Nike’s new product is old and makes as much sense as a rubber stone

” Not be hindered by their choice of clothing” what a load of propaganda. No one chooses to wear something that makes it harder to compete. Nike is not “empowering” these Muslim athletes, it is making it more comfortable for them to submit to the restrictive dictates of their ideology.

In a world ruled by logic not the misogynistic ideology of Islam, women would solve the problem simply by not wearing the restrictive clothing at all. Nike has come up with a complex solution to a simple problem. If you have a stone in your shoe and it is making it harder to run you remove the stone you don’t replace it with a stone made out of rubber so that the discomfort will be less and then call it a “Pro-Stone”?solution.

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War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength,Hijab is empowerment

There is NOTHING empowering about selling the lie that a woman’s hair is sexual and needs to be covered up. It runs against all our Western beliefs and values. Every concept of modesty in our culture revolves around sexual body parts. The hair on a woman’s head has always been a part of her beauty, literally her crowning glory. It has never been a sexual part of her body. There is nothing modest about covering your hair. In our culture when we put something on our head it is for one of three reasons only.

1. Practical reasons ie sun protection
2. Fashionable reasons ie to make us look more attractive
4. Uniform reasons ie to signify that we are a member of a specific group

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Social Media message for Muslim women

A reader sent me this video. He says…

Social marketing that has been widely circulated in the middle east in the last week

Possibly over-scripted by western standards and not really as brave as it looks, as it really only reflects change that is already happening

But perhaps a surprise for those who don?t live in the region



The video looks like a positive step in the right direction for Muslim women from the Middle East but will it drive change? Personally I don’t believe that hash tags or feel good social media campaigns have any real power.They make people feel good and create an illusion that change is happening.

I was curious as to the origin of the #GirlsCan campaign so I googled it. Which Middle Eastern country do you think it originated from?

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