cultural appropriation

Political correctness inside Universities

We have seen corrosive political correctness at work inside Auckland University where a European culture group was bullied into shutting down with death threats and threats of violence. The University was hostile towards the group from the start and declared them guilty of racism and fascism until they could prove themselves innocent. The incident revealed the tip of the iceberg as it is symptomatic of an underlying, suffocating culture where conservative voices and white students are silenced not just here in New Zealand but on American and other University campuses too.

..The flesh-eating bacterium of political correctness…which has become endemic on elite college campuses

…the persistent attempt to suppress the expression of unwelcome beliefs and ideas.

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You can stick your ” Cultural appropriation” where the sun don’t shine

If you didn’t already know, “cultural appropriation” is one of the latest politically correct SJB buzz words to describe a European using something that was invented/created by a non-European culture. Basically, it is yet another way to criticise White people because if they use or wear something from a non-European culture they are told that they can’t because it is ” cultural appropriation” and it is raaaaasist.

Non-Europeans using European inventions, clothing, education systems, laws etc get a free pass because they are minorities and it is always okay when a minority does it.

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