Dunkin Donuts

Cops request Dunkin’ Donuts remains open during Boston Bombing crisis

Cops be needing donuts, even in an emergency.

It was clear amid the chaos Friday which was the hometown coffee chain.

On block after block of Boston?s Financial District and Downtown Crossing, Starbucks shops went dark as the city locked down, spurred by a manhunt for the second Marathon bombing suspect. Dunkin? Donuts stayed open.

Law enforcement officials asked the chain to keep some restaurants open in locked-down communities to provide hot coffee and food to police and other emergency workers, including in Watertown, the focus of the search for the bombing suspect. Dunkin? is providing its products to them at no charge.? Read more »


Tossed from the House for being a Tosser

Oops! And oops! againPrime Minister John Key and Finance Bill English simply have to start finding out what the other is saying. That way they can stop contradicting each other in public. How about this for the day before the National Government’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

Trev the Muss came off second best in the House today after Lockwood Smith booted his sorry ass out for arguing with him and the little Orange Guy of Labour Darren Hughes also came close to being tossed as well.

Labour’s modus operandi at the moment is a mixture of their usual misogyny towards women,  condescension, arrogance and outright bullying. Today Trevor mallard ended up with a carton of eggs in his face, beautiful smashed there by Audrey Young.

Question Time was irritating. Labour decided to pick on the Speaker Lockwood Smith today.

The feature of today’s Question Time was Trevor Mallard getting chucked out by the Speaker.

Mallard had just finished upbraiding Education Minister Anne Tolley on the wrong spelling of the word “academies” in some literature she had put out.

Funny that. Mallard’s recent post on the Labour MPs’ blog site Red Alert has the following words: denomitated; incoherant; speechs; catelogue; and Brethern!

He should have been chucked out for bad spelling at least, but perhaps hypocrisy.

Mallard of course still hasn’t apologised for his scurrilous attacks on melissa lee, in fact he has compounded the attacks on Labour’s MP blog.

Crushing Dazza

Labour’s Orange Guy, little Darren Hughes must have caught an early flight back from campaigning for the Labour candidate what’s-his-name in order to rise in the house and ask a question of “Crusher” Collins.

Hon Darren Hughes: What guarantee can the Minister give the House that this new legislation will lead to any more boy racers losing their cars than do so currently, considering that although courts can already confiscate on a first offence, this happens in less than 2 percent of cases?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS: I think that when the member reads the bills he will see that there are very strong provisions; it is very difficult to sell or race a car that has been crushed.

Poor little Dazza, crushed by Judith Collins. Sit down and stop glowing….oops, I meant glowering.

Labour are slow learners

Arrogant Darren HughesDarren Hughes is accusing the Government of arrogance. This of course is highly rich coming from a member of perhaps one of the most arrogant governments this country has seen.

There are none more arrogant than those who will not see or listen to discover where they went wrong. Yesterday the boy who the Orange Guy was modelled on had this to say;

“If we don’t put up a good fight about this, then what happens when they come back and try and take away other democratic rights that people have.”

As Inventory at Keep Stock said, There’s just three words that we would like to say to Darren.

Electoral Finance Act

Pardon us Dazza, but your hypocrisy is showing!!


Little ginger twat Darren Hughes and the hirsute but dim Fran Mold have collaborated in a beatup about a non story.

They both claim that National’s selection is a jackup….except that belies the reason why 60 people are out there now voting.

It also shows as just how inept and ill-informed about party selection processes the MSM is. Ele at Homepaddpock tells a different story to the one Little Ginga Dazza and One News are trying to beat up.

But it’s the paper that’s got it wrong. I’ve got a copy of the official programme and it says:

Address by Mt Albert’s List MP Melissa Lee.

Note the difference between Mount Albert candidate which she may or may not be after tonight’s selection, and Mount Albert’s list MP which she is.

The programme notes her position as buddy MP for the electorate which isn’t represented by National, it’s not second guessing the selection process.

And as she breathlessly through her moustache told the nation about the jack-up that isn’t, Fran Mold actually read out the words “Mt Albert List MP” from the National Party papers she had “obtained”, shooting off her foot in the process!

That’s Fran Mold and anyone from NZPA on the cheap drinks in the BlogMobile.

MPs grumble over unfair tweetment

MPs grumble over unfair tweetmentParliament may be prone to the odd twerp and twittering, but Labour MP David Cunliffe says he’s never tweeted and nobody has tweeted him. [Stuff Politics]

Labour MP’s and the Ginga Whinga in particular are acting all hurt because some wag has set up some fake Twitter accounts and mocked them. As is typical of socialists they can’t take a joke and are now on a witch hunt to find out who mocked them in such a hilarious way.

Labour chief whip Darren Hughes said the fake profiles were concerning as Twitter was a legitimate tool for members of Parliament to communicate.

“We’ve contacted Twitter HQ to ask them to shut them down and to try and ascertain who is behind them.”

If this incident can teach them anything it is that politicians need to learn how to protect their brand with social media and that they don’t have any control over humour. Labour, instead of invoking high dudgeon should have laughed it off as a sily prank but they have decided to take the deeply offended route meaning the wag behind all this is probably sniggering into his cornflakes this morning at all the coverage he has caused.

Little Red Darren made to look silly

Darren Hughes is a tosser. Not only is he orange and thus has no friends, save lickspittles on Facebook who aren’t real friends anyway, but he is is just plain annoying. The only thing that could make him more annoying would be a double-barreled name.

Anyway today in parliament he fair leapt to his feet to try and embarrass the Transport Minister who has made more millions in his life than Darren has had shaves. He sat down at the end looking like a dork.

Hon Darren Hughes: Do the deep cuts to public transport of nearly half a billion dollars over what had been scheduled mean that the prospect of new electric trains working before the Rugby World Cup in 2011 has now disappeared, and that Kiwis and tourists will still have to fork out $70 for a taxi ride from the city to the airport?

Hon STEVEN JOYCE: The member has two problems with his numbers. I do not know where he gets the half a billion dollars from, and the electric trains were not scheduled to be in place by the 2011 Rugby World Cup in anybody’s imagination except that of the previous member for ?taki.

Note to Bluey Hughes…..Auckland doesn’t have a rail track between the airport and the city, never has and never will, it has never been planned either except in the mentally retarded heads of trainspotters and if he had ventured out of his tinpot little broken-arsed town or Wellington just once in his incredibly dull and sheltered life living off of the taxpayers ticket he would know that.

Pathetic stunt by Ginga Whinga

Labour cites ACC ministerThe Labour Party has lodged a privileges complaint against the ACC Minister. Senior whip Darren Hughes said Nick Smith misled the House – which is against Parliament’s rules – in Parliament last Thursday. Dr Smith told the House… [NZ Herald Politics]

If this is the best that Darren Hughes can do then he most certainly isn’t even fit to be an MP let alone a List MP and he certainly won’t be any leader of anything except the Ginga Kids Club in Otaki.

Labour are bereft of any ideas, they blithely think they have just lost a little bit of confidence from ‘the people’. They demonstrate oalmost on a daily basis why we slung their sorry asses from power.

Random Questions to round out the week

  1. Why does Bomber hate so much?
  2. Why is it ok to have a sign saying “Death to Jews” but not ok to make a film quoting the Qu’ran?
  3. Who told Darren Hughes that Gingas look good with a beard?
  4. Who knew Darren Hughes could even grow one?
  5. Doesn’t Darren Hughes know it looks stupid and breaks every natural justice law for Gingas to have beards?
  6. Which ex-MP’s mother is despairing about her daughter who just can’t seem to get a job?
  7. What on earth was she remotely qualified for anyway?
  8. Did she buy a house recently with her old boss?
  9. Why?
  10. How did the Cock from Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams get on at the recent meeting with the regions mayors and assocaited Ministers?
  11. Is it true he got poured back in his bottle?
  12. Isn’t that just a bit ironic?
  13. Shouldn’t he just STFU and slide away into ignominy?
  14. When will Judith announce her candidacy for the Lord Mayor?
  15. Hasn’t Jordan failed when he has to get other failed Labour lickspittles to co-blog?
  16. Who reads his blog anyway?
  17. Why don’t people tell the truth about tattoos?
  18. Of course it didn’t hurt a bit, do you think I’m some ort of limp-dick?
  19. What shall I get for my next one?
  20. Haven’t the Standard gone off the boil since their state funding dried up?

Random Rude Questions

  1. Peter and Helen, Peter and Chris, and….Darren Hughes?
  2. Is it just plain weird?
  3. Do we really care where Helen is?
  4. By the way where in the world is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemployed of no fixed abode?
  5. Do we care about him either?
  6. Why is it always the Cooks?
  7. I wonder what Ron Mark is up to?
  8. Didn’t we use to hang pirates?
  9. Should we start doing it again?
  10. Doesn’t Mike Williams have the hide of a Rhino and the manners of a pig?
  11. Why hasn’t he resigned yet?
  12. Why hasn’t he been fired?
  13. Did this guy pay his dealer?
  14. Do you think he will now?