Politically correct language defined by Whaleoil: Part One

There are so many politically correct words these days that would benefit from a Whaleoil dictionary definition so that we can understand fully what they really mean.

Diversity: This does not mean diverse ideas or diverse experience. Diversity is a code word for including people with coffee-coloured skin and if they are also female that is even better. Bonus points are awarded if they are from a culture that has very different values to the majority culture.


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My secret interview with a German academic: Part Two

“Konrad” answered my interview questions via an encrypted e-mail service

My latest interview subject is from Northern Saxony and he has an M.A in History with an interest in politics, current affairs and theory. He contacted me via a secret encrypted e-mail service called Tutanota in order to keep our communications private. The fact that he felt the need to protect himself like that says a lot. He said that although the epicentre of the problem I’m tackling in my interview lies in the western metropolis, it’s starting to happen in Northern Saxony as well.

My contact, who I will call Konrad (a German name that means?Brave counsel),?gave me comprehensive replies to my questions so I divided the interview up into two parts. One of the excellent points that he made in this second part of the interview is one that has been totally ignored by mainstream media. Konrad said that helping refugees should be about temporary protection not about permanent settlement. The media always seemed to make it a binary choice that either we help them by taking them into our countries or we do nothing to help them at all. Clearly, there is a third option.

Konrad’s final statement to me was the most hard hitting thing he said and touches on the German psyche.

The problems lie much deeper inside the German people, and without a complete solution to them, something like the current situation is very likely to happen again.”

World War II has damaged the psyche of the German people. I have often speculated that support for Merkel’s open borders comes from a desire to show the world that today’s Germans have nothing in common with the Nazis.

Do you think the average German feels free to openly express disapproval of Angela Merkel?s open border policy or will they be accused of racism or Islamophobia if they express their disapproval publically?

There actually is no thinking about this, because it is clearly evident. There is no such thing as a free public debate about the open border policy, let alone the question of foreigners in total. To be precise: Of course, the topic can and will be discussed in between friends, at bars and the like, but the public political debate is clearly circumscribed and aggressively controlled.

Recent attempts to revise the immigration policy from the so-called conservative parties (CDU/CSU) must be seen in the context of the upcoming federal election in 2017 and can be safely seen as nothing but lip service to prevent the AfD, which is at least moderately against immigration, from gaining, even more, support. Talk is cheap.

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Gab of the day


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The Paradox of Diversity



I am so sick of all this diversity rubbish

The Labour Party don’t e-mail me anymore but the other day this turned up in my in box.



It is a business survey that was focussed solely on diversity.”Diversity” is one of those buzz words that the PC world love and think is all about inclusiveness and ?multiculturalism. In a video I watched recently multiculturalism was referred to as multi-conflict and I think diversity is actually racism and sexism in disguise.

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A Left Wing view of the problems with multiculturalism in Europe


The author of the book The Trojan Horse: A Leftist Critique of Multiculturalism in the West points out that in their eagerness to avoid accusations of racism, left-leaning liberals have abandoned traditionally progressive liberal principles. He points out that the pluralist multiculturalism that the UN has forced onto?Sweden, and other European states is just as fixated on race as the racists they condemn. He also points out that multiculturalism ignores the rights of dissenting minorities within the religious and ethnic groups as they view them as one homogenous group.

Mainstream self-styled ?progressives? tend to think of multiculturalism and diversity as inherently good things ? ideas that only the racist and bigoted would contest. Which is why Swedish sociologist Goran Adamson?s new book, The Trojan Horse: A Leftist Critique of Multiculturalism in the West, is such a welcome intervention. It provides a definitive critique of the ideology of diversity, and it does so from a progressive perspective. In particular, it shows how reason, freedom and individuality ? the cornerstones of democracy and civil rights ? are being undermined by the ideology of multiculturalism

…he was commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights to determine the best methods for increasing political participation among immigrant groups in Europe.

…he discovered that the separate-but-equal model of a pluralist, multicultural society was less effective at encouraging political participation among immigrant groups

…Adamson?s report, Immigrants and Political Participation, was quickly dismissed, even by those who commissioned it.

…Adamson argues that the methods and theories of multiculturalists are similar to those of right-wing extremists: both want to force reality to conform to their worldview, rather than respond to it as it really is.

There are other parallels between multiculturalism and old-fashioned racial thinking. For instance, as Adamson points out, multicultural ideology makes a fetish, like the racial theories of yore, of ethnic diversity. What matters is not, as Martin Luther King believed, the content of one?s character, but the colour of one?s skin.

…In this sense, multiculturalism is just as fixated on race as the racist thought of the past.

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Diversity at Whaleoil is vast, like the right-wing conspiracy

We here at Whaleoil pride ourselves on our diversity. The Ferald has asked if different organisations are too white. We here at Whaleoil ask if our organisation is too diversely fabulous?

The staff who run Whaleoil like a well-oiled… er Whale come from all walks of life. We were founded by a Fijian coconut.

Fijian coconut

Fijian coconut

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The unbridled nonsense of multiculturalism

Townhall’s Walter Williams reports:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that multiculturalism has “utterly failed,” adding that it was an illusion to think Germans and foreign workers could “live happily side by side.” The failure of multiculturalism is also seen in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and other European countries. Immigrants coming from Africa and the Middle East refuse to assimilate and instead seek to import the failed cultures they fled.

Leftist diversity advocates and multiculturalists are right to argue that people of all races, religions and cultures should be equal in the eyes of the law. But their argument borders on idiocy when they argue that one set of cultural values cannot be judged superior to another and that to do so is Eurocentrism.

That’s unbridled nonsense. Ask a diversity/multiculturalism advocate: Is forcible female genital mutilation, as practiced in nearly 30 sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern countries, a morally equivalent cultural value? Slavery is practiced in northern Sudan. In most of the Middle East, there are numerous limits placed on women, such as prohibitions on driving, employment and education. Under Islamic law, in some countries, female adulterers face death by stoning, and thieves are punished by having their hand severed. In some African and Middle Eastern countries, homosexuality is a crime, in some cases punishable by death. Are all these cultural values morally equivalent to those of the West?

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Progressives are fine with people who don’t look like them as long as they think like them

George Yancey, a sociology professor, says he has faced many problems in life because he is black, ?but inside academia I face more problems as a Christian, and it is not even close.? Credit Nancy Newberry for The New York Times

George Yancey, a sociology professor, says he has faced many problems in life because he is black, ?but inside academia I face more problems as a Christian, and it is not even close.? Credit Nancy Newberry for The New York Times

Believe it or not people holding conservative viewpoints experience discrimination inside Universities and Academia.Twenty five years ago I did not experience discrimination as a teacher but I was sometimes treated as an amusing oddity by other teachers whenever I expressed my conservative views. Many were quite patronising, as if I was some how unsophisticated or naive for holding such views. When I was at university I do not recall having any conservative lecturers although I do remember having a lecturer who recommended that we all try drugs.

WE progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table ? er, so long as they aren?t conservatives.

Universities are the bedrock of progressive values, but the one kind of diversity that universities disregard is ideological and religious. We?re fine with people who don?t look like us, as long as they think like us.

…consider George Yancey, a sociologist who is black and evangelical.

?Outside of academia I faced more problems as a black,? he told me. ?But inside academia I face more problems as a Christian, and it is not even close.?

I?ve been thinking about this because on Facebook recently I wondered aloud whether universities stigmatize conservatives and undermine intellectual diversity. The scornful reaction from my fellow liberals proved the point.

?Much of the ?conservative? worldview consists of ideas that are known empirically to be false,? said Carmi.

?The truth has a liberal slant,? wrote Michelle.

?Why stop there?? asked Steven. ?How about we make faculties more diverse by hiring idiots??

To me, the conversation illuminated primarily liberal arrogance ? the implication that conservatives don?t have anything significant to add to the discussion. My Facebook followers have incredible compassion for war victims in South Sudan, for kids who have been trafficked, even for abused chickens, but no obvious empathy for conservative scholars facing discrimination.

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Face of the day

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos

Today’s face of the day has described himself as an “Alpha homo, a dangerous faggot and the most fabulous supervillain on the internet” as well as an “agent provocateur.” ?He is a technology and media commentator and journalist. He is unafraid of challenging ideas and beliefs and holds some very interesting views given that he is both gay and conservative / libertarian. ?What I most like about him is how he is challenging today’s feminists. One feminist he pointed out was an agent provocateur just like him, the only difference being that when she received criticism on social media she cried victim, whereas as he just takes it in his stride.

When Milo Yiannopoulos, a controversial conservative British writer for the Breitbart News Network, spoke at Rutgers University on Tuesday about how college campuses have become too hypersensitive and politically correct, students responded by smearing their faces with fake blood in protest.

The issue of whether college campuses have become too politically correct had become a heavily debated issue in the past few years ? even at Rutgers, where former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice backed out of giving a graduating speech amid protests.

To repudiate what he sees as an increasingly reactive educational environment, where microagressions?are getting in the way of substantive debate, Yiannopoulos told students that they should be going to college to “interrogate new ideas” and “experiment with dangerous ideas, new forms of knowledge, to meet new people, to introduce ourselves to new experiences, and to learn more about the world around us.”

“Up against that mission,” he said, according to a video of the event and witnesses there, “up against what ought to be the central purpose of higher education, what ought to be the reason you’re all here, is a culture of safe spaces and trigger warnings which seeks to insulate people from anything that might traumatize or upset them.”

In the video, he continued, “Of course they are not really traumatized or upset; they are just upset that someone disagrees with them. In my view, anybody who asks for a trigger warning or a safe space, should be immediately expelled.”

The audience loudly applauded his statement.

He said such reactivity merely demonstrates that those students “are incapable of exposing themselves to new ideas.”

“They are demonstrating that they are incapable of engaging in a humble pursuit of knowledge,” he said.

At which point, a woman yells from off camera, “This man represents hatred!” They also started chanting “Black lives matter”

The video then pans to one side of the auditorium where two students appear to smear fake blood on their faces.

The evocative display was met with loud applause.

Members of the audience in support of Yiannopoulos booed and started chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

The two students eventually exited the auditorium inside Scott Hall as several other students who also smeared fake blood on their faces stood and continued the fervor.

“Safe to say a few people were triggered last night,” Yiannopoulos wrote on his Twitter account, which was recently de-verified, leading to outrage among conservatives.

Yiannopoulos has come under fire, and also won support, for his statements against feminism.

One of the protesters told the Daily Targum, Rutgers’ student paper, that Yiannopoulos shouldn’t have been invited.

“(Rutgers groups) should not be inviting anyone like (Yiannopoulos) because what we stand for is inclusion and diversity,” Nyuma Waggeh?said, according to the Targum. “If a speaker makes someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then they should not come to campus.”


Yeah right, ?they are so inclusive and encouraging of diversity that they don’t want to invite a gay conservative because his ideas might upset them. They are not about inclusion and diversity; they are about silencing free speech and only allowing views that they agree with to be heard. They have no problem making guest speakers feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their bizarre protests.

In the below video Milo is rudely interrupted and shouted down for the entire duration of his speech. It is only once they get to the question and answer section that things improve. I recommend missing out the speech and going straight to the Q&A. Milo is well worth listening to.



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