclosed that 75% of 2,000 responses were supportive of him, was dated July 2015 – so is hopelessly out of date. I struggle to believe such levels of support remain, even among the perpetually faithful.

That’s a fair point. ?And in the absence of another postal ballot of the membership, or a resolution by the party board, it is getting stale. ?But it’s the best quality information that the Conservative party is operating under.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the 2000 ballots have turned up somewhere else, I would have agreed with ‘dab’. ?Just a few days ago, the Judicial Decisions Online web site published a decision in the High Court between Craig v Stringer.

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