Road Maggots destroy business, but they won’t care as they cycle along in their cloud of smug

Cycle lanes are all the rage and councils are ripping up roads motorists paid for and creating cycle lanes for road maggots so they can feel smug.

There is a cost to that, and people are beginning to find out.

After 27 years of running Chappies Dairy in Wellington,?owners Sandy and Ken Patel are shutting up shop due to declining business they say is partly due to?the controversial Island Bay cycleway.

A lack of short-term parking outside their shop on The Parade in Island Bay has proved to be the?”nail in the coffin” for their business, they say. ? Read more »

Yeah, because violence and vandalism is ok if you are a road maggot

To anyone else this looks like an incident of road rage, vandalism and violence…but because it was a chick on a bike it is ok?

A female cyclist exacted her revenge on a catcaller in a van who pestered her at a junction by chasing after him and ripping off his wing mirror.

The incident in central London was caught by a GoPro camera attached to the helmet of a nearby moped rider.

As the trio of vehicles all stop at a red light on a junction with Tottenham Court Road, one of the men inside the van can be heard asking: ‘Alright, want my number?’ ? Read more »


Council commits $11M so road maggots can enjoy the ladies of the night too


Auckland Council sure knows how to blow millions and for so few people as well.

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council today revealed plans for proposed changes to Karangahape Rd and are inviting feedback from the public.

The proposal includes a protected cycleway on both sides of the road. It will span the length of the road and part of Upper Queen St.

Other plans include improvements for pedestrians, peak-hour bus lanes, bus-stop relocations, changes to parking, upgraded street lighting, street furniture, cycle parking, opportunities for outdoor dining and street activities and rain gardens, trees and landscaping. ?? Read more »

Clarkson on Road Maggots

Jeremy Clarkson discusses road maggots.

LAST weekend, while driving through the Cotswolds, I found myself stuck behind two cyclists who were riding alongside one another.

Of course they were.

Elevated these days to godlike status by modern environmental thinking, cyclists are propelled from place to place on a wave of self-righteousness and a pious belief that they?re the new knights of the road.

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More hypocrite-driven road-lice lies

Guest post

Have a read of this post by Bike Auckland, bragging about bike numbers being up in Auckland.

Then have a look at the Skypath patronage figures – the ones ratepayers will be underwriting:


(click here for a larger view) Link fixed now

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Roskill Bikeways steal car parks


Stated as being a boost for ?Cycling and Walking? the Puketapapa Local Board and Auckland Transport are seeming to wage war against people needing to park near Mt Roskill Grammar School. It might look flash on paper but this routing manages to fail in several ways.

First, cyclists do not travel down Somerset Rd, they travel down Denbigh Ave and on the closed road running between the schools. There is no reason to go down Somerset. ?? Read more »

Watch out eastern Wellington, the Hippycrites are coming to steal your roads too

The Hippycrites are coming for more roads in Wellington.

Plans are afoot for a $6 million cycling upgrade in Wellington’s eastern suburbs, with city councillors saying they want to avoid repeating?the conflict that marred the Island Bay cycleway.

Wellington City Council is proposing to develop safe-cycling “corridors” between Seatoun, Miramar and the central city.

Exactly which roads the new cycle?lanes will run along is still up for debate. But?the main streets?of Miramar, Seatoun, Strathmore Park, Maupuia,?Kilbirnie and?Hataitai will likely feature in the discussion.

From early April, a website will be up and running that outlines the broad areas where cycling enhancements are proposed. The public will be able to provide feedback and make its own suggestions. ? Read more »

Only 2% of our kids cycle to school. So, guess what the Greens want to do?

The Green Party wants school speed limits reduced in order to boost the number of children biking and walking to school.

The Safe to School campaign released today calls for a 30 km/h speed limit outside all urban schools, and an 80 km/h limit around rural schools. It asks for the limit to drop to 30 km/h during rural school pick-up and drop-off times.

The Greens say traffic has doubled on New Zealand roads since the 1980s, and over the same period the percentage of children getting to school independently has reduced.

In 1989, 12 percent of primary school children biked and 42 percent walked to school. Today only two percent bike and 29 percent walk to school.

The plan proposes to have the speed limits introduced over the next three years,? giving local councils enough time to make any adjustments to the design of the roads in front of schools, such as traffic calming measures.

“Ring-fenced funding” of $200 million in the transport budget would be available to local authorities working alongside schools to develop safe routes for walking and cycling.

There has been a similar slump in the farrier, saddle makers and animal feed industries since horse and buggy use declined. Perhaps we should create horse paths and car-free grazing areas too?? Read more »

Forcing public transport on to ratepayers against their will

Councils have to keep ?stealing? public roads to achieve it. ?This in turn causes more congestion – not less.

A survey of Island Bay residents has revealed overwhelming opposition to the southern suburb’s kerbside cycleway.

The Island Bay Residents’ Association sent out a survey to all the suburb’s?residents, and the results have revealed that 87 per cent of those who replied do not want the cycleway that has been constructed along The Parade.

The results?were presented to a packed public meeting on Wednesday night, at which people called on Wellington City Council to change the road layout back to the way it was before the cycleway was created.

Residents’ association president Vicki Greco? said the survey ? sent out to homes in January???should send a clear message to the council that it needed to change the cycleway, otherwise it risked losing the support of the suburb. ? Read more »

Road Maggots cop it in Australia

The Aussies know how to deal properly with road maggots.

Australia’s newest piece of criminal legislation is among the toughest in the world. The target: cyclists.

In a week, riders in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales state will be subject to a package of new laws aimed at cutting deaths and the more than 1000 serious injuries a year among cyclists.

The penalty for cycling without a helmet more than quadruples to A$319 ($NZ344), stiffer than many speeding fines for drivers, and riders jumping a red light will get a A$425 (NZ$458) fine. Adult riders will have to carry identification, or face a A$106 (NZ$114) penalty from March 2017.

Cycling advocates say the crackdown will deter people from saddling up and worsen motorised congestion that’s already grinding down Australia’s biggest cities. Without better planning, the economic cost each year of such gridlock will quadruple to A$53 billion (NZ$57 billion) by 2031, according to government agency Infrastructure Australia. ? Read more »