And so the whining starts…

The season highlights how inconsiderate some people are; placing their own interests above those of the rest of the community despite the great costs imposed.

You might be surprised to learn how damaging these things are. ACC reports over twelve thousand injuries costing nearly five million dollars are caused annually by this scourge. Worse, people are being killed. In a tragic case in 2013, a 31-year-old Auckland woman was killed, and earlier this year a 7-year-old boy suffered severe facial injuries.

Many complain of being kept awake at night by the noise. Children, when not being injured are often scared and horses in particular can be frightened.

It is incomprehensible that although so many people find these damnable things to be frightening, dangerous and noisy, the Government does nothing about them. Just last week I was walking through a park and saw evidence of inconsiderate and irresponsible people who failed to clean up their mess, leaving a trail of disgusting debris everywhere.

Let’s not forget the emergency services who are called out day and night dealing with complaints about the noise, dealing with damage and tragically sometimes taking young children to hospital.

There is no doubt people who use these things enjoy them but the cost imposed on the rest of society is just not acceptable. Children are being injured. Children. The most vulnerable in our society, those most needing our protection, are being damaged and yet we do nothing.

But enough about the problem of dogs. Let’s talk about fireworks, something I care about as I import and sell them.

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Dogs and Islam


It isn’t just women who get special treatment in Islam. Dogs do too.

Traditionally, dogs have been seen as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against most contact with dogs. Unfortunately, many Muslims have used this view to justify the abuse and neglect of dogs, even though cruelty contradicts the Qur’an’s view that all animals form “communities like you.” We are pleased to present several articles examining the place of dogs in Islam. Read more »


Dog registration makes me angry. It?s a tax on good people to pay for the bad ones

How about we drop dog registration fees and then charge the true cost of any dog related problems or enforcement to those that actually cause the drama?

“We reward responsible dog owners, people who de-sex their dogs and special service dogs, who are much less likely to be the cause of nuisance or dog attack callouts,” Auckland Council’s bylaws and regulatory committee chair councillor Calum Penrose said.

He said this year the council would target the bottom 10 per cent who “take a free ride at the expense of other dog owners”.

“Dog registration is a user-pays service and fees cover the entire cost of keeping Aucklanders safe from dog-related nuisance and harm.

“None of that comes out of rates. Every dog owner who doesn’t pay their share is leaving it to others to pay for their dogs,” he said.

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Dogs, owners and … negligent councils

The number of Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) dog bite claims across all breeds has doubled since 2006, from almost 6000 to over 12,000 last year.

Last year, those claims cost the taxpayer about $4.5 million.

[An] Otara resident, Sanga Tomasi, said dogs roaming the streets were a danger to her three children and needed to be locked up.

“My street’s got heaps of dogs running around and my kids play outside so I have to keep them in my house, inside my property, because the dogs, some of them are dangerous. That is my biggest fear.”

Responsible dog owners pay exorbitant fees so that dogs like that are dealt with. ?Yet the council doesn’t do a thing about it.

A seven-year-old Auckland boy needed 100 stitches to his face after he was mauled by his uncle’s pit bull terrier on Saturday.

[Another] Otara local Maraea Howe said she believed pit bulls had dangerous instincts and should be banned.

“I’m totally scared of them. Whenever I see one, I’m really cautious, so yeah I shouldn’t have to walk down the road and be like that, be put in that position.

I’m surprised someone doesn’t leave a few poison-laced steaks lying around. ?After all, when it comes to free roaming dogs and your own children, if the owners don’t care and the council don’t round them up, what else do you do? ? Read more »


Perhaps this should be the standard defence technique for any kind of attack?

What do Michelle Boag, Martyn Bradbury, John Hopoate and this man all have in common?

The desperate actions of a man who poked a finger into the bum of an attacking dog may have saved Phillip McLean’s leg.

McLean’s?daytrip to Palmerston North turned into more than a week lying in a hospital bed after he was set upon by a pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross.

The Hunterville man was visiting a friend on Terrace Street, near Palmerston North Hospital, last Wednesday when he heard growling.

A pitbull neapolitan mastiff cross, allegedly let out from a nearby block of flats, had its paws up on McLean’s vehicle and was in the middle of a growling match with his dog, a rottweiler, who he had left in the car with the window partially down. ? Read more »

Pets at work? Or Pests at work? [POLL]

Research suggests allowing people to bring pets to work is beneficial for productivity and general harmony.

Allowing workers to bring their animal friends to work could increase workplace productivity rather than prove a distraction, a pet care advisor believes. …

“The benefits are huge, it’s not just the amount of fun we have and the pets have, but there’s really good research to say it reduces the stress of people whose pets are in the office on a regular basis.

“People think it must be chaotic but we know productivity increases…maybe because you’re taking more regular breaks so the time you spend at the desk is more productive.”

Research also showed that employees began to enjoy their jobs more and even liked their bosses more for allowing them to bring their pets in.

But it was important good guidelines were set down, as not every pet and not every workplace would be suitable, she said. Read more »


The land of the free?



First they came for our dogs and I said nothing because I didn’t have a dog.
Then they came for our cats and I said nothing because I didn’t like cats.
Then they came for our education system and I said nothing because I didn’t have children.
Then they imposed Sharia Law and I said nothing because I was a woman and my place was under a Burqa.


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Dog mauls boy. Who is responsible?

Kelly Dennet and Neil Reid report on this particular dog attack

A family pet that left little Shepherd Mea fighting for his life used to roam the street terrorising neighbours and had been aggressive towards the child before yesterday’s attack.

The incident happened at a Housing New Zealand property, and Housing Minister Nick Smith told the Sunday Star-Times last night officials would launch an inquiry as dogs were not routinely allowed at HNZ homes.

A neighbour also revealed it was the second time the dog had attacked the boy.

“The boy was really friendly, a lovely little guy. He’d talk to me when I hung out the washing,” a neighbour said.

“The other day he had a few scratches on his face and he was telling my cousins they were from the dog.”

The vicious attack also came just days after the boy’s father Orlando Shepherd posted a picture of the dog, which he called a pitbull, on his Facebook page with the status line: “Mess wif me il eat u alive…”

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Stone Age religion takes offence at cute doggies

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Seriously if you can be offended by a Scottie dog then Glasgow might not be the best place to visit if you are a sensitive wee Islamist fundamentalist who is deeply concerned about anything in life which you might get pleasure out of.

Suicide bomber blowing up innocent civilians…straight to paradise, walking a Scottie dog…60 lashes.

Of course losing an airplane entirely with the loss of everyone onboard and flying another one over a war zone with similar results?isn’t at all shameful and offensive, but walking a freakin’ dog is.

Malaysian?politicians and religious leaders have attacked the use of Scottie dogs during the?Commonwealth Games?opening ceremony, claiming it was disrespectful to Muslims.

Around 40 Scottie dogs were used in the?opening ceremony in Glasgow?last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park. ? Read more »

Just a fun piece of writing

Occasionally you see some good stuff in a newspaper. ?Something that hasn’t been through the spin cycle and us just a roaring good read.

Talia Shadwell, thanks for bringing several smiles to my face today

Police officers have filthy mouths, and Khandallah schoolgirl Sarah Scott can prove it – even though her dog ate some of the evidence.

Her science project investigation into whether police dogs or their handlers have more bacteria in their mouths has won her a chance to compete in a science and technology fair – but it also produced some disturbingly close results.

Sarah, 11, of St Benedict’s School, examined bacteria from the mouths of eight police dogs and their handlers. Fortunately for the handlers’ reputations, their mouths proved cleaner than the dogs, but only just.

Sarah’s project won her school science competition – despite her jack russell Rupert climbing on to the dining table and eating four of the samples just two weeks before the project was due.

His behaviour was not only unhelpful, but pretty gross, Sarah said.

“Those petri dishes were smelly and they had heaps of bacteria.”

The dog handlers helped Sarah out by repeating the experiment, swabbing their dogs’ mouths to avoid Sarah being bitten.

She said she was very grateful for their help.

“I feel that they dedicated a lot of time to my project and helped me a lot.”

Six-year-old Rupert, however, was collared for destroying evidence – incriminated by photographs of broken petri dishes at the “crime scene”.

For ethical reasons, Sarah, who hopes to become a vet, refused to entertain The Dominion Post’s questions about which of the eight Wellington police officers involved in her research had the worst breath.

However, she did reveal police dog Link had the highest oral bacterial count – and that the dogs proved the most obedient research subjects.

Link’s handler, Wellington police dog section head Senior Sergeant Mark Davidson, said he was proud of his “top dog”. He and his colleagues who volunteered to take part in Sarah’s project admired her work ethic.

“To get up in front of a bunch of hairy-arse dog handlers and get her spiel across takes a huge amount of courage for a young kid. She did great.”

Speaking of dogs, did you know there is such a thing as dog racism? ?Katy Waldman has that story ? Read more »