Why isn’t she in jail for fraud and reckless endangerment

People who peddle homeopathic remedies are quacks, worse they are a danger to society and should be in jail for that, as well as fraud.

In Australia the ACCC has whacked such a snake oil salesperson and massively fined them.

A homeopath who has repeatedly claimed to be able to prevent whooping cough with homeopathic “vaccines” has been banned from selling the products for five years and she and her business fined $138,000.

Central Coast homeopath Fran Sheffield is an advocate of alternative medicines who authorities have apparently been unable to prevent from making misleading claims about the benefits of homeopathy in contravention of federal medicines laws.

But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took Ms Sheffield to federal court, claiming she was misleading consumers with her business Homeopathy Plus! and its promotion of supposed whooping cough vaccines. ? Read more »

Loser Connell will retire at next election

Connell resigns from Parliament – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Boundary changes have eliminated his seat and he has eliminated himself after making a pariah of himself with causcus. Now Brian Connell has decided to quit.

See ya Brian.

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Connell given the Kiss of Death

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So Raikaia MP Brian Connell is threatening to leave the National Party? Well good on him! National doesn’t need him as an MP if he considers his party affiliation is of no importantance when making decisions.

You see, the trouble with Brian is not that he was ranked 27th – it is that no one noticed he was ranked 27th!

He of course suffers from the problem where he believes he is an MP simply because he is great, and that it has nothing to do with the party he stood with. I would guess that in actual fact, he was virtually unknown before 2002.

Connell’s predecesor was Prime Minister Jenny Shipley who held that seat for many years. Quite frankly, any donkey who stood under the National Banner at that time would have won the seat.

And as we are finding out, Connell actually is a donkey. Pity help the Raikaia people! Although they can live in hope that they will have a new MP in 3 years time because Brian, you idiot, you’ve just been given the kiss of death:

Dr Brash confirmed there was nothing stopping the MP becoming independent,
as the party-hopping law lapsed at the election.