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Move to push Caesar Williams aside

It is all on again in Howick, Michael Williams is refusing to step aside while he faces drink driving charges. The move comes after his attempted putsch against Adele White failed after a large public gathering openly mocked his attempt.


AN ATTEMPT to have Michael Williams take a leave of absence as Howick Local Board chairman while he awaits a court appearance for drink-driving will be made tonight.

Elected member Lucy Schwaner intends to bring up the issue in extraordinary business at the board?s monthly meeting.

?I?ll try and get board support to encourage Michael to take leave of absence,? she says. ?Michael has said he remains in the chair at the pleasure of the board. He?s not willing to make a decision either way, so we have to pursue other means.?

Apart from deputy-chair Adele White, who Mr Williams attempted to oust last month, and Ms White?s other supporter David Collings, Ms Schwaner says there has been no mention to her of the drink-driving charge by any of the other members. ?It?s as if it doesn?t exist.?? Read more »

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, Caesar got rinsed

Last night was a delight to behold politically, deep in Pakuranga. I haven’t enjoyed a political meeting like that in quite sometime.

A tin pot?dictator?got rinsed. It took three hours but the momentum through the night built and built and built and still the dictator tried it on…only in the face of certain defeat did he through in the?towel?and move to remove the motion from the paper…a gutless cowardly end to a night of even more gutlessness and cowardice from Michael Williams and his band of dupes.

In the end Caesar was in fact stabbed by Brutus, as I predicted.

The evening started by a move of venue. The original venue was too small and was inundated by 5:30pm. Eventually around 200 people showed up to witness a good old-fashioned political shellacking.? Read more »

The Juice vs. Joyless Marxist Lunatic

From the guy who thought he was going to get a gong from South Africa, comes the allegations of internet DOS attacks on the Joyless Marxist Lunatic’s website (no of course I’m not going to link to it)

Bloody tosser probably just neglected to pay his ISP bill or get his server settings right.
Interestingly, the National Distribution Union is listed as the registrant and technical contact for John Minto’s website. What’s more, the contact is the PR department too. I wonder if Minto gets his articles written for him?
Typical Marxist cock, gets everyone else to pay for his dribbling.

Whois data for johnminto.org.nz

New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited
Users confirm on submission their agreement to all published Terms

version: 1.23.0
domain_Name : johnminto.org.nz
Date First Registered : 2007-05-22T09:39:48+12:00
Date of Expiry : 2009-05-22T09:39:48+12:00
Date Last Modified : 2008-03-31T09:16:03+13:00

Name : Domain Agent
Address : PO Box 302829
: North Harbour
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 477 0055
Fax : +64 9 475 5976
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name Server 1: dns1.flexihostings.net
Name Server 2: dns2.flexihostings.net

McDonalds Airport – How not to treat staff

Yesterday I went to straight from the gym to the airport to pick up DPF for his interview with the Veronicas. I was a little early and the parking nazis were in full force so I decided a Mac attack was warranted, especially as my trainer Billy has smashed me round the head repeatedly in the forlorn attempt for me to keep my hands up.

I rolled into McDonalds at the Airport and strolled up to the counter. As I was ordering a torrent of abuse burst forth from the rather large lady  standing behind my order takeer. She was yelling at a staff member who was supposedly late.

She was most vitriolic and her management style seemed to be abuse, humiliation and more abuse. In between abusing the late staff member and ordering him to wait in her office she also dealt out abuse to the other staff members who randomly passed within her beady eyed view.

The display was cringe inducing. I wouldn’t speak to my dog like that even after she’d crapped in the hallway and i’d stood in it. I was moved to intervene and so interrupted the loud mouth and asked her who the manager was. She told me she was and what did I want. I told her i want her to treat her staff with respect. She glowered at me.

As I thought about this yesterday afternoon he more pissed off I became. I fumed and fulminated whilst DPF was playing wit the Veronicas and then I acted.

I called up Matt McCarten, who I must say was dumbstruck that Whaleoil had called him, and told him the story. I even got called brother. I hope Matt does something with this story because I was sickened by this woman and how she treated those hardworking staff. I followed up with an email. Go sick’em Matt.

If anyone else has similar tales then let UNITE know about them.

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Matt McCarten: Donors running a mile from donations to political parties

Matt McCarten: Donors running a mile from donations to political partiesOne of the unforeseen and unintended consequences of the Electoral Finance Bill is that wealthy individual donors and corporations are running a mile from having anything to do with political donations.
Look at poor Owen Glenn…
[NZ Politics]

Matt McCarten has a very good article in the Hos this morning and it is a good indicator as to the state of play in the various parties.

Matt points out that the Electoral Finance Act, the Act that was supposed to dry up National’s funding has in fact dried up everyones funding and the parties that it was supposed to help are the ones in the most trouble.

“It is an open secret that most of the centre-left parties are broke. In the past it didn’t matter too much because they were able to use taxpayers’ money via parliamentary funds. But the Auditor-General has ended that little scam and their own-goal over the Electoral Finance Bill has dried up the unions and other friendly institutions from financing campaigns.”


What I find hugely ironic is that the parties that foisted this anti-democratic law upon us all are the very ones that are willy-nilly breaking the law.

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I thought this had all ended

via Blair Mulholland

Why are we not seeing people marching in the streets protesting apartheid?

What you say? That battle ended 20 years ago except in teh minds of the rabid left at the Standard who seem to think we should all remember how we felt as fucktards interrupted our rugby.

But no the battle appears not to have ended. Well it ended when ehite people were classifying blacks and coloured but when the blacks do the classifying it seems to just fine by the leftists.

So seperatist laws based on race are still alive and well in South Africa and now Chinese are “privileged” to be classified as Blacks.

Matt McCarten: Clark facing isolation as snubs come back to haunt Labour

Matt McCarten: Clark facing isolation as snubs come back to haunt LabourUntil now, it has been assumed Labour has managed the political relationships with other parties under MMP far better than National.
Three years ago, Don Brash completely misunderstood MMP, running National’s campaign under a two-party…
[NZ Politics]

Matt McCarten has finally worked out that it is Labour and not National that is short on partners. The Greens have yet to realise that rorting the electoral system to form a government that the opposition had more votes than isn’t going to be a winner for them nor for MMP.

Still Matt looks closely at how Clark has become “Nellie Nomates”. He has also finally realised that the Maori Party is unlikely to support Labour, something the rest of the leftists are slow to realise.


Ralston off target and McCarten Tory bashing

Bill Ralston: Forget logic, it’s election yearThe thought of spending 48 hours trapped in a remote country lodge with 94 bureaucrats “team building” and discussing property maintenance ranks alongside being severely beaten with a half-dead hedgehog when it comes to my list of… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston misses the point entirely. Bill, perception IS reality. End of lesson.

His best line was unfortunately his last.

[quote]Like Hillary Clinton in her doomed race with Barack Obama, all Helen Clark can do now is hang in there and desperately hope her opponent shoots himself in the foot.[/quote]

Matt McCarten: Politics masquerades as research as you’d expect in election yearSince
Labour’s been in power, we haven’t heard a lot from the Business
When Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson et al were running the country
into the ground, the Roundtable was New Zealand’s foremost right-wing
[NZ Politics]

I can’t be bothered critiquing Matt McCarten he is becoming more and more envious and churlish the closer to evisceration labour and the left comes. He would do better to set up a new party to hoover up discontent with the parlous state the left has become under the Clarkists.

Minto couldn't accept the award because he was never offered it in the first place

South Africa denies offering Minto award – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

Weird and truly bizarre life of communist hypocrite John Minto takes a further bizarre twist.
[quote]South Africa has denied prominent New Zealand anti-apartheid activist John Minto had ever been nominated for a national award after he asked for his nomination to be withdrawn in a snub to the government.[/quote]

Oh ha bloody ha, the communist hypocrite was feeling a bit short on national acclamation so he invented a story which the lazy media hyped up without even checking.

Well fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

Just so we are in no doubt this is what the Government of South Africa said;
[quote]”In this regard, the Presidency wishes to place it on record that Mr Minto has not, as a matter of fact, been nominated as a candidate for any of our national orders,”[/quote]

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Confused South African Speaks Out

This blog has been following the debate over Maori representation in Manukau City for several weeks. Now we see a new twist to the debate as a rather odd South African man enters the debate.

You would think that someone who has lived in South Africa would despise any move that separates two groups based on race. Not Mr Alan Phillips – the former Cape Town City Councillor, now living in New Zealand actually supports the Manukau City Council’s moves to give Maori special privileges by establishing a Maori Standing Committee:

“If you look at South Africa, there are standing committees to address the needs of the disadvantaged,” says Mr Phillips. “In other words, you’re giving preferential treatment to people that have the same vote to raise their level, I’m sure the committee will do the same for Maori.“In South Africa, the needs of black, coloured and Indian people are put ahead of white people. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but you need to raise the level of all South Africans in South Africa, just as you need to raise the level of New Zealanders in NZ.”

Mr Phillips is certainly entitled to his view, but perhaps he should be open about his past as a Cape Town City Councillor (1996-2000).

In the time that Mr Phillips claims he was a Councillor, the municipal sub-council that he sat on decided to increase local government rates in their area by an outrageous 19% in one single year (1998)!

But not only did they hike the rates up by this much, because of the incompetence of the Council in forgetting to get the munucipality revalued for 25years, the massive increase impacted disproportionally on black homeowners in previously disadvantaged areas. The very people Mr Phillips now claims he strived to protect.

This case of disproportionally hiking the rates up on black communities was taken to the Cape Town High Court. In Lotus River, Ottery, Grassy Park Residents Association v South Peninsula Municipality the court found that the way the sub-council rated the municipality amounted to discrimination on the basis of colour.

So what exactly does Alan Phillips stand for? Using undemocratic methods to give special privileges to Maori based on race? Or does he stand for hiking the rates up on low socio-economic areas by discriminating against them on the basis of colour?

Either way, this sounds like one poor confused bastard. I’d also like to know why he skipped the country to come to NZ if he thought he did such a great job as a Councillor?

Keep this guy away from public office!!