Downing Street

This is what happens when you put cats into the public service

I’m not surprised that the mouser at Number 10 isn’t working out.

It’s well known among feline fanatics that Larry the cat is not the best mouser out there.

Number 10 insiders have said in the past that he has been happy to snooze as mice scurry past his nose. ? Read more »

Fiji to exclude NZ from talks

Fiji to exclude NZ from talksThe attorney-general in Fiji’s military-led government says it will hold its own forum to discuss elections but New Zealand will not be invited. Radio New Zealand International today reported that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had invited… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh classic, time and again the good Commodore has shown Helen Clark up to be a putz in dealing with Fiji. Today he has upped the ante by excluding New Zealand from the advisory group that is working on solutions to Fiji’s constitutioanl reform.

If Helen Clark and Kevin Rudd hadn’t be so intent on dictating to our pacific neighbours then perhaps there was an opportunity to helpfully provide some expertise in progressing Fiji to their return to democracy.

Every step of the way Commodore Bainimarama has out-foxed Clark and now he has seriously embarrassed her by telling the world that Fiji doesn’t want our help. If Clark’s plan is to have Fiji driven by economic necessity into the arms of China then she is sure making a good fist of it.