Muslim segregation of public swimming pools is not just happening in NZ


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Equality? Yeah Nah


How to please your husband



I spent part of my birthday yesterday listening to ?New Zealand Imam Sheikh Anwar Al-Madani explain how to please your husband. The 2014 video says he is the New Zealand Ulama council secretary and has a?PhD Qur’anic Science(Madinah University, Saudi Arabia) and a BA in Islamic Studies

I watched half of the video and found out enough interesting stuff for this post from that half alone. The lecture series actually comes in three parts. Imam Sheikh Anwar Al-Madani explained how the subject was chosen. He said that he came up with it after ” a bit of discussion with the brothers.” He starts his presentation with a question, “what are the rights and regulations of your husband on you? In other words, how can you please your husband?”

The biggest mistake we make he said is thinking that me and my rights, the rights Allah has given to me are the most important. He said that applied to both husband and wife. ?He said that if they are both focused on seeking their rights then that would be the start of marital discord. He used the analogy of ?a hair or a thread being pulled too tight so that it snapped. ?He said that marriage is not two countries where the rules have to be applied. At this point, he was sounding almost modern and talked about give and take, forgiving and being forgiven but I kept watching.

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Clinton is all about equality and closing the gender gap, isn’t she?

Hillary Clinton talks a big game, but reality proves otherwise.

She’s been banging on about equality and it is time for a woman and closing gender pay gaps. You’d think she would practice what she preaches wouldn’t you?

You’d be wrong if you said yes. Breitbart reports:

In February of 2015, a Clinton campaign staffer detailed in an email uncovered by WikiLeaks that the Clinton Foundation had a $190,000 pay gap between the highest paid men and women.

The email, which comes from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, courtesy of WikiLeaks, shows staffer Karuna Seshasai writing to Ian Mandel, a Democratic operative, on the subject of the Equal Pay Foundation:

Attached is the equal pay hit pulled from the Foundation book. Essentially here are the key take aways:

3 out of the 11 highest paid employees of the Foundation are women.

Avg salary of the highest paid men is $294,157.50, while the avg salary of the highest paid women is $181,576.66 ($112K difference)

Median salary of the highest paid men is $346,106, while the median salary of the highest paid women is $185,386 ($190K difference)

Chart and citations are on the attached doc. And I included the original > 2013 990, where the #s come from.

Mandel had written previously to Clinton research director Tony Carrk and Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook, warning them about the ?huge discrepancies? in pay between men and women at the Clinton Foundation:

Guys ? Given the story yesterday about pay equity at the State Department, I wanted to flag something that came out of our research on pay equity at the Foundation. There are huge discrepancies, and it wouldn?t surprise me if they went here next. See a summary below from Karuna.

The Washington Free Beacon had previously reported that Clinton?s Senate office also paid women ?72 cents for each dollar paid to men,? showing more evidence that Clinton has not been watchful of ?equal pay? as she claims to be on the presidential campaign trail.

In fact, Hillary for America claims that the gender pay gap amounts to ?workplace discrimination?:

Women earn less than men across our economy?and women of color often lose out the most. We should promote pay transparency across the economy and work to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act?a bill Hillary introduced as senator?to give women the tools they need to fight discrimination in the workforce.

However, the Free Beacon reported that during Clinton?s years in the Senate, ?the median annual salary for a woman working in Clinton?s office was $15,708.38 less than the median salary for a man, according to the analysis of data compiled from official Senate expenditure reports.?

Typical socialist, do as I say not as I do.

Donald Trump may be rude about women in private conversation but Hillary Clinton literally fucks them over.



A short story about equality that makes you think


I was spending time on Gab as I do every day now when a short story about equality was shared with the #GabFam

It was written in 1961 and is set in 2081. The message is powerful and as a work?of fiction it is unsettling how similar the way of thinking described is?to the way that many people think today.

It even talks about masks covering women’s faces to hide their beauty.

You can read it here.

EXCLUSIVE: David Seymour’s thoughts on Islamic Immigration



With overseas terror attacks and mass migration of un-vetted refugees into Europe, many people are concerned about the connection between Islam and terrorism, along with the social unrest that can accompany large-scale migration.? While New Zealand has been relatively insulated it would be incredibly naive to think we are immune to the challenges faced by Europe and the US.

Too often, the left labels those raising concerns as racists or bigots ? a cynical attempt to shut down debate through name calling. Debating the ideas and beliefs of any religion shouldn?t be forbidden and the practical difficulties of integration, especially where there is a clash of values, should be openly discussed.

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Respect for Palestinian female terrorists but not Palestinian female politicians

Palestinian women get respect and recognition for committing brutal terrorist acts but what they don’t get respect for is being involved in local politics. ?Male political ?candidates are ?listed with their name and photo ?but female candidates are referred to using the terms “the wife of” or “sister.”


…In a move that has outraged Palestinian women and various Palestinian factions, a number of Palestinian lists contesting the upcoming local elections, scheduled to take place on October 8, have decided to omit the names and photos of female candidates.

Instead of referring to the female candidates by name and publishing their pictures, the electoral lists are using the terms “the wife of” or “sister.”

Critics have denounced the move as a “sign of retardation, extremism and bigotry.

…The decision to conceal the names and photos of female candidates is seen in the context of the increased “Islamization” of Palestinian society, which is already considered highly conservative.

Apart from being a severe blow to the struggle of Palestinian women for equality, the move is in violation of the 2005 Palestinian Local Election Law, which stipulates that candidates must be fully identified by name, age, address and registration number in the electoral list.

This anti-woman undertaking is not taking place only in the Gaza Strip, under the control of the Islamist Hamas movement. It is also baring its fangs in some parts of the West Bank, which is ruled by the Western-funded Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

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Rodney Hide hits Teacher Unions hard

Over at the NBR Rodney Hide is hitting the teacher unions hard. He is not playing nicely as the gloves are clearly off. It is great to see that the same fantastic results I wrote about here are now appearing in the mainstream media. Alwyn Poole and his loyal staff at South Auckland Middle School deserve all the praise Rodney has given and more.

The teacher unions oppose the charter schools with every fibre of their being.? Their opposition is well-founded: The charter schools highlight the failure of the unions.


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Inside Britain’s Sharia courts

There are now EIGHTY-FIVE Islamic courts dispensing ‘justice’ across the UK. An investigation into what happens inside them will shock you to the core. This is why you cannot have a parallel system of justice running alongside British law. Muslim women in Britain should have the same rights as every other woman in Britain. It is a betrayal of the British belief in equality to allow them to be presided over by the clerics who run these Sharia courts. By allowing these Sharia courts to exist, the British government is allowing British Muslim women’s rights to be trampled on.

Sitting in one room, a young Muslim woman tells an elderly cleric about the parlous state of her marriage to a 50-year-old man.
?He oppressed me to the maximum,? she declares. ?He is violent, physically, and treats me like a dog.?
The woman ? who looks barely out of her early 20s ? describes her spouse as verbally and physically abusive about ?every little thing? she does.

A distraught wife seeking a divorce at a Sharia Court in London holds her head in her hands as she sits with judge Suhaib Hasan?

A distraught wife seeking a divorce at a Sharia Court in London holds her head in her hands as she sits with judge Suhaib Hasan

When the husband?s around, he forces her to wear a headscarf. When he isn?t, which is often, he likes to travel to Tunisia, where she suspects he has secretly married several other women.

For all she knows, she adds, he might have accumulated as many as ten other wives. Fighting back tears, as she finishes this tale of betrayal, the woman glances to the cleric, who has a long white beard, and sits at a raised desk in front of a bookcase full of Islamic texts. Perhaps she?s hoping for a supportive smile, confirming she?s not at fault. Maybe she?s seeking reassurance that the man will hold her misogynistic, wife-beating husband to account.

Instead, the elderly cleric, whose name is Suhaib Hasan, starts laughing. ?Why did you marry such a person?? he chuckles.

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So which countries treat women like cattle?


There has been some debate about which countries Winston Peters was referring to, when he talked about countries that treat women like cattle.

Immigrants from countries who “treat their women like cattle”, should be interviewed to check their attitude before entry into New Zealand…

“But here’s what we want. We want them to salute our flag, respect our laws, honour our institutions and, above all, don’t bring absolutely anti-women attitudes with them, treating women like cattle, like fourth-class citizens.”

…”There are countries I had in mind, they’re not specifically of any one religion. But they’re parts of the world, where women are treated like cattle

“Those countries are well known to us, and they don’t have any specialty apart from the fact that that’s how they treat women.”

If they were going to come here, “then they’d better have a different attitude”.

Peters said he had the “greatest respect” for and he had travelled to a number of Muslim countries. There were many reasons why New Zealand wouldn’t want to take certain immigrants in.

– Stuff

Most of us reading the article assumed that Winston was talking about Muslim countries as Sharia (Islamic) law discriminates against women and makes it clear that a woman has half the value of a man. It is best though not to assume these things so I did a google search using the search words,?‘?countries where women don’t have equal rights’ in order to find out which countries are the worst at denying women equal rights. My search revealed an article with a list of ten countries. Out of that list of the ten worst countries to live in as a woman, seven of them were Muslim majority countries.

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