Cry Baby

Is fear he?ll never work again sufficient reason for name suppression in sexual assault case?

What a cry-baby.

A professional who has been convicted of indecent assault is seeking permanent name suppression.

For the moment, he has been allowed to keep both his name and occupation secret.

The man was sentenced in the Auckland District Court last year on two charges of indecent assault with intent to offend. ? Read more »

Wife beating ratbag now wants your money


A wife beating ratbag wants your hard earned tax money because the poor petal was held in jail longer than he should have…or so he thinks.

A former inmate who was held in jail for longer than he should have been has filed a compensation claim against the Corrections Department in the High Court.

Michael Marino was jailed for 22 months on domestic violence and other charges and should have, by his calculation, been released in January this year, based on his time on remand.

When that did not happen, he took legal action that went from the High Court all the way to the Supreme Court. ? Read more »

Bludgers Report: Entitled beneficiary denied a taxpayer-funded treadmill


Some people seem to have a bad case of Entitlitis.

Work and Income has won its legal battle against a beneficiary who bought a $3000 treadmill after seeing it on a late-night television advertisement.

Debbie Port, who was receiving support for anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and Raynaud’s disease, wanted the treadmill to help with an ankle complaint.

In 2014 she bought it and arranged to pay it in 72 instalments. ? Read more »

Boohoo cupcake, suck it up, that’s as good as it gets

What a massive crybaby Anders Breivik has turned out to be.

The tough-guy murderer who attacked a bunch of unarmed pinko kids is upset about his prison cell and accommodations and he’s complained about it…and got told to STFU.

THE man who terrorised Norway during a 2011 shooting rampage demanded better prison conditions. The country?s response was perfect.

Anders Behring Breivik dressed as a police officer and shot and killed 69 people on the tiny island of Utoya in what remains Norway?s worst massacre.

He was jailed for 21 years but despite his heinous crimes claimed he deserved a break. The 37-year-old had very specific wants: a PlayStation 3 console for gaming, some comfortable couches to sit on and a doubling of his weekly prison allowance of roughly $AU65.

In a statement he wrote in October last year, Breivik listed 12 demands and threatened to continue a hunger strike if they weren?t met.

?Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids games,? he said. ? Read more »

Cry-Babies of the Week

It’s been a while since we featured a cry-baby, but we couldn’t really go past this story.

An American couple says the confiscation of chutney and jelly from their luggage at Queenstown Airport has tarnished their holiday.

Jonathan and Tiffany Sturman and their two children were passing through security screening before a flight to Sydney this month when the condiments were confiscated from their carry-on baggage because they were deemed a ”gel” under aviation security rules.

The Hong-Kong-based couple contacted the Otago Daily Times to express their disgust at the experience, which had left a ”very unfavourable mark” on their holiday.

They say the rules are heavy-handed and security staff should have the discretion to pass items that do not pose a threat to safety.

The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) says the rules have been in place for years and are clearly communicated to passengers.

Mr Sturman said they were told the items – a jar of apple jelly and two jars of cherry chutney bought at a Cromwell store – should have been packed in their checked-in luggage.

The rules needed to be more clearly explained to passengers.

”This type of behaviour is bully-like and does not help to promote tourism to your country, nor does it help to keep the skies safe.

”It is a sad day when cherry chutney is deemed a threat to air travel.” ?? Read more »

Robyn Carter “Cry Baby of the Week? update

Robyn Carter wants closed captioning but made up a big story for the press instead of just sticking to the facts

Robyn Carter wants closed captioning but made up a big story for the press instead of just sticking to the facts

You may recall an article last week about a typical Herald cry-baby story where deaf woman Robyn Carter used the Seddon earthquakes as a reason to try and justify more tax payers’ money being spent on captioning live news.

Instead of saying something like “even though I am lucky enough to have a cochlear implant that allows me to hear the people on TV just fine, other deaf people find emergency situations without subtitles quite frightening”.

If only she had said that. ? Read more »

Runner up for Cry-Baby of the Week

Cry-baby Sandesh Gopal says he is often made to feel he is not welcome in New Zealand. Photo / Richard Robinson

Cry-baby Sandesh Gopal says he is often made to feel he is not welcome in New Zealand. Photo / Richard Robinson

The problem with holiday periods is the lack of news so desperate fill in editors load up the news with rubbish non-stories.

Earlier we blogged about the cry-baby who can’t read website warnings. Admittedly the battle for Cry-Baby of the Week was close.

These guys came second after sooking it out to the Herald’s Lincoln Tan.

An Indian IT worker wonders if it was racism that made a bouncer stop him and his friends from entering a bar at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour on New Year’s Eve.

Sandesh Gopal, 30, a software project manager from Bangalore, said he and a friend were singled out and asked to show IDs but were told by the bouncer they could not enter.

“Others, white customers, were let in, and the bouncer just couldn’t tell us why he stopped us,” said Mr Gopal.

“We just wanted to celebrate the New Year like everyone else, and this just spoiled the mood for us.”

Mr Gopal, who has travelled to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore for work, says he feels New Zealand is “most racist”.

“The racism here is not overt, but it’s the small things that make us feel that maybe we are not welcomed.” ? Read more »

Cry baby of the week – Sonia Rogers

Cry baby: ?Sonia Rogers and her daughter

Credit:  Daniel Tobin via Fairfax

Credit: Daniel Tobin via Fairfax

The incident: ?Sonia booked her daughter onto a Jetstar flight. ?The story could end there, I guess, but there is more. ?Jetstar doesn’t permit unaccompanied minors that aren’t at least attending secondary school to fly. ?Sonia’s daughter wasn’t allowed to board and missed out on seeing her dad.

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Cry Baby or Evil Jetstar?

Jetstar is one of favourite corporate whipping boys, but do they deserve it this time?

Key Blundell and Michael Forbes report

Jetstar is under fire again, after it refused to let an Otaki family fly to Christchurch to say goodbye to a dying relative because they were a few minutes late to check in.

The family got up at 5.30am and drove to Wellington Airport with their 4-year-old daughter and her 82-year-old grandmother, arriving about 7.43am for an 8.10am flight. Check-in closed at 7.40am.

They could not show their electronic tickets at the gate because they had been burgled four nights earlier, and their computer, camera and many other personal items were stolen.

[Fleur and Tony]?explained their situation, pointing out that they were flying to Christchurch to pay last respects to their terminally ill aunt. But they were told they could not board because passenger number information had been shut off.

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Cry Baby of the Week – Sarah Warren

Obviously too hard to clear the letter box too, might strain her arms

Obviously too hard to clear the letter box too, might strain her arms

A Waikato woman with 20 years experience as a bludgers has run off to the media to moan about hard done by she is having to once a month present her sorry arse at a WINZ office.

A Waikato woman with no car or access to a bus walked the equivalent of a marathon to make a Work and Income appointment, to stop her benefit getting cut off.

Sarah Warren, a Putaruru mother of four who has been on the benefit for the past 20 years, walked from Putaruru to Tokoroa twice in the past month after receiving a letter from Work and Income requiring her to attend a mandatory meeting

20 years? Apart from pop out 4 children, who will likely be like their mother, what else has she done for 20 years?

“There’s no fulltime jobs around here. They [Work and Income] say you might have to move out of town to look for a fulltime job, but my kids are happy where they are.?

Ever thought about a couple of part time jobs love?? Read more »