Death to cats

This is only phase 1

There have been 10 arrests in drugs raids in South Auckland, seizing thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine and cash.

Right then that is Phase one arresting some toerags.

Phase two should be to interrogate and get warrants for the manufacturers and suppliers.Use waterboarding if necessary, even thumbscrews.

Phase three execute (no not the warrants!, the drug dealers and manufacturers)

End of “P” problem.

Medals Recovered

Medals stolen from Waiouru Army Museum recovered (+ photos) – 16 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Great news!!

The stolen medals have been recovered……big ups to Lord Ashcroft for facilitating this through his $300,000 reward. The scum bags that nicked them though are still at large.

Life is so much better now…..

Police to be based fulltime in schools – 16 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

You know how it ends, it depends on which blog you read. If you read the blogs that are the mouthpiece of Labour Party staffers and appartchiks like Jordan’s and Tony’s then the ending of course is under Labour. If you read Labour Party sponsored blogs or union funded attack blogs like the The Standard and DPF’s stalker blog then the ending is ….under Labour and Key is so inept/stupid/eating babies don’t put it all at risk.

If you read the papers and watch the news though, you will be trying very hard to say life is so much better under Labour. Especially when you try to find out when was the last time that coppers had to be stationed in schools in South Auckland because crime is so bad there.

The answer of course is never, never before have we had Police stationed in schools in South Auckland because of rampant crime. never under any previous government and only now under a Labour Government. Labour has failed the people of South Auckland who have returned labour MP’s time, after time, after time.

Labour demonstrably has NOT made their lives any better despite billions of extra funding in Health, Welfare and Working for (Other Peoples) Families. Labour has failed the worker, the Unions have failed the worker by supporting Labour and the Greens have failed the workers by propping them up.

Then of course there are veteran plonkers like Jim Anderton. Lindsay Mitchell exposed this leftard for all of his stupidity.

We demonstrably are no better off under Labour and folk are finding out now, this year of all years, election year, that WFF is a trap, that Kiwisaver and the Cullen Fund are a mirage, that Tax Cuts are illusory under Labour, that the Health system is so poked that the Health and Disability Commissioner says that our hospitals are dangerous and that it is better to live in Australia where even the Labor government there even gives tax cuts.

To top all that off we now have a list of schools kindly provided by the Herald that no parent in their right mind would want to send their kids to. Schools where crime is so bad that Police officers have to be stationed there.

Life under Labour is just wonderfully, fabulous isn’t it? No it isn’t. But the sad fact remains is that the people most harmed by Labour will send their Vote Easy cards to the local LEC and let them cast their votes once again for Labour.

Lingering effects of partial eclipse felt in Chch

Police identify woman who attacked pilots on flight – 08 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The linger social effects of a partial solar eclipse are still being felt in some parts of the country.

This morning a mad woman tried to stab the two pilots of a flight to Christchurch. She also said there was a bomb on board necessitating the evacuation and consequent delay of passengers on Christchurch domestic flights.

Ironically, Annette King was one of those delayed.

All I can say is thank god it was only a partial eclipse, otherwise we could have been looking at significant levels of death and mayhem nationwide.

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I knew it!!! Solar Eclipse and someone gets stabbed

Slasher under police guard – 07 Feb 2008 – Auckland News, Sport, Traffic and Weather from NZ Herald

A man is being held after slashing an elderly couple with a knife today. No doubt he will claim it was the partial solar eclipse and the impending full moon that drove him over the edge.

[quote]Police communications manager Angeline Barlow says the man was also injured, but it is not known to what extent.

She says police remain at the scene in Wellesley Road, and are speaking to witnesses to try and work out what happened.[/quote]

Oh come, on the police know very well what happened, there was a partial solar eclipse was what happened. The fact that it was partial is the reason why these folk are still alive. Imagine the carnage on a full eclipse.

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Daily Cartoon

Labour is soft on crime.

New figures show that 101 people charged with killing others have been released on bail in the last two years.

Five per cent of those suspects were convicted of further offences while on bail.

Minister 'in denial' over crime rate

Minister 'in denial' over crime rateNational's law and order spokesman, Simon Power, says Annette King is in denial over the spate of crime that has seen 10 homicides in a month.
Speaking at the National Party's three-day caucus retreat in Rotorua, he responded to…
[NZ Politics]

I still can't believe that Annette King blamed the "blip" in murders on the moon and the sun. It is wrong on so many levels?

It's only a blip – nothing to see, move along

10 dead – but it’s a ‘blip’ – 31 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Phew! I was getting worried about the state of crime down in South Auckland but luckily it was only a blip. We know it is a blip because our Minister of Police and our police and criminologists say it and even an old fool from Christchurch says so.

OF course the killings are but the tip of the iceberg – What police statistics do show is that incidents of violent crime shot up by 350 from January 2006 to the following January – from 4398 to 4748.

Annette King basically blames it all on Global Warming and the Full Moon!!!!!!…well sort of;
[quote]Police Minister Annette King yesterday visited the scene of the shoot-out in Flat Bush, south Auckland.

She said the hot summer and full moon were to blame for the recent “unusual events” that had created mad January in south Auckland.

“It’s well documented within the police – and we’ve had a long hot summer – and the view is that we often get things happen in this month that we wouldn’t have happening in winter.”[/quote]

Well fuck me with a broomstick, its all the full moon’s fault and because it is a little warm.

The Police Minister should resign forthwith for that idiotic statement alone, but not before going to each of the 10 families who have lost someone and apologise to them that her government think that it is only a blip that they are dead.

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While Labour scoffs the crime spree continues in their strongholds

Gunfight in the suburbs: 2 shot – 30 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

It is ironic that Labour scoffs about John Key’s plan for youth and youth crime. Ironic because the suburbs that are the most dangerous in Auckland are also Labour strongholds.

Again this morning we hear of mayhem on the streets of South Auckland, this time it was a gunfight.

These are the areas that supposedly are better off under Labour after 9 years. They have more welfare payments, supposedly they have jobs (they must do because the government tells us so), Working for Families, endless supplementary grants. Surely they are better off.

Well no they aren’t. They still live in the same shitty houses, in the same shitty suburbs, with the same shitty people, they just have more money to spend on their shitty little lives. Life is no better under Labour, poverty hasn’t been eliminated despite nine years of Labour.

The only people saying everything is wonderful and sweetness and light are socialist academics and politicians with woolly thinking and no answers.

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John Armstrong: Key presses all the right buttons

John Armstrong: Key presses all the right buttonsJohn Key is not the first and won't be the last politician to suggest young crims be put back on the straight-and-narrow through discipline-inducing stints of military training. But he may be one who actually gets a political dividend… [NZ Politics]

By all accounts, except the predictable whining from Labour sponsored blogs, John Key's speech and ideas have been very well received by the electorate. John Armstrong looks at the substance rather than the rhetoric.

[quote]The threat of boot camp as a serious answer to youth crime may have provoked scoffing noises in the Beehive. But it is right in tune with the mood of an electorate deeply disturbed by a rash of violent assaults and homicides and casting around for solutions.

Key's latest state of the nation address may therefore resonate with voters in a similar fashion to Don Brash's Orewa address on race, although to nowhere near the same magnitude.

Key's speech has a very different job to do. Brash's speech was all about making shock waves rather than offering solutions. Key's, as the opening salvo in election year, was always going to be judged in terms of firm, workable policy.[quote]

Yes, Labour may scoff but the electorate isn't scoffing with them.

[quote]However, the policy detail also reflects National's far more disciplined approach to policy development than was the case with some of the skimpy policies released at the 2005 election.

The speech thus bears the confident sound of a Government-in-waiting, rather than an Opposition looking for something new to say.

The speech not only attacks Labour. It takes the fight right into Labour territory in the same fashion Key did with last year's reference to the "underclass". It seeks to prise away blue-collar conservatives whose attachment to Labour is weakening in supposed Labour strongholds like crime-ridden South Auckland.

But its pitch for votes in the centre-ground does not compromise traditional National Party principles. If anything, it underscores them.[/quote]

Yes, indeed they do.