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Diplomatic post 'live option' for Clark – Key

Diplomatic post ‘live option’ for Clark – KeyA diplomatic posting for former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark is a “live option” if she wants such a job, Prime Minister John Key says. Helen Clark stood down after Labour’s loss became apparent on election night, but is still… [NZ Herald Politics]

John, John, John, this mendacious bitch deserves nothing but opprobrium. Her lies and deceit have left the country in a financial mess. If you really want to see the back of her then how about a term in the slammer with a prosecution under the Public Finance Act.

If you really ust give the lying toad a diplomatic position then might I suggest in no particular order;

  • Fiji, according to the media we might need a new High Commissioner there
  • Kiribati
  • Zimbabwe
  • Any other African nation
  • Personal assistant to the Ambassador in Cairo, I hear they are quite friendly towrds each other.
  • Iceland, that is about as far as you can go and they are as broke as us.
  • Vietnam, so she can see what her paint throwing got them.
  • Bhutan, she does so love mountains

Matt McCarten: Workers back in chains if Key gives in to right wing

Baby Skull bowlMatt McCarten: Workers back in chains if Key gives in to right wingThe first time I ever had a conversation with Business NZ CEO Phil O’Reilly was at the farewell function for outgoing Council of Trade Unions president Ross Wilson. I was somewhat surprised to see O’Reilly at a union event. He said… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mmmm…Matt McCarten has join Chris Trotter as the chicken littles of the left declaring in his column today that if John Key listens to Phil O’Reilly then the world will end for workers.

Let’s not forget that National and employer organisations supported the youth wage and opposed raising the minimum wage, the fourth week of annual leave, workers using their sick leave for when their kids were sick, and paid parental leave. I can’t think of one progressive legislative change for workers they have backed.

What Matt McCarten calls “progressive legislative change for worker I call PPSI, Productivity and Profit Sapping Idiocy. These guys never really get it. If businss owners can’t turn a profit or derive better productivity by having an employee then they either shut down or replace the employee wither with another on or with a machine. When that happens then all the annual leave, sick leave, minimum wages and paid parental leave in the world won’t matter a toss because the worker will be out on their arse, legislated out of work by Matt’s “progressive legislative change”.

Matt is just being silly. Next thing he and Chris will be suggesting that John Key and the cabinet share drinks from a bowl made from a baby’s skull.

34 Questions the British Government needs to answer

With the arrest of Opposition MP Damien Green, the Brown led Labour Government has bought themselves a government ending crisis of mammoth proportions.

ConservativeHome has 34 questions that need to be answered.

Perhaps the most damning one is this;

Is it not a breach of Parliamentary Privilege for the police to arrest a Member of Parliament for using information he received for Parliamentary purposes?

This is a dangerous precedent that Gordon Brown’s ministry has instigated. It must be fought with extreme vigor.

Reckless Cullen tries on a Muldoon

Nats accuse Cullen of recklessnessThe civilities between National and Labour since the election last Saturday are well and truly over. National yesterday accused outgoing Finance Minister Michael Cullen of recklessness and breaching conventions surrounding caretaker… [NZ Herald Politics]

Michael Cullen is a nasty, spiteful, little man. He simply cannot accept that he is yesterdays man and through his failed policies has almost singlehandedly wrecked the New Zealand economy with his parsimony.

He is no better than another nasty, spiteful little man called Sir Robert Muldoon.

All Hell Breaks Loose in Auckland Central Labour

I wonder why it took Jordan “15,000 behind” Carter so long to get back his blog?

My sources report that the blame game is the new bloodsport in the once much vaunted Auckland Central Labour Party. Labour deployed their candidates from Hunua and Pakuranga after polling, later leaked to Whaleoil, showed that Tizard was in serious trouble.

In the wake of their crushing defeat, careerist lickspittles are desperately trying to court favour. The Rainbow Labour faction is believed to be outraged that their heartland of K Road and Ponsonby is now in a National hands.

Insiders are bitter that Carter abandoned his Hunua campaign last week as a chance to get first dibs on the 2011 nomination. His work for Tizard on hoardings and in debates kept his profile up internally, but has caused internal disquiet within the local LEC.

Others are sniffing the opportunity include Epsom candidate Kate Sutton, making excuses for her towelling on Saturday night in order to boost her chances.

Neither is considered a frontrunner as they lack the backing of the right unions who control the seat’s LEC. Outgoing Labour President Mike Williams is privately blaming Tizard for the run down of Labour’s organization in the seat.

More lies from Winston First

One of the fun things about blogging is catching people making shit up. Having a good memory for the body politic helps and so does a good working knowledge of outside the box search techniques. The only hassle when dealing with a bunch of pathological liars like New Zealand First is to line up all their statements and wade through them to find the truth, something that is in short supply when dealing with these pricks.

Since all the subtefuge of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has come to the fore there have been literally hundreds of articles and stories posted on MSM sites, let alone blogs.

The MSM just continually seems to miss several key points and never seems to follow up and reconcile what has been said in the past by key figures.

A case in point is the current details surrounding the missing declaration of $80,000 of donations to New Zealand First from the Spencer Trust in the 2007 year.

Firstly Dail Jones sent the media off on a wild goose chase the other day when he said that he wasn’t the President then, the media all forgot that it was Dail Jones who started this all off when he announced to all and sundry that New Zealand First had got a large donation and that he as “president” had trotted off to the bank to find out where it came from. Dail Jones was the President at this time, end of story.

Now about the $80,000 that has remained undeclared. Remember when this all broke because Dail Jones opened his gob. Well various explanations were proffered, some from WRP, 63, LMPONFA and this one from Brent Catchpole;

Brent Catchpole, NZ First treasurer, says the almost $100,000 that appeared in the NZ First accounts came from another party account. It had been transferred from a high-interest bearing account into a cheque account so the party could present the $158,000 it was ruled to have wrongfully spent in the 2005 election to Starship Hospital. Jones saw the transfer figure on a statement and didn’t understand that it was simply a transfer across accounts.

Now this statement doesn’t reconcile at all with any statements in the last couple of days from the trustee of the Spencer Trust, nor from statements of Brent Catchpole and certainly not of todays obfuscation from Dail Jones.

New Zealand First MP and former party president Dail Jones says he treated the money as an anonymous donation because he had no information to suggest otherwise. He says if the Spencer Trust knew it had paid the money it could, and should, have come out and told him that fact.

The problem Dail Jones and WRP, 63, LMPONFA have is that they declared that they received NO donation, nil, nada, zip, none at all from anyone, anonymous or not, for 2007.

Quite simply the word of anyone associated with Winston First cannot be trusted, ever. Their first inclination when confronted with even the simplest of questions is to lie like flatfish.

Dail Jones is lying, Brent Catchpole is lying, WRP, 63, LMPONFA most definately is a liar. About the only person not lying is Grant Currie, the trustee of the Spencer Trust. He isn’t lying because he has been far more forthcoming with information and he can likely see that some people are going to go to jail and he is making sure it won’t be him.

How long before Helen Clark pulls the plug, or is she also lying about what she knows? Helen Clark must tell New Zealand why she continues to stick up for a bunch of lying, charlatans. The old saying that you are who hang out with is coming home to roost for Helen Clark who may well end up in the cell next to Winston. One thing for sure is going to happen when the house of cards comes tumbling down, all the players are going to dob each other in and Winston most definately is going to take Clark to the dock with him.

Commission considers NZ First 'breach' of Electoral Act

Commission considers NZ First ‘breach’ of Electoral ActNew Zealand First could face a police probe into possible breaches of the Electoral Act after allegations today that the Spencer Trust made donations in 2006 and 2007 that were never declared. The news comes after further pressure… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uh Oh! more trouble for Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and his fellow travellers in NZ First. The Electoral Commission is now considering asking the Police to investigate their late and now false donations declarations of 2006 and 2007.

The 2007 donation declaration is open for prosecution because they filed it late and it is still within the 6 months.

If you read the NZ Herald article as well they catch Dail Jones in yet another lie.

He states;

“….but he was not sure about 2007 as current president George Groombridge was responsible for that year”

Uhmmmm….no actually. Dail Jones was the President when he opened his big yap about a mysterious donation at the end of 2007 that was supposedly untraceable despite the immutable laws of accounting that say for every credit there is always a debit.

Caught in yet another lie. These guys lie like flatfish….one of them is going to crack soon, will it be Ron Mark?

Donnelly resigns as NZ high commissioner

Donnelly resigns as NZ high commissionerNew Zealand’s High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, Brian Donnelly, has resigned due to ill health seven months after his controversial appointment. At the time, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters admitted he shoulder tapped… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uh Oh! Winston’s patsy in Rarotonga just resigned ostensibly for ill-health. I wonder if it actually has anything to do with the focus that is likely to come on Winston’s relationship with off-shore accounts domiciled in the Cook Islands?

We are in for interesting times I feel.

Is this a triple or a quad?

Perhaps Ruth Dyson got the idea for legalising polygamy from Hugh Hefner who is having a few household problems of his own with this three current roots.

It seems that Hugh has fallen in lust for another bird and is spending as much time as possible with Dasha Astafieva, a former model from Ukraine, much to the anguish of the three other harlets he sleeps with.

I wonder how Hef will settle the dispute? Jelly wrestling, pay per view cat-fights? or an all in hair-pulling fight for reality TV?

Clearly all is not well at the Playboy Mansion.

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Taking Tauranga Forward

Simon and the Blue Rinse BrigadeSince Winston Raymond Peters the former member for Tauranga is in the news alot I think it is timely to announce that Simon Bridges has launched his online campaign with both a Facebook profile and his new website.

So far in the campaign Winston Raymond Peters has worked very hard to win Tauranga……for Simon.

Look at this nice photo of Simon having his ears bent by some old dears. I ask you who’d really want to be an MP?

And in a little touch of irony since Simon is taking on Winston Raymond Peters I note that Aaron Bhatnagar has helped out Simon with the site. Actually that is bloody funny.