Political correctness inside Universities

We have seen corrosive political correctness at work inside Auckland University where a European culture group was bullied into shutting down with death threats and threats of violence. The University was hostile towards the group from the start and declared them guilty of racism and fascism until they could prove themselves innocent. The incident revealed the tip of the iceberg as it is symptomatic of an underlying, suffocating culture where conservative voices and white students are silenced not just here in New Zealand but on American and other University campuses too.

..The flesh-eating bacterium of political correctness…which has become endemic on elite college campuses

…the persistent attempt to suppress the expression of unwelcome beliefs and ideas.

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Hippie of the Day

This guy is supposedly an?eminent?Climate Scientist, “Bill?McKibben, author, activist, founder of and all-round rabble rouser.

Here he is addressing a collection of dirty hippies.

Enjoy the “up-twinkles” and the group-speak. I can’t wait till we see our own hippie wasters start?publicizing?their speeches.

Occupy New Plymouth #Fail

via the tipline

Further to your “Stupid Hippies” post, here is a photo of the?Occupy New Plymouth taken at ~16:00 yesterday. ?There were apparently?more there initially for the photo op then they buggered off.

Occupy New Plymouth is a real success….looks like they are the 1% or even less.

Stupid Hippies, Ctd

Yesterday I showed you a strange video of stupid hippies trying to be cool, today I have this Infographic which shows the stupid hippies up for the hypocrites they are.

Meanwhile the usual suspects are organising our very own “Occupation“. I can’t wait to see what happens with the delightful mix of 100,000 plus pissed rugby fans watching and attending the do or die All Blacks v Wallabies match and a bunch of stupid hippies having a protest.