We are all enemies of Islam “including those who call themselves Muslims”

On Stuff Dr Sahib was quoted as saying that he does not…

… “hate any human being regardless of their faith,?place of origin, race, colour and political affiliation”.

“Sadly and falsely, I have been accused of giving hate speeches and being anti-Semitic,” he said.

“I have always preached for peace and harmony in the society.”

He claims the “cut and paste” video that surfaced on YouTube was taken out of context.


His above words are in stark contrast to what he said on this video, the third one in my series on context.

You can read part one here?and part two here.

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Part Two: Out of context I don’t think so

When we posted a video containing extracts from lectures given by Dr Sahib he demanded an apology and said that the anti-Semitic and misogynistic words we had put together in the video were taken out of context. In order to show the context for one quote I watched one video and wrote the following post. Before I could analyse the second video however the mosque shut down their Youtube channel’s public access and I thought I would be unable to show the context of the rest of the quotes.

Fortunately, a reader had taken the time to download the videos so I have been able to continue in my quest to provide context for each quote.

The context of the second quote was that it was taken from a lecture about slander. A story was used to illustrate the message. Dr Sahib tells his audience about a 15 year old wife who?was falsely accused of doing something forbidden with the man who leads the end camel of the caravan. She had been accidentally left behind by the caravan after she had left her camel to answer the call of nature. Her camel had a tent like structure on it so they were not aware that she was not inside when they left. The guy who rides at the tail end of the caravan finds her sleeping without her face covered. He looks away and says something and she wakes up and immediately covers her face. He then gives her his camel to ride on. When they reach their destination she ends up sick for a month unaware of the slander that is being spread about her and the last?camel guy. When she is told about it she says to her husband?

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This is why context matters *UPDATED

UPDATE * Video was not showing but is now fixed.

So what is context and why does it matter? To understand something fully we need to understand the context. An?example of this is if I said,?” It is so hot today! I would kill a man for a decent fan.“If you then told someone else that I said, “ I would kill a man,” ?you would have taken my words out of context. ?While it is true that I said, ” I would kill a man,” without the context of the other words people will assume that it was a serious threat to kill.

The practice of quoting out of context is also referred to as quote mining. It is a type of false attribution where sentences or short phrases are removed from the surrounding text in order to deliberately distort their intended meaning.
Photos and videos can also be used out of context. ?Video can be edited so we don’t see what happened before or after. Removing that information can totally distort the narrative. ?Photos can also be cropped to change the context completely. Recently a Palestinian child was used to create a false narrative by taking away the context of an incident.

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