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Tamati Coffey doesn’t even know his electorate boundaries

Tamati Coffey just can’t put a foot right these days.

One of the most basic requirements of being a candidate is knowing where your electorate is, and by default, where it is not.

Mr Coffey can’t even get this right.

In a recent post he bemoans the loss of “an icon of the Rotorua Electorate”.

It is sad to hear that Kiwi360 – an icon of the Rotorua Electorate, one so famous it even had its own stamp – has been brought and closed for good, with the site set to become the corporate offices of a kiwifruit company.


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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Google Earth. A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Photo: Google Earth.
A long swirled wake was spotted on Google Earth in Oke Bay, part of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Too big to be a shark and too fast for a whale…

So what is the mystery creature captured by Google Earth off the coast of New Zealand?

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Photo Of The Day

Rare Historical Photos

Rare Historical Photos

Crowded ship bringing American troops back home.

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How thick are teachers?

Well the answer is pretty obvious even to a failing NCEA student, or someone that doesn?t pass national standards.

Despite the alleged political clout of the teachers union they are as thick as pig sh*t. Any sensible teachers organisation would have worked out that Anne Tolley holds a marginal seat, is a carpet bagger so has no deep connection to the electorate, and as a senior cabinet minister is going to have no time in her electorate to mount even a modest campaign.

This means the East Coast is up for grabs, and a well resourced, well supported Labour candidate in the East Coast will see Anne lose her seat. Sure she will become a scum list MP (again) but it will be hugely embarrassing for her and almost certainly see her replaced as education minister.

The real problem for the teachers unions wanting to win the East Coast for Labour is they are going to have to get a decent candidate. Moana ?the shark? Mackey is so useless she makes Katrina Shanks seem slightly competent. So they have to stick a big knife into Moana and get someone good to run for them there.

A WOBH tip for the teachers unions ? being a teacher, poofter, maori etc is nice but won’t win votes. Get some good quality local regardless of whether they teach, are into man on man love or are indigenous.

Jew sentenced to death for selling land to Muslims

…..oh wait….it wasn’t quite like that;

In the first case of its kind, a Palestinian Authority “military court” on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after finding him guilty of selling land to Jews.

The verdict came shortly after the PA’s chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, issued yet another fatwa (religious decree) banning Muslims from selling land or houses to Jews.

The death sentence is seen as an attempt by the PA leadership in Ramallah to deter Palestinians from conducting real estate transactions with Jews. It follows reports according to which Jewish individuals and organizations recently bought land and houses from Arabs in Jerusalem and some areas in the West Ban

The man sentenced to death is Anwar Brigith, 59, from the village of Bet Umar, north of Hebron.

The three-judge panel found the defendant guilty of violating PA laws that bar Palestinians from selling property to “the enemy.” In its ruling, the court, which convened in Hebron, said that Brigith had acted in violation of a Palestinian “military law” dating back to 1979, which states that it is forbidden for a Palestinian to sell land to Jews.

The accused was also found guilty of violating a law dating back to 1958 that calls for a boycott against Israel, as well as another law from 1953 that bans trade with Israelis. The judges issued the verdict unanimously and pointed out that the defendant did not have the right to appeal. The death sentence, however, must be approved by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The court was headed by Gen. Abdel Karim al-Masri, who sat together with two other PA security officers, Muhrez Atyani and Nabil Jaber.

The court also decided to confiscate Brigith’s money and property.

Nice fellas those Palestinians. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel had laws that allowed the death penalty for selling land to Muslims?

These are the folk that Bomber and Tim support.

NZ Government supports terrorism in the Middle East

New Zealand has coughed up $500,000 to the inept and ultimately corrupt Palestinian Authority. The same Authority that will soon be taken over by terrorist thugs Hamas.

This is just pouring more good money into bad solutions, something this government seems supremely qualified to pick.

Literally billions of dollars have been poured into the Palestinian Authority with little visible outcomes. To give them more is an exercise in futility.

But hey this is a government that values photo opportunities and hand holding with terrorists rather than meetings with democratically elected government leaders. 

Maybe this should be added to the Pay It Back Now campaign.  

Update on Stamps at Sir Humphreys

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Sir Humphreys has a post about new Palestinian Authority stamps feature the French coward Chirac and the terrorist Arafat.

They made the suggestion that the next stamps will be of Goff and Arafat.

I have helped them out. I used the Canada Post site.