When you are in a hole shhhhtop digging

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownThe week has been phenomenonally successful for me and astoundingly poor for the Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay. Yet still he keeps on digging and digging and digging to try and make what ever point he is trying to make.

The man should just shut up instead of trying to stand up to his critics. Further he was elected on a promise of cutting waste and yet he continues to defend his outrageous spending proposals.

Then yesterday the fool goes on National Radio with “Tubby” Mora, Brian Edwards (Helen’s hagiographer) and some other entirely forgettable fool and accuses Cameron Brewer, myself and Aaron Bhatnagar running a conspiracy against the fool. For gods sake, he even admits that he chose the Stop Banks wine because he thought it came from the North Shore’s Wairau Valley and not the Wairau Valley of the South Island. As you can see from the photos you can see why the Mad Mayor got confused.

This is all pretty sobering stuff…. if you are a ratepayer in North Shore having to cringe at the late night antics of your mayor. We can now confirm from the very mouth of the Clown of Campbells Bay that the rumours of the late night texts to John banks are in fact true. Now if that was true there is a better than even chance that the other rumours are true too.

We now know that the Mad Mayor has been spending excessive amounts of ratepayer money for a personal vendetta which he confirms in his radio interview and has been overspending the budget for drinkies at North Shore, and also that Mad Mayor of North Shore is under fire from his council for his overall behaviour and his fiscal mismanagement.

Gee, he must be really punch-drunk now, staggering from one crisis to the next, poured back into his bottle by his own council, and spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. The Mayor’s highly erratic public behaviour and angry late night emailing when he is tired and emotional have landed him into much trouble. While this has been a sobering experience for the North Shore City staff and council, the real effects of Mr Williams’ odd and sometimes abusive commentary will prove to be a real hangover for local government in Auckland.

I think Mayor Williams should show some bottle and resign rather than drag his city into the gutter with him.

Auckland: Two stories

I have two tales for you about Auckland. Well one isn’t a tale, ok it is but it is Aaron Bhatnagar’s tale and he has posted Chapter 4 of Transmogrification on Auckland Blog.

In this chapter Aaron explores the turning point in Hubbard’s failed mayoralty and his failed Team 20 concept.

The second story I have for you is about Auckland Central Electorate and the difference between two candidates.

Today wasn’t a flash day in Auckland and yet the two main contenders in Auckland Central Electorate used it rather differently.

The incumbent, one Judith Tizard, was sipping, in quantities rather unbecoming a Member of Parliament, champagne in Northcote this morning.  It should be noted that Northcote isn’t in Auckland Central Electorate. It is seperated by a stretch of water and a rather large bridge, yet there she was sipping champagne in Northote.

Meanwhile actually in the electorate was Nikki Kaye. She was out knocking on doors that the incumbent probably has never knocked on, working tirelessly meeting her soon to be constituents.

What a contrast, one fat, dumb, lazy incumbent MP swigging champagne like the Chardonnay Socialist she is and the other fit, young candidate legging it around the electorate meeting people.

It must be said that Judith sipping Chanpagne in Northcote was probably helping National on both sides of the Bridge.


Aaron has been thinking

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar has been thinking, cheesy I know, but what better way to describe what he has been doing .

Aaron has been writing a book about the turn around from defeat to victoru for Citizens and Ratepayers and for John Banks.

He has given us a little sneak preview of “Transmogrification”with Chapter one being posted on Auckland Blog.

I hope Aaron will give us some more sneak previews before the book comes out.

Silly answer continues to bite silly minister

Judith Collins ripped apart budding soloist Ruth Dyson today in parliament. Remember Dyson said ?Ah, well I, I don?t think that this is bad news at all actually.? about the recent fall of 29,000 in employment. That silly statement along with her appalling quartet’s singing and Helen Clark’s “Diddums” are going to haut Labour till election day.

Anyway, Dyson copped a flogging that only Panty Slut-boy would enjoy. Here are the questions….

JUDITH COLLINS (National-Clevedon) to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she stand by her statement in relation to the largest quarterly decline in employment in 19 years “Ah, well I, I don’t think that this is bad news at all actually.”; if so, why?

Judith Collins: -well, Mr Cullen might not find it very interesting-the 466 workers at PPCS Ltd who have lost their jobs today that she does not think that that is bad news, at all, that “things go up and down”, and that she does not “expect people to overreact”; is she going to go and tell them not to overreact?

Judith Collins: Can the Minister explain why the experts think a fall of 29,000 in the number of employed people is an absolute shocker and very grim, but she does not think that it is “bad news at all”, and thinks that people are overreacting, or has she been too busy lately singing silly little songs to venture out into the real world?

Judith Collins: Can the Minister explain why she is so out of touch that she believes that there “haven’t been significant job losses to date in the construction industry”, when Westpac has reported that there has been a loss of 11,000 jobs in the construction industry in the past year; and has she told those builders who have lost their jobs that that is not significant?

Judith Collins: Why does the Minister not spend less time being slippery with the figures and more time thinking about how to help the people affected by the 11,000 job losses in the construction industry, the 6,000 job losses in the manufacturing industry, and the meatworkers who have lost their jobs today; does she agree that ordinary Kiwis expect her to spend a bit more time being focused on the future prospects of the people affected by these job losses, and a little less time indulging in singing silly songs; and is it not time that she stopped trying to cover up for the bad news, as well?

Dyson answered all of those questions as badly as she sings. She had no answer. This minister doesn’t care, is out of touch and in desperate need of replacement.


Beneficiaries worse off under Labour- Dyson

Ruth Dyson’s solo career is doomed after only two twitterings. She should have stuck to the bad singing quartet at least they got nationwide television coverage for three weeks straight.

Dear Leader would have spat her Hubbard’s all over Judith’s lap this morning on reading that one of her Ministers thinks that under Labour beneficiaries are worse off than after the 1991 benefit cuts.

This will make the client-bloggers at the Stranded fair spit and froth. I’m sure they are busy preparing graphs to prove otherwise. The problem with their contention though is that it was a Labour cabinet minister (shortlived, no doubt) that has confirmed this to be the case.

[quote]Under the government’s “making work pay” policies, Working for Families has helped the working poor, but done less to help beneficiaries living in poverty.

The report, titled Pockets of Significant Hardship and Poverty, reveals that many beneficiaries in South and West Auckland and the South Island are living in extreme poverty.

Beneficiaries were being hit by “significant price shocks” in food, housing, power and transport, said the June 2007 report by the Ministry of Social Development. It was released to the Sunday Star-Times under the Official Information Act.

The report shows the value of benefits, relative to average earnings, are now even lower than they were after National slashed benefits in 1991.[/quote]

Exactly what I have been saying, the poor are no better off under Labour and now we can see categorically that they are worse off. they still live in the same shitty houses, in the same shitty neighbourhoods with the same shitty neighbours doing the same shitty things that they were doing nine years ago. Except now food has doubled, petrol has tripled and interest rates have also doubled. The HP that they bought their shitty clapped out people mover with is eating them alive as interest rates rise and rise.

Of course the poor will still vote Labour, they are easily bribed or so catatonic from being beaten down by the caring benefaction of the Labour government they simply have ceased caring because they has lost hope totally and completely.

Even worse though their last paltry availble funds are about to be sucked from their threadbare pockets by a rapacious government imposing the Emission Trading Scheme to save a planet that they care nought for.

To be poor is to be like the wimp in prison being bent over the bunks everyday by whoever whats a go. Sucks to be poor but Labour isn’t ever going to help them.


Judith's ANZAC story number 3

Let’s recap before I get into the latest kerfuffle from ANZAC day for the soon to be erstwhile MP for Auckland Central.

First up she picks a fight with Aaron Bhatnagar about where she actually lost her virginity to Mat Rata. Apparently she is mortified that is was suggested that it was the back seat of his car. There was no denying that it was Mat Rata, but we are just a bit short on a qualification on where exactly this momentous occasion happened.

Secondly she accosted a 16 year old school boy of jewish extraction and called him a “Nazi Stormtrooper”. If that was despicable enough, remember that this was ANZAC Day at the civil service in sight of the Cenotaph commemorating those who fell fighting the Nazi’s. Doubly disrespectful.

Which brings us up to date and now I can tell you some more about the disgusting behaviour of this government minister.

After last years appalling display the folk in charge of the Civic Service actually didn’t want Judith turning up so they didn’t invite her…really they didn’t invite her. When Judith found out she organised some toady to ring and beg, and beg was the word that was used, beg to be included in the ceremony, but not content with a little groveling actually laid down a demand that she be seated next to ex-Peacenik Phil Goff (the last time he went near the cenotaph he was hanging a NVA flag on it).

The organisers relented and hastily added her to the guest list but didn’t accede to her demands to be sat next to Phil.

To make matters worse after the ceremony and after the two incidents about she was then introduced to her opponent in Auckland Central, Nikki Kaye. Judith Tizard didn’t even have the common courtesy to shake her hand and went whining on about Aaron Bhatnagar.

Now before anyone calls bullshit I have at least three witnesses to all of these events should any editor get up the gumption to print these descriptions of someone who is perhaps the most foul of people to grace the planet.

Let me tell you the organisers won’t be inviting her next year even if she pays to come.

Overheard at Auckland Hospital

I overheard this at Auckland Hospital’s emergency ward last night. The patient had just be resuscitated after blacking out and the nurse asked how he was, his reply;

I thank the good Lord that I live 3 kms from Auckland Hospital and not in Wanganui or Hawke’s Bay

The same patient was also heard to say to the nurse that now he knew why ADHB was saving so much money, they were only using liquids instead of feeding him. Of course he had neglected to observer the NBM sign behind him, the drip, the bag of blood, the heart monitor, the oxygen mask, the automatic BP thingy, the stent in both hands and the one in one arm. I think we can forgive him.

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City Vision numpties can't lie straight in bed

Auckland Blog: City Vision double standards on water

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar has again exposed the numpties from CityVision for their hypocrisy.

What double standards and nonsense, coming from the leader of the team who oversaw massive water price hikes when he was in charge. Northey promoted a convention centre when he was in charge of the Economic Development committee on the last council. On the matter of Eden Park stadium funding, Northey has also been caught out in another whoopsie -he also was in favour of putting money into Eden Park (something the new Banks and C&R Council have said no to, though we’ll support Kingsland precinct and other improvements around Auckland in time for RWC2011)

Here are some facts:

– Rates rises are HALF that which City Vision/Labour/Action Hobson delivered and were promising in the last term.
– Water price rises are ALMOST HALF that of CV/Lab/AH, being 5.1% instead of 9.3%
– Charging for water HELPS offset rates for householders, because its the only way we get contributions from non-ratepayers like Ports of Auckland, the Universities, polytechs, fire stations, schools and hospitals. None of these organisations pay rates, but they do pay for water. A decrease in water prices hurts homeowners.
– If water is a basic human right and should be provided at minimum cost, why did he allow the massive water hikes in the previous City Vision term?
– Scrapping water price rises would put an additional 6.6% on every rates bill – so instead of paying 5.1% more for rates and 5.1% more for water, you’d get a massive 11.7% hike for property rates. And of course, that means a comparative free ride for the Ports of Auckland, hospitals etc etc. And naturally, if City Vision still controlled Auckland City, your rates rises would be higher yet – probably around 16% in total to fund their politically correct and pork-barrelled agenda


Diversity where it counts

Auckland Blog: Ethnically diverse politicians at Auckland City

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar consistently shows the left in Auckland Local Body Politics just how different life is when you aren’t wearing pinko tinted glasses. Once again he shows up CityVision’s hypocrisy and shallowness, this time over diversity.

Cr Cathy Casey one of the palest councillors one could meet is railing against the Banks led council accusing them of being anti-diversity. Aaron helpfully points out that The C&R team has one Indian (half, him) and a Samoan councillor (Sam Lotu-Iiga) as well as two female Chinese community board members, and Hinu Te Hou (another Community Board member) is maori. Contrast that with CityVision the very picture of WASP with only one Chinese Community Board member and the word is she may not be a CV member soon anyway.

So, what do we have? An ethnically diverse fair minded C&R or a nasty spiteful CityVision that is almost entirely made up of whining, pommy, socialists. If that is CityVision’s view of diversity then I don’t want a part of it.

UPDATE: Virginia Chong has in fact left CityVision so there goes their last hope for credibility on diversity.

UPDATE 2: Aaron has put up some photos for you to compare and contrast C&R vs. CityVision-less.


City Vision is ….well…myopic

Auckland Blog: Behold the City Vision cookie-cutter pressers

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar draws Kiwi’s waning attention to the mewling of CityVision(less) and their cookie cutter press releases over the Banks led councils prudent spending plan released on Tuesday.

I read them and though, Blah, blah, blah, whatever! Aucklanders just are not interested in whining from the leftists that jacked their rates up despite promises to the contrary.

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