I bet Russell is puce-faced

I just bet Russell is puce-faced with the DomPost Editorial today. He refuses to even mention my name or link as is polite when referring to posts so precious is he. But in the DomPost he is mentioned not just in the same article as me but also in the same sentence.

That some who cannot spell, let alone write, think that the world is gagging to know their business is as presumptuous as tweeters who think everyone is interested in their self-absorbed lives. Be that as it may.

Some blogs demand attention, in this country those by, for example, David Farrar, Russell Brown and Cameron Slater. Attention Slater has now got.

Yep and it is attention I never sought. This went nationwide when the Police decided to make an example of me, a foolish exercise in futility that brought on the Streisand Effect. Since they decided to do it though I though I would use the opportunity to make a change. Now I have a major daily newspaper backing the move to change our suppression laws. The lefty nay-sayers will have spat their Kornies and latte-mochachino all over the paper.

I think this is the day that Blogs showed how powerful they are and influential in today’s political environment. Let this be a lesson to politicians who think that they can sun themselves on extended holidays while the rest of New Zealand works and reads blog. If you don’t fill the news vacuum then someone else will. I don’t expect them to learn, for politicians are slow learners and conservative politicians slower than your average bear.

Nelson police, who laid the latest charges, call Slater’s actions irresponsible, because they fear they might lead to public identification of the victim, whom the suppression order was intended to protect.

Nelson police should think before opening their traps. I didn’t break name suppression the media did. Most people including the dim-bulb in Nelson and the fool Comesky haven’t worked that out yet. Not even The DomPost editor is immune from getting things incorrect. The Nelson police haven’t charged me with contempt. I haven’t even had so much as txt or phone call from the Detectives prosecuting me on the other charges, let alone a visit.

Slater is on a mission. He has said, outside the courtroom, that he believes everyone should be equal before the law, that celebrities and the wealthy have their identities suppressed more often and more easily than do ordinary Kiwis, and that the law needs changing.

I didn’t want to make this a mission. but as soon as the Police stepped up and wanted a fight over this it became my sole focus of blogging. unfortunately that is one of my traists that can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It is certainly a disadvantage when it comes to working in a multi-disciplinary environment but that is one of the issues I have with my depression. It is a distinct advantage when nothing else matters except winning and kicking the shit out of who ever started the fight in the first. If I get found guilty then so be it, I’ll take my licks, but at least we had a discussion about it.


Labour's Revisionist History

Labour has conducted a revision of their website that would do Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong proud when it comes to re-writing history.

Rick Barker – my word hasn’t he been in the press for all the wrong reason, but he has also covered up the humiliating losses in Tukituki to Craig Foss but omitting them all together.

Mr Steve Chadwick – ousted in ignominy by Todd “Boris” McLay, nothing, not a word. I still remember fondly her running from the camera at the Rotorua market the day David and I tried to interview her.

David Parker – Hasn’t mentioned his Otago loss either.

Damien O’Connor – only got back in on the list after a resignation being one step ahead of Judith Tizard, but no mention of his humiliation at the hands of Chris Auchinvole.

Even better, and I bet this is a shock for Chris “Cruising” Carter, Helen Clark is still listed as the spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and the bad news for David Shearer is that he actually isn’t the MP for Mt Albert because Helen Clark is.

Hi Everyone…what sort of naf email is that?

Whaleoil and Stephen Tindall have a mutual friend – one of the “everyone” who received his email advocating the Kampuchean Solution to the Global Warming Question.

Here’s what the wanker had to say:

Hi everyone

As you are aware I’ve been a passionate participant in the environmental space for some 12 years now. I believe New Zealand needs to make a commitment before the next round of climate change talks in Copenhagen later this year and for that reason have lent my name to the Sign On campaign which is advocating a target of 40% reduction in green house gases by 2020.

Please take a look at their website XXXXX and if you agree with me then sign on.

Best wishes

Stephen Tindall
PO Box 33181, Takapuna 0740, Auckland
Level 1, 1 Blomfield Spa, Takapuna 0622, Auckland
PA – Elaine Russell
Tel: 00649 488 3240
Fax: 00649 486 2365
Mobile: 021 464 900

What’s the “everyone” bullshit? Sounds like Richard Gere saying he’s “speaking for the entire world”

And what does it mean to be a “passionate participant in the environmental space”????

Call Tindall on his mobile and tell him he’s a wanker.

If he has his way on the 40% target, New Zealand will either look like we’re liars (again), or we’ll all have to be sent to Waiouru to grow rice and have plastic bags put over our heads.

Oh and take me off your stupid mailing list.


The Warehouse emperor has no clothes

Matthew Hooton has drawn a bead on Stephen Tindall’s greenwash and his utter hypocrisy in promoting the bollocks of Copenhagen. Once again I have been up early and trudged up to the local Howick Stationer who knew I was coming and had my NBR all ready for me. The article is well worth it so I will painstakingly re-type it all for you. Well, the best parts anyway

Stephen TindallThe Warehouse is almost certainly New Zealand’s most economically-, socially- and environmentally-destructive company, perhaps explaining why its founder, Stephen Tindall, tries so hard to greenwash it and himself.

Mr Tindall’s latest initiative is to email “everyone” urging support for Greenpeace’s target of a 40% reduction in net carbon-equivalent (CO2) emissions by 2020.  In doing so, he contrives not to know that this could only be achieved by butchering New Zealand’s agricultural sector and what remains of our manufacturing base, doubling energy prices, increasing unemployment and cutting everyone’s income by $3,200 a year.  Then again, perhaps he knows all this only too well, because his business would benefit.

Ouch! No holds barred there. I guess Hooton isn’t pushing for the PR work at The Warehouse anytime soon.

The Warehouse model is to buy junk manufactured in Chinese sweat shops using coal-fired electricity, burn more carbon by shipping it here, and then flick it to mainly poorer New Zealanders, who often neither need nor even want it.  The company has fuelled our ruinous trade deficit, boosting only the fast-growing home-storage sector and TradeMe.

To reach consumers, Mr Tindall’s company dumps its vulgar red sheds in the middle of small towns and shopping centres, destroying the retailers and the culture of entrepreneurship they promote.  Audaciously, patriotism is prominent in its marketing, including even the New Zealand flag,

The company also works hard to keep its wage bill low, with an in-house union set up in 2000 with seed money from the employer.  When its distribution-centre workers finally saw through that scam and joined a real union, the company immediately and miraculously found it had enough for a $3 an hour pay rise.

Double ouch!! Calling The Warehouse a sweat shop maked Hooton sound suspiciously like Matt McCarten or Laila Harre, I wonder if thy ghost wrote this article.

Pol PotMr Tindall’s echo of Greenpeace’s call for a 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 is all the more extreme because it’s measured against a 1990 baseline.  Since 1990, New Zealand’s emissions have increased by around 25%, mainly as a result of population growth, so that the true cut required to meet Mr Tindall’s dream would be in excess of 50%, in just a decade.  It goes without saying that no other country in the world is considering anything so stupid.

Neither Mr Tindall nor Greenpeace dare say how they think New Zealand could achieve their goal.  The mass planting of new forests might, at a stretch, deliver half of it, but policy u-turns over the last decade make it doubtful that private-sector investors will ever again trust ministerial statements sufficiently to plant even a single tree. With agriculture not yet having the technology to reduce emissions significantly without a mass national cull, only a Kampuchean solution in the industrial and transport sectors could deliver Mr Tindall’s goal.

Is Hooton ranting now! The Kampuchean solution! Where we all are forced to abandon out cities and march to work camps in the countryside where a quarter of our population dies in death camps. Surely that is a bit melodramatic? Well hang on a minute here, all evidence suggests thaat Pol Pot was actually one of the world’s pre-eminent environmentalists. Yes people will quibble about some of his techniques like killing a quarter of the population, but the evidence is categoric, carbon emmissions in Kampuchea were the envy of the world and the green movement and plunged to almost the levels that they are talking about.

Not even that, of course, would slow climate change by a single day, and Mr Tindall knows it.  New Zealand contributes just 0.2% of net global emissions so even were we to halve them, the total global reduction could be no more than 0.1%.  Worse, such a move by New Zealand would in factincrease global emissions and the Warehouse again provides an excellent case study as to why.

Mr Tindall and his ilk have destroyed their own countries’ manufacturing bases, instead buying from the polluting sweat shops on China’s eastern seaboard.  In so doing, it’s true they’ve cut their own countries’ emissions marginally but they have fuelled the doubling of China’s emissions, so that one out of every five CO2 molecules that enters the atmosphere now does so from what has become the world’s biggest polluter.

Mr Tindall’s 40% goal would make it worse.  With the collapse in economic activity his goal requires, even fewer Kiwis would be able to shop at High St, with its lower-carbon but more expensive goods.  More of us would be forced to buy the high-carbon junk he and his suppliers peddle, manufactured in countries with no environmental standards and no intention of following New Zealand “leadership” in slashing their industrial output with suicidal carbon-reduction goals.

Sheesh, that is hard hitting. The only word missing is the one Hooton called Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay.

How out of favour is Maryan Street?

Hung out to DryVery out of favour if you consider the recent outburst from the Prime Minister.

She said said on NewstalkZB in an attempt to spin her and her minister out of trouble over the largesse that she promised would never happen on her watch, unfortunately Clark doesn’t appear to have been well briefed;

[quote]”These things never came to the attention of ministers,” she said on NewstalkZB.

“They didn’t know. This is a corporation which has an independent board, it has a chief executive who reports to that board.”[/quote]

There is a slight problem with her obfuscation and that is that Maryan Street was in fact on the board of Housing New Zealand after being appointed by the Labour Government in 2002 until 2005.

One of the events in question occured when Street was on the board. The stay at luxury resort Hotel & Spa du Vin which happened in

So it seems that Clark has hung Street out to dry, accusing her by implication and by ommission.

It is probably about now that Street will be wondering if Clark was poorly briefed or deliberately dropping the minister in the crap. Similarly Clark will be either searching for the researcher who led her to drop her minister in it or watching with a wry smile to see Street squirm.



Second Housing NZ plush hotel conference catches Street on hop

Second Housing NZ plush hotel conference catches Street on hopHousing Minister Maryan Street was last night critical of Housing New Zealand Corporation after she was caught unaware in Parliament about a second conference in a plush hotel south of Auckland.
The conference at Heritage Hotel…
[NZ Politics]

As I said yesterday Labour should be consulting the 1999 playbook. The fact that a Maryan Street, supposedly a rising star? didn’t consult the play book that Clark wrote shows her ineptness politically. It also shows how young the client-bloggers of Labour are that they cannot remember how the play goes in an election for a third term government. So far it has gone almost to the day and the scandal.

All that is needed now is for Winston to create an issue to try to bring the government down and we will be all set for a repeat of 1999.

Just for the record it is not politically feasible to defend luxury retreats no matter how good a justification you can dream up.


Brewer's Party

I have been out at the un-official Mayor of Newmarket’s birthday bash. Cameron Brewer is 35 and he held a 70’s theme party at Mecca in Newmarket.

There was a veritable who’s who of the glitterati there. Mayor John Banks, Cr Aaron Bhatnagar, The Gluc, The Toaster, Miss Taranaki 1973, Miss Wales 1973, Miss Wairarapa-Bush 1973, Miss South Taranaki 1973, his Mum and Dad of course me and Spanish Bride.

Fantastic fun all round especially the beauty pageant which Miss Wairarapa-Bush won.

There are of course fantastic photos coming, so for those who do ot wish to be published in all their 70’s glory please make cheques payable to Whale Oil Beef Hooked. (Cr. Bhatnagar, special charging applies for your photos…yes we’ve got them and we are about to publish)

Strangely Charles Ashe MP never fronted even though he was invited.

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Christmas Mayhem with Charles Ashe MP

Charles Ashe MP has gone shopping for Christmas. Will Tony pull through? What will Charles get his wife?

World First – Charles Ashe MP is to become the first carbon neutral MP in the world

Charles Ashe has announced that he is to be the world's first carbon neutral MP.

[quote]13 December 2007

Charles Ashe MP

Spokesman for the Environment, Sustainability, Ozone Gap

World first – MP launches push to be carbon neutral

Well known and popular List MP Charles Ashe today launched a world first – that is to become the first MP to be carbon neutral.

The high-ranking backbencher launched his sustainability push on the back of a Green bus in Auckland, en route to buy a hybrid car. Afterwards he recycled and rode his push bike home.

"I certainly think it's important for an MP to be seen doing the right thing. I am investigating the prospect of buying a Green car, possibly a Hybrid. I always take the new Green Link bus (which emits 90% less phosphates and noise) to meet constituents and it's safer when attending Christmas luncheons," said Mr Ashe from the Swanson recycling depot today.

"It's important that we leave a footprint for our grandchildren (yet born) but not a carbon footprint. It has to be a footprint of inspiration and compassion for Planet Earth. I love the earth, worms, clean air and plenty of healthy snapper, and crops. However we can't take it for granted. We all have to change our behaviour, and I'm leading the charge."

The charismatic MP, who saw Al Gore at an APEC meeting in the late 1990s, says he will be carbon neutral by the time of the next election, according to his OECD calculations and if the PM holds off the election until at least November 2008.

"Planes are bad. So I will stay in Wellington longer. We all have to make sacrifices and this is mine. I wish everyone had such foresight," concluded Mr Ashe now in waders cleaning out the inner harbour with some crippled yet caring youngsters.


Contact Tony Sinclair XXXXX[/quote]

Charles Ashe MP is kicking up a fuss over sustainability

OMG this guy is such a complete fool.