Dean Lonergan

Duco?s Lonergan is picking fights he can?t win

Dean Lonergan seems to be displaying all the traits of someone who has taken too many blows to the head.

Now he is taking on a senior Councillor at Auckland Council.

The Joseph Parker heavyweight world title fight is veering into a slugfest between promoter Dean Lonergan and Olympian Dick Quax.

Quax, who won silver over 5000m at the 1976 Olympics, and Lonergan, a former rugby league second-rower, have been trading blows over ratepayer money for the on-again, off-again, on-again Joseph Parker v Any Ruiz boxing fight in Auckland.

The latest round has seen Quax – an Auckland councillor these days – welcoming the prospect of sky high pay-per-view prices of between $70 and $100 as the “market price, not a price subsidised by the Auckland ratepayers”.

“That’s a problem?”, said the pro-market and Act Party member.

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Well done Dean Lonergan. And all without robbing the taxpayer!


Duco Events says the Joseph Parker’s world title fight in Auckland is still “a work in progress” despite reports in the United States saying it’s a done deal.

ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael tweeted that Bob Arum, the promoter of Parker’s rival Andy Ruiz, let slip that an announcement was looming, but that the fight would be held in Auckland on December 10 as originally agreed.

Duco Events co-owner Dean Lonergan said: “We’re not confirming or denying anything until we’re ready to make an announcement. It’s still a work in progress.”

Heh. ?Dan Rafael just took Duco’s major bargaining chip off the table. ?The “80% chance the fight will end up in the United States” one. ? Read more »

Bwahahaha: Lonergan tries emotional blackmail next

Boxing is essentially a corrupt sport, where even those at the top, doing the fighting, barely make a living. The promoters cream it all and the fighters get nothing.

Now one promoter is trying to use emotional blackmail to try and keep a fight in NZ.

The daily soap opera that is the heavyweight boxing scene has taken another twist with news Duco Events is struggling to get the financial backing it needs to host the impending WBO championship fight between Kiwi Joseph Parker and Mexican Andy Ruiz.

December 10 has been confirmed as the date the fight will take place in Auckland at either Eden Park, Mount Smart Stadium or Vector Arena, but reports this weekend have suggested that Duco require the event to be underwritten, and their current sponsorship deals don’t cover the seven figure number they need.

However Parker’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, disputes that they have asked for Government assistance and are in fact looking at other commercial opportunities.

“We are looking for commercial partners who want a return of their investment, and that’s what we are offering to a number of other partners and companies that could potentially come on board,” he said. ? Read more »

How does get fucked sound?


The boxing bludgers have their hands out for taxpayer cash.

Joseph Parker’s promoters are asking for taxpayers’ money to ensure the New Zealand heavyweight boxer gets a world title fight in Auckland in December.

Promoter Dean Lonergan told the Herald last week that Duco Events will require sponsorship and funding to the tune of seven figures for the December 10 fight between Parker and Andy Ruiz Jr for the WBO world title.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce confirmed yesterday that an application for Government funding had been received for the bout. ? Read more »

Lonergan and Duco are getting the cold shoulder – sort of

More than 100,000 people are thought to have viewed the fight via Facebook and other internet back doors.

Duco director Dean Lonergan was furious.

He vowed to hunt down those who had illegally downloaded the fight and punish them by whatever means he could, promising to take them to court and pursue thousands of dollars in damages.

He called those who had watched the fight via the internet “lowlifes” and said anyone who refused to pay for the fight legitimately was, in effect, taking food out of the mouths of Parker and his family.

He said illegal downloads take money out of Duco’s revenue stream and the more money the company has, the more money it has to pay the young Kiwi boxer.

Well, no. Not really.

Parker’s prize money was set months ago, so unless he had a profit share included in his contract, it’s unlikely he lost out because of illegal downloading.

And many of those who did watch via the internet wouldn’t have been able to pay to view the fight anyway, so Lonergan can’t look at 100,000 downloads and translate that into 100,000 lost subscribers.

It is the same tired old argument that the music industry used, and that’s why Lonergan is finding little sympathy.? If he had reacted within the scope of realism, then he wouldn’t have overcooked it so badly.? Read more »

Midget Boxing set to cause outrage


As is usual these days someone is outraged over two?individuals?choosing to box each other…voluntarily…just because they happen to be short. Though you can’t tell who is outraged because the Herald article doesn’t say…perhaps they are trying to find some outrage and are soliciting for it.

The promoter of a boxing match between two dwarves insists it’s a serious fight and can’t see why anyone would object.

Colin Lane and Matthew Wood will square off ahead of the Parker – Botha fight on June 13.

Each of them stands at 1.3m tall, roughly four foot eight.? Read more »

Let's see how Clark answers these questions

It looks like Rodney Hide has been following the investigations on this blog and others and today has put Clark on notice that he at least wants answers. We look forward to her replies on 23 September, we will be waiting wth interest.

8059 (2008). Rodney Hide to the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

Did the Minister pay directly for his flight from Berlin to Las Vegas for the Oscar de la Hoya – Floyd Mayweather fight and then to return to his official itinerary as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 or did he reimburse either Ministerial Travel or Foreign Affairs; if so, when was the reimbursement made?

8058 (2008). Rodney Hide to the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

What was the Minister’s itinerary and what was the cost broken down by flights and accommodation and other expenses for his trip to Europe in April and May last year for the Anzac Day commemorations and European Union Business as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 and what were the places visited each day?

8057 (2008). Rodney Hide to the Prime Minister

What gifts, if any, has Rt Hon Winston Peters obtained her permission to retain in the last three years as required by Cabinet Manual guideline 2.79?

8056 (2008). Rodney Hide to the Prime Minister

Following Rt Hon Winston Peters’ admission in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 that he made a private trip from Berlin to Las Vegas to the Oscar de la Hoya – Floyd Mayweather fight while overseas as Foreign Minister, can she confirm whether she knew about the trip; if so, on what date did she know, and had Mr Peters obtained her prior approval for the trip as required by Cabinet Manual guideline 2.113?

Random Questions

On Paul Holmes this am, Mike Williams was “live” (whoopty-do) stating that he goes overseas all the time asking for donations to the Labour Party from businessman who have interests in New Zealand.

That was why he visited Owen Glen on his yacht, unannounced. He was quick to add that all these businessmen had companies in NZ.

Pertinent Question: Who pays his airfaires? Probably whichever Government Board he is a member of.
Pertinent Question: Why does the Labour Party keep on banging on about National and big business, when the Labour Party is obviously getting donations from big business overseas. I certainly hope the business are not American big business as Trevor Mallard has asserted.


A Big House porkie by Helen!

“Mr Glenn said before he responded to Mr Peters he was in contact with Labour Party president Mike Williams.
He wanted to ensure donating to Mr Peters would not be seen by Labour as “unhelpful to its own interests”, because Labour was his “primary interest”.
He said he was told by Mr Williams that Labour did not object to him helping Mr Peters. He believed that conversation happened during a brunch with the Labour Party president in Sydney on 14 December 2005.”

Debates (Hansard) Volume 649, Week 83 – Wednesday, 27 August 2008
John Key: Has the Prime Minister seen the statement, also by Mr Glenn, that said: “I agreed to help in the belief that this step would also assist the Labour Party, in its relationship with Mr Peters. I supported the Labour Party.”; and can she tell the House just who in the Labour Party would have given Mr Glenn this impression?
Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: My answer is that nobody needed to give him that impression.

Whoopsy, that could land Helen in the Big House.