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The woman with two fathers has a crack at Donald Trump

Despite the fact that the myth about Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter has been widely and comprehensively debunked, that didn’t stop Bernie Two-Fathers from having a nasty crack at him. What makes her tirade particularly special is the extremely ambiguous headline chosen to go with it.

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby: The affluent target who talks effluent

I don’t know how affluent Olive-Kerby is but she was certainly talking effluent in this article.

He lies too: “I didn’t mock that disabled reporter”. (Yes you did, Donald.)

No, Bernadine, it is you who is the liar. You’d think someone working in media would be better informed.

I can’t stand Donald Trump. I can?take or leave some of his policy, but I cannot stomach the man. And I just can’t ignore the chance to take aim at a walking “free-shot”: the affluent target?who talks effluent.He evokes the same feeling?I get when I use a public restroom and the toilet seat is already warm.? It grosses me out.

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BREAKING: Someone in parliament is gay


You’ll have to forgive me, but apparently someone in parliament is gay.

Yes, exactly. ?Who cares?

The reason I’m even writing this is because I’m annoyed.

So I get this phone call from another journalist to tell me that a National MP is being hunted down by a journalist. ?And not in a professional way.

Apparently the journalist is going to out the MP as gay for some kind of revenge.

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Poor little Nicky is upset


Nicky Hager really is a little weasel. He’s now whinged to the Department of Internal Affairs over the data release of phone records between me and Jason Ede.

He seems to be making a big fuss over the minutes of each call.

I received this email earlier today:

From: Katrina Taylor @ DIA
To: Cam SlaterRE: Information being released to Nicky Hager

Dear Mr Slater,

Mr Hager has contacted the Department and pointed out that we did not include in the information we sent to him the time of the calls and text messages, which was one of the details he had requested.

Time data was actually prepared for release to Mr Hager however an oversight on our part meant that it was not included in the information that was sent to him, or in the data sent to you.

Please find attached an updated table with the time data included.

I apologise for this oversight. The Department will be providing an updated appendix to Mr Hager next week.

Kind regards,


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Want to know why media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Do you want to know why the media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Because the media are actually Hillary Clinton’s bitches.

Truth Revolt reports:

Wikileaks, through its release of Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails,?has provided a trove of information and irrefutable proof of just how deeply corrupt America’s power centers are.

From the Department of Justice to the FBI to the White House and State Department to the one institution meant to be the?watchdog of them all — the media — America’s most sacred?institutions have fallen from grace, proving to be nothing more than lackeys?beholden to the Clinton machine.

As Wikileaks releases tens of thousands of documents worthy of scrutiny, our media remain silent — and they do so because they are implicated in the worst aspects of the corruption.

In email #5636 to John Podesta from Mary Pat Bonner –?a powerful “donor adviser” of Clinton?–?and accompanying documents attached, we learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been working with no less than 372 news?makers to shape an anti-Trump narrative across all mainstream media.

Through the email?attachments, the pro-Hillary SuperPAC, Correct the Record (CTR)?”has identified 372 surrogates including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news for Presidential 2016 politics and provided them around 80 sets of talking points.” ? Read more »

Dirty Politics? You ain’t seen nothing yet [Mandatory watching]

I can assure you that New Zealand is a backwater when it comes to this level of Dirty Politics. ? But it does happen at all levels at a much less intense and involved rate. ?? Read more »

Why Hosking is angry about sex in disabled toilets

It infuriated me not because of what [Aaron] Smith did, which was stupid, but hardly the crime of the century. What infuriated me was several fold.

One, the bloke thinking that recording such an incident would ever in any way lead to anywhere but trouble and regret.

What sort of petty-minded, pathetic little bitter and twisted personality do you need to be to look to profit from such an event?

Two, the media up and running with it. It shows a venal, small-minded clickbait kind of thought process to take a tip like that and look to cause trouble, and that’s all it really was.

This is not to say it’s not a story because it was, but how stories are handled are the key.
At worst this was a breach of protocol, he deserved to be sprung and disciplined, but that’s about where it needed to end.

Instead what we got was a circus.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in Court listening to Nicky Hager. ?He told the jury that it is essential that the real media (meaning not me), gets to control what is a story and what isn’t a story. ?Because, in his world view, the real media would not run Len Brown sex scandals, they wouldn’t run Colin Craig and his Press Secretary stories, and I suppose they wouldn’t run All Blacks having it off in an airport toilet stories. ? Read more »

So, no laws broken, no action by authorities, what was Matt Nippert banging on about then?

Matt Nippert, a supposed investigative journalist ran a massive hit job on supposed dirty money in Kiwisaver accounts.

Apparently, there was some sort of moral, possibly illegal investment in some companies he clearly doesn’t like.

Turns out nothing illegal was done, there is no reason why these investments shouldn’t have been made and both the Police and the FMA are taking no action whatsoever.

The Police have released a statement on an investigation into whether the Cluster Munitions Act may have been breached by KiwiSaver fund managers.

?There are significant threshold issues with regard to establishing breaches of the Act, and at this stage there is no evidence to indicate offending,? the Police said.

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Journalist are mourning their waning power over lying politicians


via TVNZ

via TVNZ

Politicians are expected to lie. And the public don’t believe journalists either. Where does that put a political reporter?

Journalists have been venting their frustration?about all this lately.

“Do John Key and Andrew Little think we are all stupid? Don’t answer that,” a despairing Vernon Small wrote in the Dominion Post in response.

“They have been caught out, time after time, speaking untruths ? about really important stuff ? and refusing to rectify problems, let alone admit to them,” wrote TVNZ commentator Dita Di Boni.

“Key, Bennett, English, Bridges and so forth insist everything?s fine. But they?re wrong, and need to retract their incorrect statements. They must apologise,” she wrote.

Clearly many politicians see no need to do that, even in cases where the evidence is stacked against them. But why?

In another opinion piece on TVNZ’s website, political correspondent Andrea Vance said “the polls don?t punish National for straying from the truth”, and she pointed to the success of fact-free campaigns by Donald Trump in the US and Brexit backers in the UK.

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Nicky Hager was taxpayer-funded for his Panama Papers hit on the government


David Farrar acutally manages to produce a top-notch blog between movie reviews, exercise reports and angsty navel-gazing

A reader has sent me this OIA response from Radio NZ regarding their collaboration with TVNZ and Nicky Hager. It outlines how taxpayer money was spent on paying for an exclusive that turned out to be a fizzer. Remember all this information was being released publicly anyway. They just spent taxpayers money on trying to get an exclusive. Read more »

Hey John, does this explain why Fiji won’t let lying ratbag Michael Field into their country?


Michael Field – fiction writer

Fairfax Media has settled a case brought by Stephen Jennings against the company and its?former reporter, Michael Field, regarding an article published in March 2015 on www.stuff.co.nz,?and in a number of regional Fairfax newspapers, about Mr Jennings and his businesses.Fairfax Media’s management, its editors and Mr Field apologise unreservedly to Mr?Jennings for the article. We accept that the article and the statements about Mr Jennings and his?businesses within it were entirely without merit; Mr?Field did not contact Mr Jennings for his?comment; and the article failed to meet Fairfax’s high expectations in relation to its own editorial?standards and journalistic ethics.

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