Department of Corrections

Hide on paying scumbag prisoners your tax money

We don’t like paying money to wife-beaters, rapists and other thugs.

We don’t like retrospective legislation.

We don’t like governments imprisoning citizens unlawfully.

Fair call. ?That’s the Kiwi way. ? But that leaves the government in a pickle.

There’s no quirk or loophole. Corrections quite simply got it wrong. And their wrong-headedness was backed by the High Court and Court of Appeal.

It took the Supreme Court to point out the law as it’s written and intended, fix the anomalies, and re-apply the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

No one has put their hand up or been held to account for the unlawful detention of hundreds of citizens.

Indeed, if anything, the Prime Minister has pinned the blame on the Supreme Court declaring the decision “out of left field”.

That’s nonsense.

The Supreme Court simply did its job. The only thing “out of left field” has been Corrections, the High Court and the Court of Appeal misreading Parliament’s clear instruction.

Corrections simply carried out the law as they understood it to be. ?That’s somewhat different to wilfully keeping people locked up for kicks. Read more »

Collins crushes hopes

Awesome. ?Despicable crims are unlikely to get a pay-out

Prisoners considering seeking compensation for being jailed for too long should not get their hopes up, says Corrections Minister Judith Collins.

Following a Supreme Court decision released on Thursday, the Department of Corrections has admitted wrongly calculating release dates for 500 serving prisoners.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court ruled a violent offender, Michael Marino, spent about four months longer in jail than he should have because the department had failed to accurately factor in the time he had spent on remand.

Corrections is re-calculating release dates and some prisoners are due to be freed as early as today as a result.

Marino’s lawyer, Douglas Ewen, said sentencing laws had been confusing since 2003 and thousands of prisoners could be affected.

He said that could cost the department millions if it had to pay compensation.

But Ms Collins has questioned that.

Yeah nah. ?There is no mistake you see. ?It was legal at the time. ?There is no question the government, or Department of Corrections more specifically, have been negligent in any way. ? Read more »

Sexual predator to be removed from community after continued concern

Corrections yesterday bowed to public pressure and announced it would move the offender next month but residents at a meeing last night said that decision had not come soon enough.

The man was released from prison in May to a home directly across the street from a school. Following complaints, he was moved to another Mangere house, this time 350m from another school.

Corrections said he was electronically monitored, watched by two staff at all times and had so far complied with his conditions.

Northern Operations Director Lynette Cave said public safety was the primary priority.

“He is living at an address that includes locks, alarms and a two metre high fence. No address would be approved if we considered that it presented an unmanageable risk to the safety of the community.” Read more »

Arthur Taylor wasting more time, energy and money


Vexatious litigant and convicted?violent offender?Arthur Taylor is making a pest of himself in the courts yet again.

He’s spent 38 years behind bars and his convictions include a variety of crimes, including conspiring to deal in methamphetamine from prison, possession of morphine for supply, receiving, kidnapping, escaping from custody, possession for supply of cannabis and cannabis oil, and six firearms offences.

He has cost the taxpayer literally millions of dollars for his incarceration and also for his ongoing vexatious claims.

The Department of Corrections has been called out for breaking protocol by jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor. But it says it has since made changes to ensure prisoners receive their minimum entitlements.

Taylor filed multiple complaints to the Ombudsman, Professor Ron Paterson, claiming the prisoners in Auckland Prison’s East Division were not given the opportunity to spend one hour exercising in the open air, weather permitting, which they are entitled to under law.

Citing previous incidents and Supreme Court rulings, Taylor claimed it hadn’t deterred the prison from “continuing to deny prisoners from their one hour minimum entitlement”, and that “there needs to be accountability” for the practice continued for “such a long period” of time. ? Read more »

Why John Key can’t sack Sam Lotu-Iiga


Labour think they have got a hit on Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga because on his watch prisoners have been fighting each other. Unfortunately for Labour the vast majority of the NZ public are only concerned about this because Corrections doesn’t provide lethal weapons for prisoners who fight to help ease them out of the gene pool. ? Read more »

Winston knew this was coming, and dumped her from the party


I tried to run this as an important story about an MP breaking the law at the time, but the media were so pre-occupied with their own little games, it allowed Winston Peters to duck quite the controversy. ?It may have earned him a few percentage points for the final party vote.

Former NZ First MP?Asenati?Lole-Taylor inappropriately accessed the criminal?records of a former party official, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

Dennis Taylor, her husband, lost his job last month after an investigation found he looked up historic convictions of NZ First’s former director and?Mana?electorate chairwoman?Marise?Bishop.

Now, in a letter to Bishop, Corrections has revealed the investigation found?Lole-Taylor, who was a rehabilitation?and reintegration services adviser at the time, also broke the rules.

But because she quit Corrections after becoming a list MP in 2011, they can take no action. Read more »

Trotter on Phillip Smith and the wombles who enabled his escape

Chris Trotter will probably be getting hate emails from the caring and sharing leftwing who think nothing of attacking people for voicing an opinion that differs?from theirs, but rush arms outstretched to give sociopaths like Phillip Smith a good hug and a cuddle after he was raised bottle fed not breast fed causing his sociopathic marauding through society.

Trotter is a truth speaker…this is what he has?to say about Phillip Smith?and those who enabled his escape:

THE BUREAUCRATIC STUFF-UP that sped Phillip Smith/Traynor on his way to Chile, Brazil, and from there, thankfully,?into the handcuffs of the Brazilian Federal Police, has exposed one of the most perilous fault lines in New Zealand society.

On one side of the fault line stand the experts and professionals. On the other, ordinary New Zealanders: the laity.

In the modern meritocracy New Zealand believes itself to be, expertise and professionalism are supposed to trump the layperson?s ?instincts?, ?gut feelings? and ?common sense?.

Like the priests and the pastors they have largely superseded, experts and professionals lay claim to specialist knowledge of the world. Their mastery of the modern, ?scientific?, method of explaining the universe means that, all other things being equal, the judgement of the expert and the professional is supposed take precedence over the traditional prejudices and ignorant superstitions of ?ordinary people?.

But, Phillip Smith/Traynor?s scandalous escape from custody will, almost certainly, turn out to have been facilitated by the judgements of the experts and professionals employed by, or contracted to, the Department of Corrections. Indeed, it is already pretty clear that had the advice of those ordinary New Zealanders caught up in the multiple tragedies of Smith?s offending been heeded, he would never have escaped from custody.

The people who Trotter is referring to are the likes of Kim Workman and other crim hugging weirdos.

Real people think a bit differently.

Ordinary people recoil in horror and disgust from the criminal acts for which Phillip Smith/Traynor was convicted.

Their instinctive response is the same as that of any social animal confronted with a deadly threat to the survival of its young: kill it if you can, or, if that proves impossible, drive it from your midst.

The gut-feeling of non-expert, non-professional New Zealanders is that the likes of Phillip Smith/Traynor are irretrievably evil. As killers, abusers, manipulators and deceivers they must never, ever, be believed or trusted.

The common sense of ordinary Kiwis tells them that, if the possibility of judicial error requires them to rule out the hangman?s noose, then murderers and paedophiles should simply be locked up forever.

What part of ?predatory child abuser? and ?vicious murderer? do the Department of Corrections’ experts and professionals not understand?

Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Another Hager and Fisher lie exposed

“Mr” Hager, using my stolen emails, drawing conclusions based on incomplete information, writing a narrative and not checking it with the people involved,?any of the people involved for factual correctness before publishing, has been pushing the idea that I was involved in having a prisoner moved. ? He’s published a lie that Minister Judith Collins organised this.

David Fisher, in his partial and very sanitised “Mea Culpa – I used to be manipulated against my will by Cameron Slater” piece in the Herald the other day may also take note of the fact, instead of how he likes to present things.

Below, is an OIA reply from the Department of Corrections. ?All personal details have been redacted to respect the privacy of the person who requested the OIA. ?A non-redacted copy is in my possession.


Read more »

Waste of time if sex offender register not public

Anne Tolley is proposing the creation of a child sex offenders register, but bizarrely it won;t be public, instead restricted to government agencies.

The Government is pushing ahead with a child-sex offender register, which could eventually be expanded to include other sexual offenders.

Police and Corrections Minister Anne Tolley has confirmed ministers signed off on plans to establish the database with an announcement expected within the next few weeks. The database will not be open to the public.

It will be managed by the police, and only available to officials with security clearance from agencies such as the Department of Corrections and the Ministry of Social Development.

If National is returned to Government at September’s election, Tolley hopes to introduce the register by the end of the year.

Initially, the list will run to about 350 names and include those who have been released from prison or are serving a community sentence. Offenders with name suppression would not be excluded. It is expected the index will eventually be expanded to target other sex offenders. ?? Read more »

Ass Nasty Lolly Stealer has some ‘splaining’ to do

Bag of Hammers

Dumber than a bag of hammers

Perhaps the stupidest and nastiest MP in the current parliament has some explaining to do.

Her mad rantings to Andrea Vance just won’t cut it.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor will come under scrutiny as part of a Department of Corrections investigation into the accessing of criminal records.

The list MP was employed as a rehabilitation and reintegration services adviser for the Pacific-Northern region until 2011.

It was revealed earlier this month that her husband Dennis Taylor, a Corrections manager, was under investigation amid allegations the record of former party official Marise Bishop was accessed. Investigators have examined electronic fingerprints, which record when, where and who accessed records.

It is understood they now want to speak to Lole-Taylor. ?? Read more »