Electoral fraud

In Trump’s America dead people, illegal aliens and Martyn Martin Bradbury won’t be able to vote

We highlighted last election how Martyn Bradbury appeared on the electoral roll twice, once as Martyn Bradbury and once as Martin Bradbury making it possible for him to vote twice. President Trump has decided to crack down on voter fraud which is timely since ex-President Obama in an interview before the election encouraged families that contained illegal aliens to vote. While he did make it clear that only the members of the family who were citizens could legally vote he also explained that they didn’t need to fear that voting would make it possible for immigration authorities to track a person down and come for the ” undocumented” members of the person’s family.

After playing a clip of the interview late last week,?Cavuto brought on former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for a?follow-up discussion.

“I can?t believe that I heard what I heard!” said the FBN host. “It was very clear that the question that was being asked was about?illegals?voting and them being afraid they might be reported to Border Security.”


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Serious Voter fraud revealed in Australia

We revealed on Whaleoil that “extreme left wing, hate speech blogger, ” Martyn Bradbury (or as we like to call him Martyn Martin ) was enrolled to vote twice at the last election. One enrollment was for Martin Bradbury and the other for Martyn Bradbury. For the two enrollments to occur two separate forms had to be filled out and individually mailed in so it cannot be dismissed as someone else’s mistake. We have no evidence that he actually used this ” error ” to vote twice but simply brought to the public’s attention that the potential for voter fraud was there because of the double enrollment.



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You think Democracy is broken?


One of our readers lives in a rental, and apart from getting all the previous tenants junk mail, he’s now also able to vote four times in the Referendum.

I know him well enough, and he won’t. ?But it shows that a fair amount of voting forms never get to the intended recipient, and that it is unlikely?that the Electoral Commission can determine if there is something sinister going on.

He writes

I happen to live in a part of Auckland where the average resident wouldn’t be aware or at least care enough about following up on their “missing” referendum packs. ?Someone bold enough could go empty out most of the letterboxes before people came home from work.

Right now I have four votes. ?I could easily go back outside and get myself dozens.

I dropped the Electoral Commission a note asking what happens when duplicate votes are submitted in the event someone follows up on a missing voting pack.

Postal voting is used for local body elections, and has been used for previous referendums, with little evidence of vote tampering or voter fraud.

Under the referendum legislation, voters who have moved can request replacement papers be sent to their new addresses.? Their original papers will be cancelled when that request is made.

Each voting paper carries a QR code unique to the voter, which is used to mark them off the roll when their paper is returned, whilst maintaining the secrecy of the ballot. If two papers with identical QR codes were to be returned, they would be identified within the system and investigated.

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Will Fiji’s elections be free & fair?


Supervisor of Elections at Fiji Elections Office, Mohammed Saneem Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

I am in Suva at the moment investigating Fiji’s path to democracy.

Today I visited the Fiji Elections Office, their Electoral Commission, and had an in-depth discussion with the Supervisor of Elections,?Mohammed Saneem.

My questions and discussion focused on whether or not Fiji would be having free and fair elections on September 17.

In past elections there have been several incidences of vote tampering, ballot box stacking and in one particular example more votes cast than registered electors in a constituency.

Despite international observers in the past declaring elections free and fair it is obvious to all that Fiji’s past elections have been far from that.

Independence of Fiji Elections Office

The Fiji Elections Office is independent, just like New Zealand’s Electoral Commission. They are charged with overseeing the election and electoral law, which at present is by decree, but it is the law nonetheless.

I spent quite a bit of time understanding their voting processes and there are some quite innovative techniques they are utilising to combat voter fraud and vote rigging.

Voter Registration

The first step has been a comprehensive voter education and registration process that has been running for two years. Registered voters have a voter id card, this is not at all like the Easy Vote card that is so easily rorted in NZ. ?The Fijian voter registration card is a photo id, it also contains biometric data (fingerprints) which require a match of at least 8 points.

The Fijian registered voters carry these cards everywhere. When I asked my cab diver last night, when I arrived in Suva, if he was registered to vote, he reached into his pocket and flourished it with obvious pride. Everyone eligible and registered to vote has one of these and a random sample on the streets shows that everyone without fail carries it. What this means is that only registered voters will be able to vote, and they require the photo and biometric identification in order to vote. This is a significant advancement over our voter registration processes in NZ. I should know as I have just watched my 18 year old son register to vote in NZ and our processes are farcical to say the least compared to what Fiji has initiated. ?? Read more »

Quiz of the Day: Who was found guilty of NZ’s first electoral fraud?


Q: Who was found guilty of NZ’s first electoral fraud, following the 2010 Auckland super city local Government elections?

“This was not victimless offending. The victims are the public at large, who have faith in the democratic process. Your actions have undermined one of the most important processes of the country,” – Justice Woolford
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Finally! Labour candidate finally makes court for electoral fraud

In the 2010 elections Labour candidate Daljit Singh was arrested for mass voter fraud…it has taken over 3 years to get this to court, in the meantime we have had another local body election.

Just days after the 2013 Auckland local elections, eight men are set to stand trial over alleged electoral fraud during the previous vote.

Unsuccessful 2010 Otara-Papatoetoe local board Labour Party candidate Daljit Singh was among eight men charged with using forged documents in connection with the 2010 elections.

The police investigation was launched after more than 300 people were removed from the electoral roll leading up to the election due to irregularities.

It was reported that 48 people were living at one address.? Read more »

Daljit Singh

? Keeping Stock

The ever watchful Keeping Stock was watching Breakfast yesterday and spied a rare appearance of former Labour candidate Daljit Singh. We know all about Daljit Singh. He is still awaiting court for his electoral fraud charges from 2010.

So why the interest? Well; on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme this morning,?a chap by the name of Daljit Singh appeared, representing the New Zealand Supreme Sikh Council. And we have to say this; he bore a striking resemblance to the Daljit Singh pictured above.

Interestingly, Mr Singh was talking about proposed changes to the immigration laws, which will affect applications under the family category. We wonder whether TVNZ was aware of the “other” Daljit Singh, especially given the numbers of people reportedly living at certain South Auckland addresses, many of whom claimed to be family members!

Very interesting that Daljit Singh has the nads to front television when he is up on such charges….then again he was a Labour candidate. Only Winston Peters has more front that than them.

Using Barfoot and Thompson listings for dodgy registrations

With the naming of a Labour candidate, Daljit Singh, for charges of voter fraud and forgery, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at his listings.

I don’t think Barfoot and Thompson are going to be very happy with their star (for all the wrong reasons) salesman at Papatoetoe Branch.

One of the addresses under investigation for voter fraud also happens to be a listing of Daljit Singh’s. One wonders how many other Barfoot and Thompson listing across Auckland have likewise been used ?for voter fraud, in what appears to be a concerted effort, particularly in Papatoetoe to influence an election result.

40a Swaffield Road, Papatoetoe (Google Maps Streetview) and the same property from Barfoot and Thompson’s website. (Don’t expect this link to work for very long, screenshot below)

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

If one has, surely there are others?

The Police are going to be very busy now matching listings from Barfoot’s and anyone even remotely connected to Daljit Singh and his alleged dodgy voter registration?shenanigans.

Irony Alert

“I don’t want to hide anything so I tell my lawyer not to go further” – Daljit Singh, Labour Party Candidate

Sheesh, now he is a comedian, after spending three days trying desperately to retain name suppression he now claims he has nothing to hide…..except maybe his name.

Next thing we will have Labour claiming he is guilty of nothing more than finding alternate?accommodation?for his constituents.

Labour cheats caught again

Labour just can’t stop cheating when it comes to democracy. It seems that the Opposition Spokeman for Homeless MPs has been caught campaigning on behalf of Len Brown.

Labour MP Phil Twyford is meeting the Parliamentary Service following an accusation from ACT leader Rodney Hide about improper use of parliamentary resources.

Mr Hide, who is Minister for Local Government, released a statement today saying he had referred “a member” to the general manager of Parliamentary Service today for using parliamentary resources to promote candidates.

That is understood to be in relation to Labour MP Phil Twyford using office resources to endorse Auckland super city mayoralty candidate Len Brown.

Mr Hide said he wanted to remind MPs that they were prohibited from using resources provided to them as an MP to endorse candidates in local government elections.

“It is vital to maintain local government’s democratic independence and to act in accordance with New Zealand’s important democratic principles,” he said.

“As such, individual MPs should not use their taxpayer provided resources to influence local government elections in any way.”

He said he wanted to caution other MPs against “such inappropriate behaviour”.

Phil Twyford is claiming the “genuine mistake” defense. That is kind of like the “guilty of nothing more than being helpful to his constituents” defense used by Michael Cullen to explain away the corrupt behaviour of Phillip Field.

Twyford this afternoon acknowledged he should not have used his parliamentary email to endorse candidates in the local body elections.

“Parliamentary Services have told me that there is a case to answer and that it has been referred to the Speaker’s Office. This was a genuine mistake. I am now aware of the rules and I won’t be making this mistake again.

“It wasn’t my intention to break the rules and I apologise.”

I call bullshit on that. I most most certainly his intention to send out that email.

Twyford’s email, obtained by Stuff, was sent from the parliamentary address of Sonny Thomas, who is a former Young Labour member. It has Twyford’s email signature at the bottom.

It says: “I am writing now to urge you to vote, if you haven’t already, in the local government elections. A lot is at stake.

“If you are in Auckland, your choice will help determine what kind of super city we end up with. If we elect the right people to the mayoralty, council and boards they will be able to un-do much of the harm Rodney Hide has done over the last eighteen months. Vote Len Brown for Mayor.”

The email includes contact details for people to get in touch with if they want to door knock or join a telephone campaign “to get the vote out”.

“For the Council and local boards please vote for Labour and City Vision candidates,” the email says.

It lists candidates supported by City Vision.

“Whatever you do, don’t vote Citizens & Ratepayers. They are, after all, National and ACT,” the email states.

Once again Labour has been caught red-handed, I wonder if this will prompt Bernard Orsman to look a bit deeper in covering Labour and Len Brown’s inappropriate use of ratepayer and taxpayer funded services. Somehow I doubt it.

Labour = Fraud, Labour loves Len Brown, Len Brown = Fraud