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The Western Double Standard: Protect Islam Ridicule Christianity



One of the above costumes was removed from Amazon because of complaints about it. Amazon was accused of?using “a religious garment for commercial purposes.” A religious garment being used as a costume was considered offensive by the complainants. The wrath of a higher deity was even mentioned by those opposing the costume. Amazon removed the costume using the excuse that it didn’t follow their selling guidelines but they left the other costume for sale so clearly they were lying about the real reason why it was removed.


The world’s biggest shopping portal, Amazon, sells many Halloween costumes. One of the novelties in 2016 has been the “Sexy Burka”

…The commercial colossus of Jeff Bezos removed the item from the website, after Amazon had been swamped with accusations of “racism”, “Islamophobia,” of marketing an Islamic garment with the white face of a model and using “a religious garment for commercial purposes”. “You are disgusting, my culture is not your costume”, wrote many users of the Islamic faith. Others used a less adorable tone: “Whoever you are, you should fear Allah. This is not a joke.”

A spokesman for Amazon promptly responded: “All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The product in question is no longer available”.

So that Halloween parody of the global symbol of female oppression has been censored.

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At last a journalist who understands what a real feminist is

Being an old-fashioned feminist it frustrates me beyond measure when the Media portray submission and control as feminism and choice. They only have this blind spot when it comes to Islam as they are quick to attack ultra-conservative Christian groups for their treatment of women and for how the women dress.

Journalist Peter Dournauf in his opinion piece discusses whether or not a niqab is a way to fight against the objectification of women and I just want to clap my hands and yell out “BRAVO”at the end of it. I have reproduced it in full because it simply is that good. He calls a spade a bloody shovel and the honesty and lack of political correctness is a breath of fresh air.

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Christian & Muslim Refuse to do Their Jobs, Only One is Behind Bars


Christian, Kim Davis on the left. Muslim, Charee Stanley on the right.

?I don?t think that I should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living. I shouldn?t have to choose between one or the other because they?re both important.?

-Charee Stanley

As I read both these news stories in my facebook feed I thought that I should do a post comparing them. Seconds after the thought raced through my head another article popped up on my facebook feed where someone else had already beaten me to it!

Whether or not you think that people should have freedom of religion in their jobs one thing is abundantly clear. If Muslims are allowed to refuse to do things that are part of their jobs without being put in jail or fired then the same should apply to Christians or any other religion. Alternatively if there is no place for religious beliefs on the job then that must apply accross the board to every religion consistently not just to Christians.

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