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…I need to get this yearling into the freezer. ?That’s after I climb out of this damn steep gully. ?Had to leave the big ones – no way would I have been able to get one back to the top of the ridge!


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Sneak Peak: The Roar


1080 to protect birds? Really?

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Last week the Nick Smith said there is no evidence to suggest 1080 kills birds…I don’t know how he knows that but anyone who has been into a bush area after a 1080 drop will tell you that there are no birds, no sounds, nothing but death.

However now scientists are planning on boosting 1080 drops…to protect birds.

Scientists are supporting the Government’s plan to use targeted 1080 drops to protect native birds from an expected rat and stoat plague.

An abundance of beech seed this year is expected to cause a population explosion among stoats and rats in forests.

Under the “Battle for Our Birds” predator control programme, announced by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith last week, the Department of Conservation will treat up to an extra 500,000 hectares of conservation land with aerial 1080 application this year and next, should predator numbers increase.

The additional 1080 drop will increase the area of public conservation land treated for pests from 5 per cent to 12. The work is budgeted to cost $21 million over the next five years. DOC’s annual budget is $335m. ? Read more »

Not a good idea


Hey here’s an idea, lets invent a camo in one of the only colours deer can see….Blue.

Normally Ridgeline makes good kit. I have plenty of their gear in Buffalo camo and it is really warm, and really tough and more importantly makes you invisible, both to deer and to idiot shooters. Blaze orange makes you a target…I won’t wear it, I know of too many people who have been shot at wearing it. On top of that how can you be sure that the manufacturer of blaze orange mixed the colour the right way:

Bear in mind also there are two ways to make blaze orange clothing. One is by combining red and yellow. The other is by combining yellow and magenta – the latter of which is in the peak sensitivity range of a deer?s visual spectrum, and thus will glow in a deer?s eyes. Also consider that most conventional laundry detergents and many of the color dyes used on camouflage clothing manufactured overseas contain so-called blueing, brightening or whitening agents. What they do is collect light energy from a wide range of wavelengths, and re-radiate it in a powerful peak at a range of about 440 nanometers – near maximum sensitivity of a deer.? Read more »

Something has been chasing all the deer away


Where are the Greens when you need them?

DoC are the biggest proponents of 1080, and with reason I can understand that for possum control.

They are however zealots and would like to carpet bomb the whole country to kill every animal in the bush, including goats, pigs and deer. This is the reason they drop only deer strength 1080 and refuse to put repellent on the bait despite stating on every single permit that the targeted species is possum.

They love 1080 but now they are killers.

The Department of Conservation says five out of 39 monitored kea have died of poisoning during the first field study using a bird repellent in an aerial 1080 operation near Otira.

DOC has been trialling repellents after a number of kea deaths from 1080 poisoning. In 2008 seven died in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier area, and in 2011 seven more died at Okarito.? Read more »

It’s all Disney’s fault

There are too many deer in Britain.

Although the deer population has never been measured, the animals are thought to number at least 1.5 million, and 50 to 60 per cent need to be shot each year just to keep numbers from growing, experts said.

For almost 1,000 years deer were virtually extinct in Britain but populations have exploded since they were reintroduced in the Victorian era, in the absence of natural predators such as wolves and brown bears.? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Just a reminder for Cam to take some time off.

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People are Stupid, Ctd

Deer should not be encouraged to cross the highway…the state putting deer crossings in areas with high traffic is simply irresponsible.

A woman who identified herself only as Donna called up a local Fargo radio station to complain about the location of deer crossing signs. Donna the Deer Lady, as she?s now known, demanded to know why the Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation ?allow these deer crossings to be in such high traffic areas.?

The video was uploaded to?YouTube?by the radio station and has gone wildly viral, hitting almost 2.5 million views in only ten days. Even Newt Gingrich chimed in.

Donna has been in three car accidents involving deer that occurred close to a deer crossing sign. Since the accidents, she has sent numerous letters to local newspapers and television stations, all of which have gone unanswered.

?Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate?? It seems to me that it?s so irresponsible of us to allow these deer crossings to be in an area where these deer are so likely to be struck by oncoming traffic,? she told the radio station. ?Wouldn?t you agree??

?The government can direct the deer population anywhere they want to? she said. ?All they have to do is move that deer crossing sign.?

Maybe there is hope for Trev after all

Watch this video of elk fighting in a river…the old crippled one wins the fight and runs off a second challenger with some aggression and bellowing…now he gets to root them all: