cultural impact assessments

Could we have our brownmail payments back please?

Democracy Action raises a very good point about brownmail payments to the Maori Statutory Board after their case was tossed out of the High Court:

Pro-democracy group, Democracy Action, says the High Court’s dismissal this week of the appeal by?the Independent Maori Statutory Board against the decision by Auckland Councillors to accept the Independent Hearings Panel?s recommendation to remove the ?Sites and Places of value to Mana Whenua? from the Unitary Plan, gives every reason for the Council to refund amounts paid for the unnecessary and costly cultural assessments.

Since September 2013 Auckland property owners with one of these purportedly sites of value on or near their properties have had to seek cultural impact assessments (CIAs) from iwi when undertaking more than minor earthworks.

?Money paid to iwi for CIAs must be refunded?, says Democracy Action spokesperson, Lee Short. ? Read more »