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A cool video on the progression of technology.


Key defers meeting with second complainant

Key defers meeting with second complainantPolitics and protocol have intervened to prevent a meeting between Prime Minister John Key and an Indian woman who claims she was subjected to vulgar phone calls and text messages from MP Richard Worth. The woman said the messages… [NZ Herald Politics]

What is more interesting about John Key defering a meeting is two other things.

The audacity of Phil “Chicken” Goff calling John Key a chicken for not yet meeting the Labour party member who squealed months ago to him that he kept secret for 6 months and for Phil Goff’s somewhat strange comment that she;

was strikingly beautiful

What is that supposed to mean? I know compared to his previous leader and the current bunch of fuglies in the Labour caucus she probably is but come on, how believable is it for a “strikingly beautiful” woman to want to get a leg over with a low ranking minister who is over 60?

Richard Worth is simply an inept feely fingers, but he has gone too far in linking jobs to sexual favours. Phil Goff however is seriously over-egging the pudding and serious questions must be raised about his ability to lead Labour. It is also simply pathetic to call john Key a chicken when it was he who wouldn’t front on Close Up.


MoE is full of shit

Kyoto projections move into surplus but minister is cautiousNew Zealand’s liability under the Kyoto Protocol has swung from a deficit last year to a surplus this year, and Environment Minister Nick Smith says the figures could continue to bounce around. A ministry report released today… [NZ Herald Politics]

So now the Ministry for the Environment reckons there is a Kyoto surplus again.

This is what they first said when Pete Hodgson was saying that if we didn’t ratify Kyoto we’d be burning up a cheque for $200 million. Then they said there was a billion dollar deficit. Then a half billion dollar deficit.

Now its back to surplus again. Do these clowns know what the fuck they are doing? Answer: No.

Perhaps we should just do nothing at all like China and india and the United States.

And anyway could Nick Smith please explain just exactly which country is going to write us a cheque for $241 million.

It is a joke, a Cullenesque type fraud on the books of New Zealand. No one will pay us and we wouldn’t pay anyone, its a fraud, plain and simple.

Perhaps though tax cuts will be back on the agenda. If the tax cuts aren’t back on the agenda then that proves that this number is something pulled out of Nick Smith’s arse by Bill English.

Seriously Way Cool

Dean Kamen is a billionaire, he is eccentric and he invents seriously cool technologies.

His latest creation is called the P.U.M.A and is a collaboration with GM and extend the Segway into something far more useful. I could see how I could actually use this. I never could see the point of the Segway. One of these in the back of the BlogMobile would be cool.



Kordia playing with toys

Kordia is a broken-down trolleyKordia’s latest and greatest failure is to invest in proprietary technology and give it a silly name. I have blogged on the silliness of this before.

However Kordia has taken the ridiculous scenario a whole step futher and proved the point that KorKor is broken down failed technology because they are sponsoring a Soap-box derby.

The irony of the whole situation is hilarious. KorKor is only good enough to provide comms for rumppty old trolleys or for kids.

What a massive own goal.

First they piss away shareholder value over successive years and now their vaunted new technology is really only for kids instead of real race technology.

What a bunch of fools.

I love Youtube

Road Trippin'

What is it called when….

The Government you support on supply and confidence?is set to unveil measures making it easier to build wind farms and less attractive to build new fossil-fuelled electricity plants when you own 50,000 shares in a company called Windflow Technology Limited.

Well Jeanette? What would you call it?

Would it be fortuitous? Perhaps.

What about Conflict of Interest?, possible.

Nah, how about corruption? Yeah that seems to fit.

Ain't Wars great for invention

Nothing like a little technology to solve some problems.

With this little toy the head-hackers can run but they can’t hide. 

Personal Radar

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency expects the portable Radar Scope to look similar to this model and to be fielded as soon as this spring to help patrols conducting urban operations to sense if someone is inside a building.



Oh for fucks sakes this is getting ridiculous

Apparently the Fire Service is about to sign an agreement with local iwi in the Nelson area that gives locals a guarantee that the Fire Service will respect Maori protocol at emergency scenes.

What ever the fuck that is??????

This is just patent ridiculousness.

And just how is the Fire Service supposed to know when an accident victim is Maori?

And whats the bet the Maori protocol requires the call out at some fucking enormous extortionate number for a fucking blessing on the fucking side of the fucking road. 

Fucks sake….shit thats 6 fucks…seven and 1 shit so far.

Man this crap makes my blood boil.

Let me say right here, right now, I don’t want any fucking Maori Protocol used at the scene of any accident I happen to be in. I want good efficient emergency services immediately without superfluous busy-body wankers getting in the way.