Journalist Zvika Klein walked the streets of Paris for ten hours wearing Jewish attire and filming the abuse he got.

Journalist Zvika Klein walked the streets of Paris for ten hours wearing Jewish attire and filming the abuse he got.

A journalist decided to test how safe the streets of Paris are for Jews – by wearing a religious skullcap and filming the public’s reaction using a hidden camera.

Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, silently walked in the city for ten hours wearing a kippah – also known as a yarmulke – on his head and a tzitzit (knotted ritual tassels).

And the shocking hidden camera footage shows antisemitism is rife in the French capital as he is seen harassed and intimidated.

As he wanders around neighbourhoods wearing the garments associated with his faith, he is spat at, threatened and even called a ‘dog’.

Klein was inspired by a YouTube video in which a New York woman filmed the sexist remarks she endured in 10 hours of walking the streets of the Big Apple

After the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris last month, where four Jews were murdered for their faith, he decided to record what life was really was like for a Jew living in Paris.

Posting the video on YouTube, he wrote: ‘Welcome to Paris 2015, where soldiers are walking every street that houses a Jewish institution, and where keffiyeh-wearing men and veiled women speak Arabic on every street corner.’

He spent a day in Paris with a bodyguard while photographer Dov Belhassen documented the day using a GoPro camera hidden in his backpack.

He wandered through Jewish neighborhoods, around the Eiffel Tower, and then through mostly Muslim neighborhoods.

In an article accompanying the video, he said tourist attractions were ‘relatively calm’ – ‘but the further from them we walked, the more anxious I became over the hateful stares, the belligerent remarks, and the hostile body language,’ he wrote.

Boys shouted ‘Viva Palestine’ and as he passes a group of youths, one remarks: ‘I’m joking, the dog will not eat you’.

Fingers were pointed at him in a cafe – and moments later, thugs awaited him on a street corner, he adds.

A little boy was shocked at his appearance in his neighbourhood, he reports. ‘What is he doing here Mommy?‘ he asked. ‘Doesn’t he know he will be killed?’

It comes as Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the mass emigration of Jews from Europe to escape the rising tide of antisemitic terror attacks.

Netanyahu said Europe was no longer a safe haven for Jews following attacks in Paris and Copenhagen – adding that Israel is now the only country in the world where Jews can feel safe.

His comments sparked fury from Jewish groups and were promptly refuted by the leaders of France, Germany and Denmark.

But Mr Klein’s video shows, in Paris, Jews ‘are barred from entering certain areas’.

‘Is this what life is like for Paris’ Jews?’ he reports. ‘Is this what a Jew goes through, day in and day out, while walking to work or using public transportation?’

He adds the majority of French Jews ‘do not flaunt their religion’ and Jewish community leaders have urged them to wear hats as they walk to and from work.

But at night?

‘Jews prefers to stay inside in the evening,’ he says. ‘It is safer at home.

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