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Would you trust the UN to control the Internet?


Everything the UN does turns to custard, except profligate waste and spending money, they are world champions at that.

Now there is a proposal for the UN to take over control of the internet.

It may not have intended to, precisely, but the United Nations just took sides in the Internet?s most brutal culture war.

On Thursday, the organization?s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning ?world-wide wake-up call? on what it calls ?cyber VAWG,? or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is ?a problem of pandemic proportion? ? which, nbd, we?ve all heard before.

But the United Nations then goes on to propose radical, proactive policy changes for both governments and social networks, effectively projecting a whole new vision for how the Internet could work.

Under U.S. law ? the law that, not coincidentally, governs most of the world?s largest online platforms ? intermediaries such as Twitter and Facebook generally can?t be held responsible for what people do on them. But the United Nations proposes both that social networks proactively police every profile and post,?and that government agencies only ?license? those who agree to do so.

?The respect for and security of girls and women must at all times be front and center,? the report reads, not only for those ?producing and providing the content,? but also everyone with any role in shaping the ?technical backbone and enabling environment of our digital society.?

How that would actually work, we don?t know; the report is light on concrete, actionable policy. But it repeatedly suggests both that social networks need to opt-in to stronger anti-harassment regimes and that governments need to enforce them proactively.

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