Diane Gribben


Have just got back from a lovely trip to Waitomo. It was for Master Whaleoil’s home-school trip.

We stayed at the Juno Hall Backpackers overnight last night (great family facilities) and went through the caves this morning. Wow!, lots of changes since I last went, really professional setup now. The guide sang a song in the “cathedral” and the boat ride was pretty cool. The Glow-worms, or really glow-maggots were spectacular.

This afternoon we went for a Horsetrek at Altura Park, this was pretty cool too. They have 480 acres, a fresh spring, waterfall and a huge cave not to mention a few tomo. They also have a Donkey, Pigs, and other animals in the gardens for petting and feeding. Be warned though there is an age limit on the Horsetreks that they don’t tell you about which caused a few tears for Miss Whaleoil.

The whole area is buzzing and the locals are real friendly with an eye to customer service. We went out to dinner last night at Huhu Cafe. Now for those of you who are long time fans of the blog then you will know that I am extremely fussy when it comes to my Steak. The Sirloin delivered was two inches thick, juicy and as always I ordered it bleu. It was superbly cooked and properly bleu as well and just melted in the mouth. This was the best steak I have had in many a year in New Zealand. The service was great and they had great variety on the menu including Ostrich. The boy and the missus had that. I can highly recommend Huhu even if you are travelling past. It is well worth the side trip just to enjoy a meal there.

The last thing we did was stop off for an Icecream at the fruit shop next to the Big Apple. You can’t miss it, it is at the Big Apple. They have the biggest icecreams you can imagine time two!!! and for country prices too!

We had a great time and will repeat I think when the girl child is old enough to ride the Horse Treks.