Daniel Newman

Some interesting titbits from Auckland Council election returns

Hamish Coleman-Ross should stick to sailing

I’ve been going through the Auckland Council election expense and donation returns over the past few days since they were released on the Auckland Council website.

There are some interesting titbits to digest.

Greg Presland, who is now putting his name in the hat for Labour in New Lynn didn’t declare a single donation or contribution but spent over $40,000 getting himself elected.

If he wins the selection that would seem a total waste of resources. Presumably, he is now spending even more of his own money trying to secure Labour’s selection. Life must be good as a small community law office.

Looking through the returns of failed candidate Calum Penrose was really interesting, particularly on his expenses. ? Read more »

The most formidable man in Auckland politics


Auckland Council only had two challengers remove incumbents, Greg Sayers in Rodney and Daniel ‘Vlad’ Newman in Manurewa-Papakura.

Sayers removed the allegedly right-wing Penny Webster, while the most ruthless, committed and dangerous campaigner in Auckland, ‘Vlad’ Newman managed to top the polls at the same time as consigning Calum Penrose to the knackers yard.

The smart money was always on ‘Vlad’ Newman who has sucked the lifeblood out of numerous opponents at the same time as dominating his local board. Unsurprisingly his personal vehicle Manurewa Action Team won every seat on the local board, and his campaign was so formidable Calum Penrose refused to attend meet the candidate events with him. ? Read more »

The issues that matter in National selection

New Zealand politics often gets carried away with dumb issues like gay marriage or the flag or becoming a republic. All these issues appeal to the liberal elite wanker class but do nothing at all to improve life for middle New Zealanders. And instead of making decisive, sensible decisions about it the liberal elites want to rabbit on and on about them.

The problem for National is an increasing number of candidates put themselves forward for selection that think these are big issues that define New Zealand and make it a better place. Instead of talking about economics and growing the economy they enter into endless debates about stuff that doesn?t really matter.

This selection season delegates should question candidates carefully. Do you believe that the economy is more important than arguing about the monarchy? Do you believe we should be trying to create jobs rather than changing our flag? Do you believe that gay marriage should be left in its current state or fought rather than fighting to improve education standards among our young?

In the blue seats of Hunua and Whangerei these questions need to be asked of Daniel Newman and Paul Foster-Bell. Delegates should compare their answers with those given by Kael Roberts and Shane Reti.

Why are the centre/right letting Len Brown get away with it

C&R, which is the old Citizens and Ratepayers in drag, have?really dropped the ball on holding dodgy rooting ratbag Len?Brown to account.

Insiders at C&R say that the position is?that Len should be allowed to get on with being mayor,?rather than putting him under more pressure for his?shamelessness.

The soft option was taken when Len was forced to pay on?$40,000 of the legal fees.

“The group’s chairwoman, Christine Fletcher, says there has?been a “full and final agreement” that he will contribute?$40,000, in addition to paying $20,000 for his own legal
costs, which are separate to the $250,000 cost of the?review.

The group also included Dick Quax, one of Mr Brown’s?staunchest opponents, along with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse,?George Wood and Penny Webster.”? Read more »

Do National’s Aspiring Candidates Represent Modern New Zealand

The National Selection season is under way, and word from?around the country is that National has a lot of candidates?whose pet issues are not the issues of middle New Zealand.

The left will likely call these candidates and they will be?largely right.

Candidates that oppose trends may appeal to the old, white?and socially conservative National delegates. Staunch?Christians should be allowed to practice their faith but?they shouldn’t be pushing their faith on the rest of us. ? Read more »

Slow Clap for Leonard Brown

Daniel Newman, ever the watchful local representative, has noticed the shameful disrespecting of the fallen this Armistice Day.

Another half arse job by Auckland Council Parks, two days before Armistice Day. Good old Leonard Brown … slow clap. Off to Kings Plant Barn in the morning to try and source bountiful flowers to do a proper job so the veterans feel happy and respected. No respect for Auckland Council though.

The Smothership

? Livenews

Watch this interview of Daniel Newman by Selwyn Manning…very good stuff.

Standing up for what you believe in

Daniel Newman is the local board chair in Manurewa, and he has run into problems with the Auckland City Council trying to reef money away from his board?s budget to fund dumb stuff. So he has taken a stand. Here is some of what he has said.

2. The Manurewa Local Board is given an assurance that all budget lines have been mapped correctly, although several are now engaged in butt-covering due to “mistakes” in mapping budgets between the regional body and the local boards. Local Boards are told that their budgets will not be touched, that the funding envelopes will be honoured.

3. Auckland Council cuts $1.75m out of the Manurewa Local Board budget to fund the Botanic Festival and Southside Gig, two events that Manurewa said were not necessary and unaffordable given the budget situation.

4. Manurewa goes and readjusts its (reduced) budget in order to balance. Cuts such as a reduction in operating funding for the Nathan Homestead Arts Centre are proposed. Auckland Council officers go wobbly at the knees but the Board stands firm on the basis that building community and sporting infrastructure for poor children in south Auckland must take precedent. I declare my intention to stand full-square behind its cost-cutting measures, and invited the Mayor to join me.

That will piss off the pinkos like Len Brown and Brian Rudman. Refined arts always take precedent over uncouth sports in the eyes of local government, maybe because so many people in local government are utter spastics and would have always been the last kid selected in pick up games at lunch time.

So the council tell Daniel that they have things sorted as long as he trusts them.

6. The Chief Executive of Auckland Council phones me at 11:27am on Saturday, 23 June to request that I withdraw my deputation on the basis that ?? we want Thursday to be a celebration? and that ?? we can fix up your board?s budgetary problem during next year?s annual plan round?.

Anyway, hopefully the poor of South Auckland won?t be sacrificing their sports grounds to fund Brian Rudman’s theatre because Daniel has told the council to stick it.

It is quite apparent that Auckland Council?s leadership would like this unsightly stand-off to go away so they can get on with the ?celebration?. That won?t be happening. Next stop will be a complaint to the Ombudsman. A petition to Parliament requesting an inquiry into Auckland Council?s handling of its local board budget negotiation is also in order.

Having watched Daniel in action when he was a Manukau City Councillor, Len Brown would be well advised not to piss him off too much as he has a reputation for standing his ground and causing pinkos a lot of problems.