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California bans Trump from 2020 ballot paper

President Donald Trump

Creating an obscure legal ‘get-out’ the Californian Senate has passed a Bill that prevents the secretary of state from printing a candidates name on the ballot it they have not disclosed their tax returns.

The candidate can still run, their name is simply omitted from the ballot paper so voters would have to write the name on their ballot paper. (Here, such votes would be ruled invalid having been defaced.) Quote.

In a broadside against President Donald Trump and the United States Constitution, Democrats in California’s Senate have passed new qualifications on who may run for president in that state. Designed to force Donald Trump to publicly disclose his tax returns, the law prohibits the secretary of state from printing a candidate’s name on the ballot unless that candidate produces a copy of every income tax return they filed with the IRS in the five most recent taxable years. Bill 27 passed through the state Senate in a straight party line vote of 27-10, and has been submitted to the House for consideration.

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So, who is really to blame?

Poor old Bryan Gould. He is still moaning about the last US election and Trump becoming President.? His latest whining is reported in??A Newspaper. Quote.

The guilty pleas and convictions of two of Donald Trump’s senior advisers – Paul Manafort, his former campaign director, and Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer – have added to the sense that his presidency is mired in a swamp of sleaze, corruption and moral depravity, and are likely to hasten the day when he is called fully to account.

But these trials have not succeeded in putting in the dock those who are truly responsible for lumbering us with a president who is so manifestly unfitted for the role.

Those who have been so self-serving, weak-kneed and lacking in principle as to foist Trump upon us have not yet been called to account, and show no sign of being willing to take responsibility for what they have done. They are, of course, the Republican Party.
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Photo of the Day

Liz Smith with Donald, Ivana and Ivanka Trump in 1987. Credit Tom Gates/Getty Images

Liz Smith

“The Grand Dame of Dish”

She was the most powerful gossip columnist in the 1980s. A tabloid celebrity herself, she could turn anyone into a star overnight. Celebrity culture would be nothing like it is today were it not for Liz Smith, known better as the Grand Dame of Gossip. For decades, her column was the only thing that mattered in showbiz and even today, at 94, she’s still writing about the comings and goings of the rich and famous.

From the time she began her first job at a New York City studio rag called Modern Screen, the renowned journalist has had a ringside seat for every celebrity story and scandal since World War II. Smith, a native Texan and graduate of the University of Texas, arrived in New York in 1949 with $50 to her name and no ticket home. Turns out she didn?t need one.

After working at some of the country?s top publications in various roles, Smith became a new kind of gossip columnist ? one known for wit, humour, extensive legwork and fairness.

Smith became a celebrity herself due to her syndicated gossip column, starting out by ghostwriting a gossip column for Hearst newspapers in the 1950s and landing her own self-titled gossip column at the New York Daily News in 1976.

At the peak of her career, she was syndicated in more than 75 newspapers worldwide, and she eventually went to the New York Post, which let her go in 2009 when she was 86 years old.

She opened up about what it was like to dismissed by Rupert Murdoch, which she said ?hurt my feelings and stature as a columnist.

?I was more shocked than anyone,? she said. ?I thought I was indispensable.?

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Oh those Russkis…they kill me

I thought Russkis, like Krauts, had ?a humour bypass in their genes.

Turns out no.

The Russian Government has poked fun at claims it interfered with the US election days after Vladimir Putin said the accusation was a ‘lie’.

This morning, the Russian Foreign Ministry posted an audio recording of an apparent?automated telephone service to aid Russian embassies. Read more »


MSBNC host compares Trump’s children to raping, murderous children of Saddam Hussein

The Media party continues its over the top attacks on Donald Trump and his family.

The latest is MSNBC guest Chris Matthews who compared Donald Trump’s children to Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Truth Revolt reports:

Whatever thrill used to go up and down Chris Matthews?s leg is gone now that Donald Trump is in office. Only fear and uncertainty remain as the MSNBC host makes some wild comparisons on his show.

On Monday, Matthews invoked the names of Uday and Qusay Hussein, the murderous sons of the late Iraqi president, when discussing the ?enormous power? Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have in the White House: ? Read more »

Understanding snowflake rage

The rage of the snowflakes has been incredible since Brexit and Trump.

We’ve seen it here too, but what drives these fools?

Brendan O’Neill?explains:

Has there ever been a tantrum as tinny and irritating as the one thrown by the chattering classes in response to Brexit and Donald Trump? It?s the mother of all meltdowns. The huff heard round the world. A hissy fit of historic proportions.

Children who don?t get their way normally foot-stomp and wail ?I hate you? for three or four minutes before collapsing into a knackered heap. The liberal elite has been at it for nine months, ever since Brexit last June pricked the sealed, self-satisfied bubble they live in and reminded them that ? brace yourself ? there are people out there who think differently. ? Read more »

CNN is done, stick a fork in them

The Clinton News Network continues to run stupid anti-Trump story after stupid anti-Trump story.

The latest is that he is afraid of stairs…I’m not kidding.

If the final nail hasn?t already been put in CNN?s coffin, this should do it.

In a it-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed segment, morning hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota ? with looks on their faces that say, ?I can?t believe they pay us to do this? ? introduced a story only CNN could find worthy to air. ? Read more »

I’m sorry, but how is challenging outright lies in media a “meltdown”?

Malcolm Turnbull – Getty Images

Malcolm Turnbull is being accused of having a Twitter meltdown.


Because he challenged misleading news reports about what was in the?budget, and had previously told the journalist that she was barking up the wrong tree, but they printed it anyway.

The Media party don’t like being called liars, so now it is Malcolm Turnbull having a “meltdown”.

Have a look at the negative reporting from the SMH:

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a Donald Trump-like Twitter tirade in a response to a?report that the government will scrap concession cards and welfare payments in the May budget, saying it’s “false” and he “outright” rejects it.

In a series of four tweets the Prime Minister slapped down the report in News Corp?newspapers on Sunday which said the government was looking to scrap all welfare payments below $20.02 a fortnight, a change targeted at aged pensioners. ? Read more »

Trolls watch Netflix too, snowflake

Snowflake Amy Schumer, who has been extremely vocal against Donald Trump, like a lot of her luvvie pals in Hollywood, is experiencing a boycott of sorts.

It seems that trolls like Netflix too, and they are rating her shows with 1 star.

Amy Schumer has lashed out at Internet ?trolls? she claims?launched an online campaign to tank the reviews of her latest comedy special.

One week after its March 6 debut, The Leather Special?had received hundreds?of one-star reviews from Netflix members. Schumer responded to the backlash Wednesday on her Instagram account, quoting a news report from?Splitsider?that claims hundreds of trolls purposefully flooded?her comedy special with negative reviews. ? Read more »

US tells UN Human Rights Council to reform or they are gone

Another of Trump’s promises is coming to fruition.

The US has told the UN Human Rights Council to reform or they are gone…and presumably their funding goes too.

Foreign Policy reports:

Trump administration is threatening a withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council if it does not undertake ?considerable reform,? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned a group of nine non-profit organizations in a letter this?week. ? Read more »