Trotter calls for Goff's head

Chris Trotter is angry. He’s mad as hell and he is blogging about it.

Phil Goff is Alfred E. NeumanLISTENING to Radio New Zealand-National’s “Focus on Politics” yesterday evening, I was incensed and depressed, but I can’t honestly say surprised, to hear Phil Goff dismiss Labour’s founding objective – “the socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange” as “nineteenth century history.”

It got worse, with Phil adding ideological insult to historical injury by declaring that the modern Labour Party believed “a well-functioning market system is the most effective and efficient way of organising an economy”. Yes, he was willing to “recognise market failure”, but only to the extent of ensuring “an adequate level of regulation”.

As the indignant hum of Mickey Savage spinning in his grave grew louder, Phil then proceeded to define Labour’s twenty-first century mission as being all about “how you make a modern capitalist system work more effectively, and work in favour of all of the citizens of a country – and not just the chosen few, the elite at the top.”

Phil Goff had better watch out. The left is mobilising. It is mobilising to get Goff and this blog post is the signal that all is not well within Labour’s ranks.

Phil Goff, will be carryng on with a Alfred E. Neuman-esqe demeanour showing he cares not a jot for un-reconstitued pinkos like trotter calling for his head.

It appears that Trotter knows more about labour’s history than Phil Goff.

Even today, the Party’s constitution declares, as one of its foundation principles: “Co-operation, rather than competition, should be the main governing factor in economic relations, in order that a just distribution of wealth can be ensured.” And among its objectives one can still read of Labour’s determination: “To ensure the just distribution of the production and services of the nation for the benefit of all the people.”, and “To educate the public in the principles and objectives of democratic socialism and economic and social co-operation.”

While these principles and objectives remain firmly enshrined in the Labour Party Constitution, it ill-behoves its leader to tell Radio New Zealand-National’s political editor, Brent Edwards, that they amount to nothing more than “nineteenth century history”.

And his attack doesn’t end there;

I would also take issue with Phil’s description of contemporary capitalism as “the most effective and efficient way of organising an economy”. Leaving aside the recent massive failures of capitalist institutions across the globe, it is extremely difficult to see anything remotely “effective” or “efficient” about an economic system which constantly drives millions of human-beings into both relative and absolute poverty; contributes massively to social and racial polarisation across the globe; trashes the planet’s fragile ecology, and brings closer with every passing day the prospect of catastrophic climate change.

That Phil apparently believes it is possible to make such a system “work more effectively [for] all the citizens of a country and not just the chosen few – the elites at the top” tells me that he fundamentally misunderstands the market system he claims to support.

Wow, he basically just called Phil Goff a moron.

One thing about Chris Trotter, he wears his socialism proudly upon his sleeve, and doesn’t hide it all.

A capitalist economy, unmodified by the ameliorating reforms of a politically organised working class, will always fail to deliver for the overwhelming majority of the population. That’s because capitalism is intended to advantage the few at the expense of the many, and can only lead to the political domination of society by “elites at the top”.

To guarantee that the economy works more effectively for the majority, it is necessary to challenge the idea that private ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange leads to a fair and equitable society. It has been Labour’s historical mission to lead that challenge, and to play a decisive role in the struggle against capitalist ideology.

The history of the past century has made me extremely wary of mounting that challenge primarily by the application of political violence and repression. My preference is for the principled and peaceful promotion of social-democratic ideas throughout the population – for making socialists of conviction rather than socialists by compulsion. Certainly, that means that the journey will be slow, and that there will be occasional reverses, but it most emphatically does not mean that we can ever afford to give up the challenge; put an end to the journey.

And that is where Phil Goff is in deep, deep trouble from within the ranks of Labour. He actually doesn’t believe in all that and the people Helen Clark recruited, molded and nutured in politics all do. Chris Trotter is simply voicing their frustrations and if Trotter is saying this out loud then as they say there is  “trouble at mill”.

If it is your view, Phil, that the quest for democratic socialism may be dismissed as something belonging to “nineteenth century history” then I say “The hell with you!”

And, to the members of the NZ Labour Party I say: “Find yourselves a new leader.”

There it is, a call for the tumbrils, and for Phil Goff to be riding them to the scaffold.

Proof Farrar is a limp dick

The HoS has proof positive that DPF is a limp dick.

One of New Zealand’s most-read bloggers has removed comments about the Sophie Elliott trial from his site following concerns they breached contempt of court laws.

The Solicitor General’s office is investigating online material, including David Farrar’s Kiwiblog site and a Facebook group with anti-Clayton Weatherston sentiments.

The Facebook group, which had more than 200 members, appears to have been closed, while Farrar said he would not make further comments until the end of the trial.

Poof!….And for the information of the HoS the Facebook group was closed at the request of Sophie Elliot’s family not for any bullshit legal reasons.


Nice quote from Hide

Folic acid law shock for HideMP Rodney Hide warned New Zealand Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson against mass medicating bread with folic acid three months ago – a month before the Herald on Sunday NZ Herald Politics]

The HoS are so up themselves. They claim they “broke” the folic acid story. What a load of crap, this story has been on soft boil for months, ever since Annette King foisted the decision on us by signing up to it as a dying act by a dying government.

Anyway this non-story about Rodney Hide being “shocked” to learn about the Folic Acid issue and warning Kate Wilkinson has a brilliant quote at the end and provides us all with the best reason to ditch the silly nanny state mass-mediction issue once and for all.

Last week Hide said New Zealand had rejected “the nanny state” in the last election.

“It seems to me the only argument in favour of it is we might upset the Australians which I thought was a plus.”

That’s my Rodney.

Why can't he say sorry to NZ?

Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of St Mary’s Bay has written a letter to the few remaining members of NZ First who haven’t died or succumbed to Swine Flu and said sorry to them.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has used a word that rarely crosses his lips, sorry.

Peters has written to his party faithful apologising for the mistakes that were made during the Owen Glenn affair before the last election.

In the letter, Peters said that before the party makes a new beginning, they want to use the hardest word in the English language, Sorry.

Peters acknowledged that mistakes were made.

He says in keeping their eyes on the big picture they failed to appreciate the importance of the details.

Peters says they allowed their opponents to create an impression of wrongdoing when no offences were committed and he says it won’t happen again.

WRP, 64, UOSMB is still one of New Zealand’s most corrupt and veanl politicians. he reckons he was never charged and that is mainly because a kind of Omertà pact operates inside NZ First and the Police are the singularly worst agency at investigating and prosecuting crimes under the Electoral Act. Quite simply Winston Peters lied and lied repeatedly about what he knew when.

His party never made mistakes, they delibrerately and calculatingly lied to authorities and it was only the mendacity of Michael Cullen in the Privileges Committee that saved him from greater sanction.

Winston can't say Sorry

Cleared of Spencer Trust Allegations


Bread additive call 'up to NZ'

Bread additive call ‘up to NZ’New Zealand has effectively been given the green light to axe rules forcing bakers to add folic acid to bread from September. [Stuff Politics]

Right there you go Kate, ditch Annette’s Folate Folly.


Electoral Commission takes heavy hand to Satire Site

The Electoral Enrolment Centre is trying to shut down the satire site

In our previous story about’s parody of the referendum question we prophetically said “The United States has parody and satire protection, but New Zealand doesn’t […] I can’t imagine the Electoral Office taking action over this but it’s worth remembering that free speech involving remix can be effectively censored through legal enforcement of copyright and trademarks.” …unfortunately our imagination wasn’t good enough and the Electoral Enrolment Centre have sent a copyright infringement / takedown notice to about misuse of the “orange elector character”.

Good grief, haven’t they got something better to do?

Copyright Takedown



SFNS causing fires now

Silly First Name Syndrome has been blamed for deaths, injuries and now I can certify that it may have been the cause of a dangerous house fire.

“There’s a fire and we’re all going to die.”

That frightened call from her son sent mother-of-eight Tammy Hippolite-Elkington rushing upstairs to save her family.

The fire badly damaged their Housing New Zealand three-bedroom home in Orchard St, Stoke on Thursday afternoon and St Barnabas Church has taken the family in.

Today, cuddling her one-year-old daughter Dreamz, Mrs Hippolite-Elkington wanted to say thanks to those who have helped the family.

She first realised something was up when her younger children came running downstairs, urging her to “come and look”, saying “quick, quick”.

Her three-year-old daughter had a lighter in her hand and she asked what had happened.

That’s when her son blurted out there was a fire and she rushed upstairs to find a mattress in a bedroom on fire.

Those aren’t Dreamz honey, those are nightmarez. Change the kid’s name before more evil befalls you.


Comparative advertising

Finally New Zealand is starting to catch up with the rest of the world with regards to comparative advertising. Some companies though aren’t taking too kindly to it and usually because they are the ones copping stick.

Like negative campaign ads, comparative advertising is usually more truthful and in two recent cases the truth hurts the main player.

Firstly Hampsta has been sticking it to Chrisco with their ad and Chrisco got all uppity about it and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. Their complaint was tossed out.

Now Hampsta wants an apology and rightly so.

Hampsta Commercial – Alcohol from Commercial Approvals Bureau on Vimeo.

Cadbury similarly has recently copped a lot of stick for changes to their recipe and Whittakers has pounced with their comparative ad. Likewise Cadbury has retaliated by complaining to the ASA. This complaint will ultimately prove futile as well.


Hi Everyone…what sort of naf email is that?

Whaleoil and Stephen Tindall have a mutual friend – one of the “everyone” who received his email advocating the Kampuchean Solution to the Global Warming Question.

Here’s what the wanker had to say:

Hi everyone

As you are aware I’ve been a passionate participant in the environmental space for some 12 years now. I believe New Zealand needs to make a commitment before the next round of climate change talks in Copenhagen later this year and for that reason have lent my name to the Sign On campaign which is advocating a target of 40% reduction in green house gases by 2020.

Please take a look at their website XXXXX and if you agree with me then sign on.

Best wishes

Stephen Tindall
PO Box 33181, Takapuna 0740, Auckland
Level 1, 1 Blomfield Spa, Takapuna 0622, Auckland
PA – Elaine Russell
Tel: 00649 488 3240
Fax: 00649 486 2365
Mobile: 021 464 900

What’s the “everyone” bullshit? Sounds like Richard Gere saying he’s “speaking for the entire world”

And what does it mean to be a “passionate participant in the environmental space”????

Call Tindall on his mobile and tell him he’s a wanker.

If he has his way on the 40% target, New Zealand will either look like we’re liars (again), or we’ll all have to be sent to Waiouru to grow rice and have plastic bags put over our heads.

Oh and take me off your stupid mailing list.


The Warehouse emperor has no clothes

Matthew Hooton has drawn a bead on Stephen Tindall’s greenwash and his utter hypocrisy in promoting the bollocks of Copenhagen. Once again I have been up early and trudged up to the local Howick Stationer who knew I was coming and had my NBR all ready for me. The article is well worth it so I will painstakingly re-type it all for you. Well, the best parts anyway

Stephen TindallThe Warehouse is almost certainly New Zealand’s most economically-, socially- and environmentally-destructive company, perhaps explaining why its founder, Stephen Tindall, tries so hard to greenwash it and himself.

Mr Tindall’s latest initiative is to email “everyone” urging support for Greenpeace’s target of a 40% reduction in net carbon-equivalent (CO2) emissions by 2020.  In doing so, he contrives not to know that this could only be achieved by butchering New Zealand’s agricultural sector and what remains of our manufacturing base, doubling energy prices, increasing unemployment and cutting everyone’s income by $3,200 a year.  Then again, perhaps he knows all this only too well, because his business would benefit.

Ouch! No holds barred there. I guess Hooton isn’t pushing for the PR work at The Warehouse anytime soon.

The Warehouse model is to buy junk manufactured in Chinese sweat shops using coal-fired electricity, burn more carbon by shipping it here, and then flick it to mainly poorer New Zealanders, who often neither need nor even want it.  The company has fuelled our ruinous trade deficit, boosting only the fast-growing home-storage sector and TradeMe.

To reach consumers, Mr Tindall’s company dumps its vulgar red sheds in the middle of small towns and shopping centres, destroying the retailers and the culture of entrepreneurship they promote.  Audaciously, patriotism is prominent in its marketing, including even the New Zealand flag,

The company also works hard to keep its wage bill low, with an in-house union set up in 2000 with seed money from the employer.  When its distribution-centre workers finally saw through that scam and joined a real union, the company immediately and miraculously found it had enough for a $3 an hour pay rise.

Double ouch!! Calling The Warehouse a sweat shop maked Hooton sound suspiciously like Matt McCarten or Laila Harre, I wonder if thy ghost wrote this article.

Pol PotMr Tindall’s echo of Greenpeace’s call for a 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 is all the more extreme because it’s measured against a 1990 baseline.  Since 1990, New Zealand’s emissions have increased by around 25%, mainly as a result of population growth, so that the true cut required to meet Mr Tindall’s dream would be in excess of 50%, in just a decade.  It goes without saying that no other country in the world is considering anything so stupid.

Neither Mr Tindall nor Greenpeace dare say how they think New Zealand could achieve their goal.  The mass planting of new forests might, at a stretch, deliver half of it, but policy u-turns over the last decade make it doubtful that private-sector investors will ever again trust ministerial statements sufficiently to plant even a single tree. With agriculture not yet having the technology to reduce emissions significantly without a mass national cull, only a Kampuchean solution in the industrial and transport sectors could deliver Mr Tindall’s goal.

Is Hooton ranting now! The Kampuchean solution! Where we all are forced to abandon out cities and march to work camps in the countryside where a quarter of our population dies in death camps. Surely that is a bit melodramatic? Well hang on a minute here, all evidence suggests thaat Pol Pot was actually one of the world’s pre-eminent environmentalists. Yes people will quibble about some of his techniques like killing a quarter of the population, but the evidence is categoric, carbon emmissions in Kampuchea were the envy of the world and the green movement and plunged to almost the levels that they are talking about.

Not even that, of course, would slow climate change by a single day, and Mr Tindall knows it.  New Zealand contributes just 0.2% of net global emissions so even were we to halve them, the total global reduction could be no more than 0.1%.  Worse, such a move by New Zealand would in factincrease global emissions and the Warehouse again provides an excellent case study as to why.

Mr Tindall and his ilk have destroyed their own countries’ manufacturing bases, instead buying from the polluting sweat shops on China’s eastern seaboard.  In so doing, it’s true they’ve cut their own countries’ emissions marginally but they have fuelled the doubling of China’s emissions, so that one out of every five CO2 molecules that enters the atmosphere now does so from what has become the world’s biggest polluter.

Mr Tindall’s 40% goal would make it worse.  With the collapse in economic activity his goal requires, even fewer Kiwis would be able to shop at High St, with its lower-carbon but more expensive goods.  More of us would be forced to buy the high-carbon junk he and his suppliers peddle, manufactured in countries with no environmental standards and no intention of following New Zealand “leadership” in slashing their industrial output with suicidal carbon-reduction goals.

Sheesh, that is hard hitting. The only word missing is the one Hooton called Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay.