David Shearer

Bill English is “gutless”?

While Andrew Little is cycling in the South Island Labour are using Wes Craven’s dental nurse to put the hits in.

The 69 year old old bint who is deputy leader has called National and Bill English “gutless” for not standing in the Mt Albert by-election.

Labour is ready and keen to talk about the problems facing electors in Mt Albert despite the gutless decision of Bill English not to front a National candidate there, says Labour Deputy Leader Annette King.

“English is running scared from his first test as a leader. He clearly doesn?t want another bloody nose after the Mt Roskill defeat.

“We are more than ready for another contest and relish the chance to talk to people in Mt Albert about how Labour can help them deal with the problems around rising crime, health, public transport and housing affordability.

“It?s typical of National. They don?t like building houses, so they don?t have a Housing Minister. They don?t like by-elections so they don?t run in them. ? Read more »

Nats won’t play in Mt Albert by-election

The National party isn’t going to waste any time or money on the Mt Albert by-election.

The National Party will not be standing a candidate in next year’s Mt Albert by-election.

Prime Minister Bill English said the by-election would be held on 25 February.

The seat will be left vacant when the resignation of Labour’s David Shearer takes effect on 31 December.

Labour is yet to confirm its candidate, but list MP Jacinda Ardern has said she would like to stand for the seat.

Mr English said his party was focused on winning the general election later in the year. ? Read more »

An email from a reader about Mt Albert

A reader emails his thoughts on the Mt Albert by-election:

Hi Cam,

I?m in Mt. Albert, and I can?t believe the arrogance of Ardern, in that she thinks she?s already going to win. I?m not surprised, because of the ?safe seat? phenomenon, but given what Trump achieved, that should be a warning to Ardern (or, more specifically, Labour in general).

To me, what has Ardern done to merit her being our (prospective) MP?

What has she done to deserve my vote, what qualities and qualifications does she have? ? Read more »

A by-election Labour can ill afford

Labour is faced with another by-election after David Shearer quits the Labour party for the peace and quiet of South Sudan.

He will be able to reacquaint himself with mango distribution from the back of a truck.

Shearer is expected to be formally announced as the head of the UN’s mission in war-torn South Sudan on Tuesday and will resign almost immediately. His job starts at the end of January.

That will spark a byelection in his Mt Albert seat unless English opts for an early election, which is unlikely.

Labour’s candidate is likely to be MP Jacinda Ardern, who now lives in the electorate but was initially aiming for a third tilt at winning the marginal Auckland Central seat. ? Read more »

Phil Quin reckons Little should run in Mt Albert

Following on from Farrar’s sledge, Phil Quin also made the suggestions that Andrew Little run in Mt Albert:

Let’s be honest: few outside his notoriously bolshy inner circle could contend with a straight face that?Andrew Little is a naturally gifted politician.

The Labour leader is a grafter, whose talents fail to match his ambitions by some considerable margin.

The “Angry Andy”?thing has stuck, as tends to happen when alliterative nicknames align so neatly with public perception.

Little approaches media interviews as hand to hand combat; his tone veering between defensive and pugilistic.

It’s as if he considers questions from journalists impertinent by their very nature.

What’s more, Little often seems woefully underprepared for what should be considered straightforward lines of inquiry.

It’s hard to tell who dreads the Labour leader’s TV appearances the most: Little himself, the interviewer, or the viewing public, all of whom cringe to varying degrees through the awkward encounters.

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Did McCully use his position to leak Shearer’s new job to benefit Bill?

The main thrust of approaches to backbenchers is Bill is needed for stability…the classic Mummy is still here line.

They are talking about the possibility of others leaving if Bill doesn’t win, leading to the bizarre situation where senior ministers are thinking of throwing their toys if their mate Bill English doesn’t stay to protect them in their jobs. Classic old guard protecting themselves without thinking about the future of the party they belong to.

So it is somewhat interesting that it was Murray McCully who leaked that David Shearer may be gone, before his job is even confirmed.

David Shearer’s set to quit Mt Albert, to take up a job with the United Nations, leading its mission in South Sudan.

A recommendation for the Labour MP’s appointment has been put before the United Nations Security Council?by Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

That’s set to be approved this week.

All Security Council members have two days to object but Mr Shearer’s previous experience means he’s likely to get the tick.

Mr Shearer will work alongside the commander of 18,000 peace-keepers, with a budget of about $1 billion. ? Read more »

And so it begins…

With just one Tweet Phil Twyford has signalled the undermining of Andrew Little as leader.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-10-33-am Read more »

Some facts that seem to be escaping politicians and Media party over Fiji arrests

The politicians on both sides of the house and the Media party are having kittens over what has happened in Fiji with the arrest and detainment of opposition politicians and union ratbags in Fiji.

Everyone seems to be blaming Fiji PM Bainimarama from David Shearer to Murray McCully and of course the idiots in the Media party like Sally rounds and Michael Field.

None of them live in Fiji, are in Fiji or understand how Fijian judicial processes work. They simply move to their anti-Bainimarama default position and rant and rave. Worse still are their editors of those in the Media party who allow this carry-on.

One should remember that these are domestic Fijian issues. Fiji doesn’t comment on our domestic politics, and they could, given the precedent set by various governments here. Since this current issue is about electoral law Fiji should ask why it is that not a single politician has ever been charged under our electoral law despite hundreds of complaints being referred to them by the Electoral Commission over the past twelve years. These complaints include sign vandalisation, over spending, non-reporting of electoral expenses and various other clear breaches of electoral law. These laws are important they govern what can and can’t be done in seeking election and are the core of our democracy. But the NZ Police are sending a clear message to ratbag politicians that they can act with impunity, breaching electoral laws willy-nilly. ? Read more »

When did Labour call for no state visits from Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand or any other country other than Fiji?

David Shearer has gone full retard on Fiji. Like the Media party, the Labour party have a real blind spot and resort to finger-wagging over domestic issues in a sovereign nation.

Their latest stuff up is to call for halting of a state visit by Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama in October.

Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer says a state visit by Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama should be “quietly put on hold” until concerns about the Opposition politicians in Fiji are resolved.

Over the weekend five people – including the leaders of two opposition parties and a trade union leader – were taken into custody in Fiji after taking part in a public political forum.

RNZI has reported all had since been released but the Director of Public Prosecutions was reviewing the cases, raising concerns of politically motivated charges to prevent them contesting the next election in 2018.

Prime Minister John Key had invited Bainimarama to come for a formal state visit while he was in Suva in June this year. ? Read more »

Labour gloating over Fiji, but reveal their strategy was just underpants stealing

Labour are gloating over John Key’s “failure” in Fiji.

Red Radio reports:

Prime Minister John Key’s attempt to rebuild New Zealand’s relationship with Fiji has backfired on him, the Labour Party says.

Mr Key described his official visit to Fiji this week as a success, despite publicly disagreeing with the country’s leader on several issues.

At a state banquet, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama criticised the New Zealand media and defended his banning of some journalists from Fiji, claiming they dispensed with facts.

John Key asked Mr Bainimarama to reconsider the ban during the visit, and said they would have to agree to disagree.

But he said overall the trip was a success.

“The aim of this visit was really to reset the relationship, put the last sort of, I suppose eight years of the military coup behind us, really to say, look we now have a new foundation stone, we want to take the relationship from strength to strength.”

However, Labour foreign affairs spokesperson, David Shearer, said the trip was a disaster.

“It backfired completely,” he said. ? Read more »