Looks like Serco was the author of its own destruction

Prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped dramatically since Corrections took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco, according to a new Newshub report.

Under Serco, Mt Eden Prison was the country’s worst-performing prison.

The prison had been hit with controversies like fight clubs, drug use, and bribing of guards, but under Corrections there has been a turn around.

According to numbers obtained from Corrections, prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped 55 per cent since the take over, while less severe assaults have decreased by seven per cent.

Not that I would disagree with Serco’s position of standing back and letting the scrotes sort each other out, but it did end up giving Labour an easy win. ?? Read more »

Now here’s something I don’t mind paying for: more prisons

A bulging prisoner population is putting “significant pressure” on existing jails, prompting fast-tracked construction of new accommodation blocks across the country.

The Department of Corrections has put out to tender a contact to build three new 126-bed units at Rolleston and Tongariro prisons to cope with the populations increasing faster than expected.

Two of the “modular units” will be built at Rolleston, just out of Christchurch, and a third will be built at Tongariro, near Turangi.

The national prison population hit 10,000 in November 2016, dipping?in December before blowing out to?more than?10,200 in early 2017.

Corrections’ chief custodial officer Neil Beales said the rate of increase in the last two years had been “considerably higher” than forecast.

Bloody awesome. ?And with crime out of control, it will go higher still. ? Read more »


Cry baby gets his wig back, and a leaked memo arrives in my inbox

Cry Baby of the year Phillip John Smith has won his case to get his wig back.

Justice Wylie strikes again:

Balding murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has won a legal challenge against Corrections over a decision to take away his toupe.

Smith this month took the Department of Corrections to court because they prevented him wearing a hairpiece ever since he used one as part of a disguise to flee to Rio de Janeiro in November 2014.

At the time of his escape, he was on a temporary release while serving a life sentence for the 1995 murder of the father of a 12-year-old Wellington boy he had been molesting.

In a decision released on Thursday, the High Court at Auckland ruled the department had failed to take into account Smith’s rights under the Bill or Rights Acts. ? Read more »


Crybaby of the Year – Phillip John Smith

Phillip John Smith is a massive crybaby.

The little snowflake has hurty feelings after his syrup was taken off him and now he is suing Corrections.

Convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has argued in court?that it was a breach of his human rights when Corrections took away his hairpiece.

He told the High Court at Auckland on Monday he was left humiliated when his baldness was revealed through national media as a result.

He also argued that his hairpiece was an “artwork” that was protected by the right?to freedom of expression.

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Business is good: Corrections to re-open a prison due to demand

Good, more prison cells for ratbags and scumbags.

The rapidly-growing prison population has forced the Corrections Department to consider reopening prison units which were closed just a year ago.

The department is also reporting a trend of more women being locked up, which means some female inmates may have to be housed at a unit in Rimutaka Prison, a men’s prison.

Corrections said yesterday it was considering reopening the 112-bed Upper Jail Unit at Rimutaka to cater for an overflow of inmates from nearby Arohata Women’s Prison, where an expansion is not yet completed.

The unit was closed just last year because the prison population had been forecast to fall. Instead, the prison population is still growing, and passed 10,000 inmates for the first time in November. The closures were a controversial move, with up to 260 jobs lost – though some prison staff were reemployed at other jails. ? Read more »


Correction?s Jihad on Quakers? bouquets on the back burner

About time, looks like?the issue of?pansies for prisoners is sorted.

Mt Eden Prison managers have agreed to allow Quakers to deliver flowers to inmates for Christmas.

The delivery has been made every year since World War I, but the prison had decided this year that it posed a security risk.

Department of Corrections national commissioner Jeremy Lightfoot asked Mt Eden to reconsider.

Prison management met with the Quakers this morning and have decided to let the delivery go ahead. Read more »


NZ Herald go to bat for one of our worst criminals. Diddums

Arthur Taylor is a hardened criminal but he courts the luvvies in the media, none more so than the NZ Herald, they always seem to go into bat for him.

One of New Zealand’s most high-profile inmates has been refused an early release from prison today, but will have another chance to plead his case in March.

Arthur William Taylor, who turned 60 earlier this year, has spent almost 40 years of his life behind bars.

He is currently serving a sentence of 17 years and six months for serious violent and drug-related offending. ? Read more »

Cancer victim to be released from prison

Good, some compassion at last.

Terminally ill prisoner Vicki Letele is a step closer to freedom.

The Department of Corrections has referred her case to the Parole Board to consider her release on compassionate grounds.

“I feel very saddened by Ms Letele’s circumstances. Cancer is an awful thing and I can quite understand that she, her children, and her wider family will want to be together to care for each other over the coming months,” says Corrections Chief Executive Ray Smith. ?? Read more »

Who would know? The Herald certainly doesn’t

Kelvin Davis made much about so-called fight clubs at a Serco-run prison.

So much so they lost their contract.

Now a report has revealed that fight clubs exist at other prisons, run by Corrections…or does it?

The first paragraph states:

A Corrections investigation into “fight clubs” at Mt Eden prison found evidence that similar fighting rings were being run at other prisons.

And the Herald ran this headline:

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-11-13-06-pm Read more »

Once again John Key interferes in areas outside his jurisdiction

?That?s for the parole board to decide?. ?Why didn?t he say that?

Does he have to have an opinion on everything?

The family of a terminally ill prisoner has been encouraged to continue the fight for her compassionate release after positive comments from the Prime Minister.

Vicki Letele has been in Wiri women’s prison since March this year. She was sentenced to three years and two months imprisonment for fraud after using forged documents to allow low-income families to obtain home loans.

Letele was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in September and her family is pleading for her to be released early so she can spend her final months at home.

She isn’t eligible for parole until April 2017.

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